The War at Home

Season 1 Episode 22

Drive Me Crazy

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Apr 30, 2006 on FOX
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Drive Me Crazy
Thinking that Hillary will be grateful, Dave takes the blame when she gets pulled over for reckless driving while she's taking driving lessons. However, Hillary isn't grateful at all when this leads Dave to be arrested for DUI and goes to court to try and settle things. Vicky, meanwhile, forgets to register Larry for Shakespeare camp, while Dave and Mike take up online poker.moreless

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  • Shakespeare didn't write this

    Another lousy episode of "the War at Home" where the main characters yell a lot. they yell at everything and everybody. The police thinks Michael Rapoport, where there's no booze in the car. In real life, the case would've been thrown out of court. Anita Barone forgot to send in the forms so that Larry could go to Sharespeare camp. I don't like Michael Rapoport's character. He's a jerk and he yells a lot. the only thing I like about the series is Anita Barone. she's the only good thing why I'm sticking to the series. the way she dressed, she's very hot.moreless
  • A great season ender.

    This was a very funny episode in ways that I can't describe here on this site. My favourite parts in this episode are when Vicky forgets to hand in the application for Larry's Shakespeare camp and they go through a lot of trouble. "Was sex change camp all filled up?" Classic line. Then Mike has a gambling problem where he keeps winning money. Mike says he'll spend it on candy. Dave says he'll spend it on candy. What he means is a stripper named Candy. Drive me Crazy is one of the best season enders ever. I wonder how they'll pay the $500 dollars left.moreless
  • Drinking and Driving!!!

    Dave decides to take the blame when Hillary is pulled over by a cop, and as a result gets his license revoked because the cop thought that Dave was drinking and driving. Dave does not care because he has the love of his draughts….but that quickly starts to fade and Dave realizes that covering for Hilary my not have been the best thing to do. Larry is very very upset with his mom because she forgot to send in his application for a Shakespeare Camp. Meanwhile, Mike open up a new credit card under Dave’s name and decides to gamble, as it turns out he is very good at it and so Dave encourages him until they loose over 8k!!!!moreless
  • Dave takes the rap for Hillary's bad driving, which results in his arrest for a DUI. Vicky forgets to mail in Larry's Shakespeare Camp application. Dave and Mike take up online gambling.moreless

    Not the best episode I've seen. The 3 plotlines seemed a bit thin. Maybe woulda done better with 2 plotlines, fleshed out a bit more. Still, it was fun. The part that really sold it for me was Larry's hysterical screaming cries whenVicky broke the news to him. It was just so Larry. I really enjoy this show, so even a "meh" episode I still enjoy. Things could have been a lot better, even with these storylines. The addition of a scene with Larry and Kenny and a scene with Dave and Joe in Joe's meatloaf-smelling Marthamobile would have given this episode a real shot in the arm.moreless

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    • Dave: You're punished.
      Mike: You're taking my computer away? For what? For losing the money?
      Dave: No, for opening a credit card and gambling online. You're 13, you idiot. You're not supposed to be gambling. It's wrong and I never should have let you do it in the first place.
      Mike: Well, then why aren't you punished?
      Dave: Hey, I have three kids, all right? Every day of my life is a punishment.

    • Judge: (to Dave) I was going to suspend your license for 90 days and fine you $500. But given these new circumstances, I can no longer do that.
      Dave: Thank you, Your Honor. Thank you. Thank you very much.
      Judge: You are, however, guilty of perjury and of falsifying a police report. The court hereby fines you $5,000.
      (cut scene)
      Dave: What the hell is wrong with my daughter? Why couldn't she just keep her mouth shut like every other ungrateful teenager? Freakin' big mouth.

    • Vicky: All right, I need a favor. I need you to make fun of your brother to the point where he's too embarrassed to go to Shakespeare camp.
      Mike: Excuse me?
      Vicky: You know, you go, "Hey, Larry, Shakespeare camp, huh? Was sex change camp all filled up?" But, you know, in your own style.
      Mike: Forget it, Mom, I'm not doing that?
      Vicky: Why not? Since when do you care about hurting his feelings?
      Mike: Oh, I don't care about hurting his feelings, okay? I'm just not going to talk him out of leaving the house for two weeks. That's my summer vacation.

    • Vicky: Okay, look, I'm gonna level with you. I forgot to send his application in, and now I feel like the worst mother in the world. You just gotta let him in. I can't live with the guilt.
      Camp Director: Sorry, Mrs. Gold, I would love to have Larry at Camp To Be Or Not To Be, but unfortunately, for this summer, it's not to be.

    • Dave: $8,200, Mike. What are you going to do with your share of the money?
      Mike: I don't know, um, video games, maybe DVDs, candy. What about you, Dad?
      Dave: Yeah, me, too. Candy.
      (cut scene; Dave is at a strip club)
      Candy: Thank you, Dave.
      Dave: You're welcome, Candy.

    • Dave: (about Hillary) Ah, you're just jealous because right now, she likes me more than she likes you.
      Vicky: Well, maybe I should toss back a couple of cocktails and take her for a joyride.
      Dave: Well, guess what? You can't. Car's been impounded.

    • Vicky: You could lose your license over this.
      Dave: You don't know what you're talking about. For your information, I already lost it.

    • (in the car, with Hillary driving)
      Dave: Pay attention to what you're doing! You see the dotted line in the middle of the road? No, you don't, because you're on it. Move over.
      Hillary: Relax, Daddy!
      (police siren sounds)
      Dave: Oh, that's not good.

    • (in the car, with Hillary driving)
      Dave: All right, not too fast. Keep your eyes on the road. Good. All right, let's go home.
      Hillary: I've only been driving, like, five minutes.
      Dave: Well, it seems like a lot longer when your entire life flashes in front of your eyes.

    • (cut scene)
      Dave: It was a toss-up. I mean, tell Vicky I'm letting Mike gamble or get in a car with Hillary. Either way, I'm probably dead.

    • Dave: You want to tell me what the hell this is?
      Mike: Okay, um... I mailed in a pre-approved credit card application in your name and used it to sign up for an online poker site.
      Dave: How much you want to bet I'm gonna kick your ass right now?

    • Dave: (on the phone) No, no, miss, you're not understanding me. I never applied for this credit card. (to the TV) Oh, you suck! (to person on phone) No, no, sorry, not you. Yeah. Although, you did keep me waiting on hold for 15 minutes.

    • Dave: (about Larry) Yeah, God forbid my kid miss Shakespeare camp this year. Who are all the other dads going to make fun of?

    • Dave: (watching basketball game on TV) Yes! Rejection! In your face!
      Hillary: Daddy, will you take me to practice driving now?
      Dave: No! Rejection! In your face!
      Hillary: But you promised.
      Dave: Ah, let that be a little life lesson to you, sweetie. Men break their promises, so stay away from them, all of them, especially me when I'm watching the game. Get out of here.

    • Vicky: Did you open a new credit card without telling me?
      Dave: Honey, after 17 years, I don't even take off my pants without telling you.
      Vicky: Well, you gotta call the credit card company right away, because if you didn't open it, and I didn't open it, then it could be identity theft.
      Dave: Yeah, right, like anyone would want my identity.

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