The War at Home

Season 2 Episode 8

Gaza Strip

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Nov 26, 2006 on FOX
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Gaza Strip
Kenny's dad, Achmed, pulls up the rose bushes between his home and Dave and Vicky's, believing the property is his after an assessment. When Dave and Vicky disagree, the two families declare war on each other, putting Larry and Kenny in the middle. Meanwhile, Hillary jokingly tells Dave to choose her next boyfriend since he's never happy with the boys she picks. Dave meets a boy who reminds him of himself, and against her better judgment, Hillary agrees to go out with him. Mike goes through a nude phase.moreless

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  • Your body is a thing to be ashamed of [gouges out eyes]

    In this episode, Hillary is mad since Davie makes her go out with someone she don't like, Mike is being a nudie [we need some Arrested Development "Never Nude" stuff in here], also Davie ****** off the gay kid Kennys father and we seem some serrious homoerroticisim when they reunite, but the topper was seeing Dave and Mike nude... please gouge out my eyes.
  • The War is speading!

    "The War at Home" is speading to the neighborhood. Michael Rapaport is arguing with his neighbor over an incident involving a minor problem. A minor problem that could be solved in five minutes, not one thrity minute episode. Hillary went on a date with someone of dad's chossing, but she ends up with someone who look like dad. Otherwise, nothing much is happening. The reason why I like "The War at Home," and you heard it before is Anita Barone....and Kaylee Defer. they're the only reason why I ever bother to watch this show. Nothing much is going on and my eyes are on Barone.moreless

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    • Dave: Kenny, come out of the closet right now!
      (cut scene)
      Kenny: If only it were that easy.

    • Vicky: Come on, I want you to go apologize to Achmed.
      Dave: No! No, sweetie. You can't just unleash my anger and then bottle it up again. I'm like a big cruise missile, okay. You don't activate the launch code, hit the big, red button, and then say, "Ah, never mind."
      Vicky: Where's the big, red button that shuts you up?
      Dave: I think we both know where that is, sweetie.

    • Dave: Come on, Larry, let's go.
      Larry: But I don't have to be home until dinner.
      Dave: Let's go!
      Achmed: You, too, Kenny. Let's go inside right now.
      Kenny: Bud, Dad. That's not fair.
      Achmed: I said get inside, Khaleel Nazeeh!
      Dave: Yeah, let's go, Lawrence Andrew!
      Larry: My middle name is Alan.

    • Dave: I'm going to make him sorry he ever got on that magic carpet of his and came to the United States in the first place. No offense, Kenny.
      Kenny: Actually, that one's a little bit harder to ignore.

    • Vicky: Achmed lied. That was our rosebush.
      Dave: Oh, that lying, son-of-a-bitch bastard! No offense, Kenny.
      Kenny: None taken. I've called him worse myself.

    • Dave: Oh, come on. What don't you like about this kid? He's a good guy.
      Hillary: Let's see. He's loud, he's obnoxious, he thinks he's funny, but he's not. He's like you!
      Dave: Oh, come on. What's the matter with me?
      Hillary: Let's see. You're loud, you're obnoxious, you think you're funny, but you're not!

    • Vicky: There's something about that guy I don't trust.
      Dave: Oh, Vicky. Oh, Vicky, Vicky, Vicky. You know, you hear about prejudice, but when you see it in your own home, it's just so ugly.
      Vicky: Me? You're calling me prejudiced?
      Dave: You obviously have a problem with the guy because he's originally from the Middle East.
      Vicky: Wow, are you sure that lamb didn't eat your brains for lunch?

    • Dave: Hey, uh, you know, your son Mike is sitting in his bedroom doing his homework naked as the day he was born.
      Vicky: Oh, my God! He's actually doing his homework?
      Dave: Did you not hear me? He's hanging out up there au natural. All nakedy. He's taking an air bath. I mean, what's up with that?
      Vicky: I don't know, but he's obviously comfortable in his own skin. That's a good thing.
      Dave: Oh, don't give me that, Miss Free To Be Nude. If I come into the bathroom when you're taking a shower, you act like I'm coming at you with a knife.
      Vicky: All right, just leave it alone. Maybe it's just a phase, you know? We don't want to give him body issues and make him feel ashamed. He'll have plenty of time to feel ashamed when he has a body like you.

    • Achmed: Why don't you stay for lunch? We are having sauteed lamb brains.
      Dave: Oh, I promised my doctor I'd cut down on brains.

    • Dave: Look, I'm sorry to have to bother you with this, but I promised my wife I would. You know, you guys had the right idea by making your wives walk ten feet behind you.
      Achmed: Yes. Unfortunately, that only made them talk louder.

    • Vicky: Okay, you are not going to believe this. You know my rosebush on the side of the house? Well, those next-door neighbors, out of nowehere, just decided to pull it out!
      Dave: Yeah?
      Vicky: They pulled out my rosebush! They were Princess Diana roses that I grew from seeds that I ordered from QVC. Do you know how hard it is to grow English Princess Diana roses in the middle of Long Island? You know, then they just... they just pulled it out with no regard! It's like they killed her all over again!

    • Hillary: Hey, I heard the bell. Was that Bruce?
      Dave: No, that was Lou. Lou-zer. I tossed his ass out of here.
      Hillary: You know, why am I not surprised? You've never liked any boy I've ever brought home.
      Dave: Oh, that's not true.
      Hillary: You know what, why don't you just pick my next boyfriend?
      Dave: No, no, no, no. I don't pick out. I kick out.

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