The War at Home

Season 2 Episode 8

Gaza Strip

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Nov 26, 2006 on FOX

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  • Your body is a thing to be ashamed of [gouges out eyes]

    In this episode, Hillary is mad since Davie makes her go out with someone she don't like, Mike is being a nudie [we need some Arrested Development "Never Nude" stuff in here], also Davie ****** off the gay kid Kennys father and we seem some serrious homoerroticisim when they reunite, but the topper was seeing Dave and Mike nude... please gouge out my eyes.
  • The War is speading!

    "The War at Home" is speading to the neighborhood. Michael Rapaport is arguing with his neighbor over an incident involving a minor problem. A minor problem that could be solved in five minutes, not one thrity minute episode. Hillary went on a date with someone of dad's chossing, but she ends up with someone who look like dad. Otherwise, nothing much is happening. The reason why I like "The War at Home," and you heard it before is Anita Barone....and Kaylee Defer. they're the only reason why I ever bother to watch this show. Nothing much is going on and my eyes are on Barone.