The War at Home

Season 1 Episode 12

Gimme a Break (2)

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Jan 29, 2006 on FOX
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Gimme a Break (2)
The family struggles to adjust to Vicky's new job, which leaves her with less hours to be at home and more hours working. Dave and Larry continue to have tough time trying to do the things Vicky normally does. Dave's temper doesn't help and makes matters worse when Mike and Hillary end up in trouble. Meanwhile, the changes around the office force Vicky to think twice about her decision.moreless

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      • Andrea: You wanna take a cup of coffee?
        Dave: No, I should take her home.
        Hillary: No, it's okay. After all you have done to me, you deserve this.

      • Principal Fink: You're right, Mr. Gold, I have other problems to deal with, so for the next week, Mike will be your problem. He's suspended!
        Dave: Suspended!
        Mrs. Patrusky: Thank you!
        Dave: Oh, I get it. It's because she's having a tight sitting shirt, right?

      • Andrea: Dave, I'm gonna tell you what someone in my grief-support group said to me. The best way to get over someone...
        Dave: Yeah?
        Andrea: Is to get under someone.

      • Dave: What's the matter with you, huh? We don't steal in this family.
        Hillary: Really? What about our cable?
        Dave: That's not stealing. That's beating the system.
        Hillary: What about when you eat in the grocery store?
        Dave: That's called a taste test.
        Hillary: I think you know what Oreos taste like, Dad.

      • Vicky: That's why I'm thinking the Japanese look. Lots of black silk and colorful kimonos. We'll call it "The Asian Invasion."
        Noreen: Perfect. Perhaps we could launch it on Pearl Harbor Day.

      • Hillary: I need my allowance.
        Dave: Forget it. What, are you crazy? You're not getting any money for doing nothing.
        Hillary: But I always get money for doing nothing, and I need to buy makeup.
        Dave: Forget it, okay?
        Hillary: Oh, come on. Mom would give me the money.
        Dave: Yeah, well, your mom's not here, okay? So, you're gonna have to figure out another way to look too old and too easy.

      • Vicky: So, who's taking over the department? Who do I have to report to now?
        Diane: Noreen.
        Vicky: No, no, not Noreen. You can't quit! I can't stand her! She's a passive-agressive control freak.
        Noreen: (comes in) Vicky, when you're done with your little coffee klatch, we're all still waiting for you in the conference room.
        Vicky: Okay, I'll be right there. Hey, fabulous boots.
        Noreen: Thanks! And Vicky, FYI, I can hear everything you say through this wall. I hope that wasn't too passive-agressive.

      • Noreen: Vicky, I know you're best friends with the boss, but the rest of us are all kind of waiting for you in the conference room.
        Vicky: Oh. I'm sorry, Noreen, I didn't realize there was a staff meeting this morning.
        Noreen: Oh, didn't you get the e-mail? I told my assistant to send it to everyone that matters.
        Vicky: Noreen, you're so funny. I don't know why you don't have a boyfriend.

      • Dave: Look, I'm sorry this woman wasted your time.
        Principal Fink: Mr. Gold, this matter has not been resolved. Has it?
        Mrs. Patrusky: No!
        Principal Fink: (sighs) I didn't think so.

      • (at the principal's office)
        Mrs. Patrusky: (about Mike) Principal Fink, my daughter feels violated. He's permanently damaged her ability to trust men.
        Dave: Let me guess, you're divorced?
        Mrs. Patrusky: That's none of your business!
        Dave: That's a yes.

      • Hillary: (about Vicky) So, wait, she bosses you around, so you boss us around?
        Dave: Yeah, it's called a pecking order. And I'm the biggest pecker.

      • Dave: You know, she's right. This place is worse than a frat house.
        Hillary: No, it's not.
        (Dave stares)
        Hillary: Or it is. How should I know?

      • Vicky: Before I went back to work, didn't you say you'd pick up the slack around here?
        Dave: So? I also said I'd always use protection, yet here we are. (points to the kids)

      • Dave: Hey, Vicky, if you're gonna get Mike out of trouble with the principal, I suggest you wear that pink top that really shows off the merchandise.
        Vicky: Oh, yeah? 'Cause I was thinking you should wear those jeans that show off your package since you're gonna be talking to the principal.

      • Vicky: And if I'm not mistaken, you were the one who encouraged me to go back to work full-time and have a career.
        (cut scene)
        Dave: Actually, I only encouraged her so we'd have all this extra money. But between the taxes and her new business wardrobe, she's clearing less a day than an 8-year-old in a Guatemalan sweatshop.

      • Mike: Hey, this is for you.
        Dave: (reads paper) A meeting with the principal? (to Vicky) Hey, this is for you.
        Vicky: What did you do this time?
        Mike: Nothing.
        Dave: The last time you did nothing, it took four months for Larry to grow his hair back.

      • (cut scene)
        Dave: (about Vicky) Huh. How do you like that? They fired her ass.

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