The War at Home

Season 1 Episode 3

High Crimes

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Sep 25, 2005 on FOX
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High Crimes
When Dave notices how nice Hillary has been to him recently, he is certain it's because she's having sex with someone. However, Mike (who always spies on her anyway) convinces Dave that he is wrong. Dave then jumps to the conclusion that she's smoking pot when he notices his stash has gone missing. As he's confronting her about it, though, he accidentally lets it slip that the missing stash is his. He then lies and tells her that it's not really his - it belongs to Vicky's mother, Betty, who uses it for medicinal purposes. Mike overhears this, and buys some dope from the local playground to give to Grandma Betty, which he does, telling her it is from his dad. Vicky eventually finds the dope, and smokes it to help her cope with a boring book club meeting. Grandma Betty, meanwhile, has a party of her own.moreless

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  • You need pot to enjoy this episode.

    Like always "The War At Home" has unbeleivable plotlines. Hillary proved to be a demented drama queen again whose brain lacks the functions to survive. And the fact that Dave smokes the reefer is proof that he is a bad parent, parents should not somke pot around their kids. And the grandma scene at the end was just depressing.
  • I thought that this episode was hilarious from start to finish and i hope they continue on with this series.

    During the episode when the entire family has become stoners; all the way from the grandmother to the kids. It is hilarious seeing the reactions of a pothead parent to the fact that their offspring now has started to smoke as well. A situation which is not very often discussed in public eye and is looked upon as a taboo, yet this show made it into a hilarious episode that kept coming. It really pointed this show into a new direction and I can not wait to see some of the new episodes that are coming out in November.moreless
  • At first i thought this is was ok. But watching the third episode i'm starting to like it. So far it's getting funnier.

    Wow i must have to say that the third episode is the best so far. It was the funniest one. So, far the show is starting to get better. hopefully the writers will get better like the third episode. Hopefully people will give this show a chance and it will last for a while. I think as long as the writers do a decent job of keeping it funny it should stick around for a while.moreless

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    • Larry: Hey, Kenny, if I show you something, do you promise not to tell anyone?
      (Cut scene)
      Kenny: If you show me yours, I'll show you mine.

    • Vicky: Oprah's full of crap! (Slams shut the book she was reading) The only way she could have finished this book was if it was a piece of cheesecake.

    • Dave: Hey, sweetie. How's my favorite daughter?
      Hillary: Yeah. Anyways, I'm going to Brenda's in a little while, and I'm gonna need a ride home.
      Dave: Okay. Um, um, what time do you need to be picked up?
      Hillary: I'd say around... (Flips Dave off with both hands)
      Dave: 11. Okie dokie.

    • Dave: If you haven't been getting high, then how come you've been so easy to get along lately?
      Hillary: Because, I've been making an effort! I can't believe you guys. You guys don't think that I can be nice unless I'm high? Well, screw you guys!
      Dave: Aha! There's the Hillary we know and love.

    • Dave: (Arrives home) Hey, team.
      Larry: Hey, dad. How was the concert?
      Dave: It was awesome.
      Hillary: Where's mom?
      Dave: Oh, crap! (Leaves)

    • Dave: It's true. Parents that use drugs have kids that use drugs. So there's an important lesson here. Don't have kids.

    • Vicky: So, you're sneaking around smoking without me? What is that all about?
      Dave: If you really want to know, sweetie, I... you know, it's just, you're not as much fun high as you think you are.
      Vicky: What do you mean?
      Dave: You act kind of annoying.
      Vicky: Annoying? How?
      Dave: How can I put this delicately? I don't know, you just, you never shut up, and you act like a total idiot.

    • Dave: Vicky! Vicky!
      Vicky: What? What?
      Dave: What happened to our stash?
      Vicky: Our stash? Since when do we have a stash?
      Dave: You know...
      Vicky: No. I thought we decided to be more responsible, and you were gonna get rid of the pot.
      Dave: I am getting rid of it. Little by little.
      Vicky: So, you still smoke?
      Dave: Not really.
      Vicky: How long has this been going on?
      Dave: Not long.
      Vicky: How often are you doing it?
      Dave: Not a lot.
      Vicky: And more importantly, why are you doing it without me?
      Dave: Not really.
      Vicky: You didn't answer my question.
      Dave: Not gonna.

    • Dave: Great news, sweetie. Hillary's still a virgin.
      Vicky: Good to know. I'll add that to the holiday newsletter.

    • Vicky: Why do you think Hillary's having sex?
      Dave: Think about it. It totally explains why she's been so happy and easy to get along with lately. I told you not to question it. Don't poke the bear.
      Dave: Yeah, well, somebody's poking somebody!

    • Vicky: Why do you think Hillary's having sex?
      Dave: Think about it. It totally explains why she's been so happy and easy to get along with lately. I told you not to question it. Don't poke the bear.
      Dave: Yeah, well, somebody's poking somebody!

    • Larry: Well, I'm trying out for the part of Buffalo Bill. And I'm gonna get it. When everyone sees me on that stage, dancing and singing, they're gonna know how cool I am.
      Kenny: I think that's awesome. But are you sure other people will? I mean, a lot of the guys in the drama department are gay. Are you?
      Larry: No! And why are you always asking me that?

    • Hillary: Hey, daddy.
      Dave: Eh, don't "Hi, daddy" me. Let's just cut to the chase here. What are you looking for, huh? New clothes? What, do you want a tattoo? You gonna pierce something? 'Cause I'm gonna tell you right now, as long as you live in this house, the only holes you're gonna have are the ones you were born with.

    • Vicky: Hey, Mike, honey, I told my mom you'd spend the day with her on Sunday.
      Mike: Grandma Betty? I don't want to hang with her. She's old, and she smells funny.
      Dave: Hey, hey, hey. She's your grandmother, all right? And she won't be around forever.
      Mike: I know, so I should enjoy her while I can.
      Dave: No, I was gonna say you won't have to deal with her much longer, but that's true, too.

    • Vicky: This book sucks.
      Dave: You know what I do with books that suck? I wait for them to come out as movies that suck.
      Vicky: Unfortunately, I have to read this. It's for my stupid book club.
      Dave: If it's stupid, why do you go?
      Vicky: I like to tell people I'm in a book club.

    • Dave: When I was a kid growing up, my father's philosophy was "Do as I say, not as I do." Well, when I became a parent, I swore I would do better with my kids. So my philosophy is, "Do as I say - not as I hope you don't know I do."

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