The War at Home

Season 1 Episode 3

High Crimes

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Sep 25, 2005 on FOX

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  • You need pot to enjoy this episode.

    Like always "The War At Home" has unbeleivable plotlines. Hillary proved to be a demented drama queen again whose brain lacks the functions to survive. And the fact that Dave smokes the reefer is proof that he is a bad parent, parents should not somke pot around their kids. And the grandma scene at the end was just depressing.
  • I thought that this episode was hilarious from start to finish and i hope they continue on with this series.

    During the episode when the entire family has become stoners; all the way from the grandmother to the kids. It is hilarious seeing the reactions of a pothead parent to the fact that their offspring now has started to smoke as well. A situation which is not very often discussed in public eye and is looked upon as a taboo, yet this show made it into a hilarious episode that kept coming. It really pointed this show into a new direction and I can not wait to see some of the new episodes that are coming out in November.
  • At first i thought this is was ok. But watching the third episode i'm starting to like it. So far it's getting funnier.

    Wow i must have to say that the third episode is the best so far. It was the funniest one. So, far the show is starting to get better. hopefully the writers will get better like the third episode. Hopefully people will give this show a chance and it will last for a while. I think as long as the writers do a decent job of keeping it funny it should stick around for a while.
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