The War at Home

Season 2 Episode 5

I Wash My Hands of You

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Nov 05, 2006 on FOX
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I Wash My Hands of You
Hillary dupes her parents when she introduces them to a classmate she’s pretending to date, but ends up going out with a much older guy. Meanwhile, Larry gets addicted to Vicky’s nicotine gum and Dave catches Vicky smoking.

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  • I should wash my hands of this episode...

    This episode completely blew monkey ass. All this crappy episode has done is explain why Family Guy hasnt been as funny lately. FG has severely declined since it came back and the fact that Seth came here doing a horrible preformance on this horrible show explains it. TV has lost humor and if anyone thought "Wash my hands of you" was funny... you need help, badly.
  • Seth shows up!

    The big news of this episode, is that the creator of "Family Guy," Seth MacFarlane, shows up as Hilary much older man as her date. Apart from that's it. Nothing much has happened. Oh yeah, Vicky is caughg smoking in the garage. I wish her character would stop smocking. I respect Anita Barone, but I don't like to see her smoke. Maybe she can get on Ellen DeGerenes to get help from that hypoinst. I can add another reason why I watching "The War at home" other than Barone. It's Keylee Defer sexy performance that got me noticing. Otherwise, I don't like the series. I don't like Michael Raponort's loud performance. The noise levels are up in every episode.moreless
  • Something most kids wish would hapen actually does: they can do absolutely anything because their parents don't care. Plus, the best part...Seth McFarland...from Family Guy makes a guest appearance.

    As a fan of Family Guy, I made the decision to watch this episode after seeing Peter Griffin promoting the new episode in which Seth McFarland guest starred. I was hilariously entertained with this episode seeing McFarland tell his side of the story. One hilarious line:

    Seth: Don't worry, I lied to her too. Actually I'm 33.

    Even more hilarious than that...

    Seth: Don't worry Hillary, I can be your Daddy. Oh wait... 33 minus 17... wow, I really could be your Daddy.

    What made the episode even more hilarious than having Seth McFarland guest star was Larry getting hooked on the nicotine gum. This led Mike to discover that Vicky smoked while she was pregnant with him. "I wash my hands of you!"

    Throughout this entire episode all I could think of was Brian Griffin from Family Guy considering that Seth McFarland provides the same voice for him. I can't wait for FOX to air this episode again.!moreless
  • Seth MacFarlene Guest stars!

    It was so funny. Hillary gets caught lying badly becasue her fake date OD's, and her real date (Seth) is about 25...

    Seth: Actually I'm 33.

    It was extremley funny with the smoking and the "I wash my hands of you!"

    Not to mention the very funny lines...

    Seth: Don't worry Hillary, I can be your Daddy. Oh wait... 33 minus 17... wow, I really could be your Daddy.

    Mike: I got to do something horibal to get them to wash their hands of me. Should I set the house on fire... (To Larry) Or kill you!

    Mike: THis is probably the best night of my life. No wait (Slaps Larry) Now it's the best night of my life.

    10 out of 10! Very funny!moreless
Seth MacFarlane

Seth MacFarlane

Hillary's Date

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Jaclyn Gutierrez

Jaclyn Gutierrez

Java Bean Girl

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Derek Mio

Derek Mio

Henry Pham

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Zoe Di Stefano

Zoe Di Stefano


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    • Hillary's Date: I'll be your daddy. Wait a minute, 33 minus 17... Wow, I guess I could be your daddy.

    • Dave: Just relax, okay, my plan is working.
      Vicky: Oh, you mean the plan you pulled out of your ass?
      Dave: Yeah, that one.
      Vicky: Okay, well, keep pulling. Maybe we can get your head out of there.

    • Vicky: What the hell was that?
      Dave: I don't know, I kind of pulled it out of my ass. But I liked it.
      Vicky: Well, as captivating as your ass is, I'm not sure we should base our parenting techniques on things you pull out of it.

    • Hillary: Henry was a cover date.
      Dave: Oh, you hear that, Vick? The drug addict was the cover date. Who was the real date, his dealer?
      (cut scene)
      Hillary's Date: I'm not his dealer. I make it a policy never to sell drugs to minors. Dating them is one thing, but, uh, my God, you gotta draw the line somewhere.

    • Hillary: For your information, I wasn't even with Henry tonight.
      Dave: Oh! Oh, you lied, huh?
      Hillary: Well, you said I was a terrible liar. How am I supposed to get better if I don't practice?

    • Mike: Garrett just IM'd me, and you know that Henry guy that Hillary went out with tonight? Well, he's in Intensive Care.
      Vicky: Oh, my God! What happened?
      Mike: He O.D.'d on drugs, and they're pumping his stomach right now.
      Dave: He O.D.'d on drugs? But that's impossible. He's Asian.

    • Dave: (to Henry; about Hillary) If you're really smart, you'll make sure to keep your crouching tiger away from her hidden dragon, you know what I mean?

    • Hillary: You know, Henry got an early admission to M.I.T.
      Vicky: Wow. Maybe you can rub off on Hillary a little.
      Dave: (to Henry) Yeah, yeah, she means your smarts. You touch her, I'll go Kamikaze on your ass.

    • (cut scene)
      Dave: Asian, huh? Eh, they're smart, drive slow, and respect their elders. I wish Hillary was Asian.

    • Vicky: Hey, you want to go upstairs and have a quickie? It'll take my mind off cigarettes.
      Dave: Sure. You see, that's a healthy way to deal with an oral fixation.

    • Hillary: So, are you implying that I'm a liar?
      Dave: No. I'm implying that you're a bad liar, and that worries the crap out of me. I mean, how are you going to get by in this world, sweetie?
      Hillary: Okay, so you caught me. You can yell at me all you want when I get back from Brenda's house tonight.
      Dave: No, no, no, no. You're not going to Brenda's. Okay, I'm in charge of you, and I'm in charge of where you go, and you're going to go to the library until you're finished with that paper.
      Hillary: The library?
      Dave: Yes, the "lie-brary," because you're a liar, get it?
      Hillary: Are you trying to punish me with your sense of humor? 'Cause you're not funny.
      Dave: Ha! Now I know you're lying.

    • Dave: It's a fact of life. We all lie. Husbands lie to wives, wives lie to husbands, parents lie to kids, and the President lies to everyone. And then, of course, there is the most popular lies - the lies we tell ourselves. (holds up cup that reads "World's Best Dad")

    • Mike: With my road map to freedom, and all this new info about Mom, this could be the best night ever. Wait... (slaps Larry) Now it's the best night ever.

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