The War at Home

Season 1 Episode 11

It's a Living (1)

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Jan 08, 2006 on FOX
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It's a Living (1)
Vicky becomes inspired to be more ambitious by Mike when he scores high on a test, with the option of taking the honors class. So, she decides to return to her fashion-executive lifestyle, which will mean an increased salary. Dave supports her all the way until he soon learns she's too busy to do the household duties, leaving him to do all the chores. Larry, meanwhile, ends up taking too much credit after submitting Kenny's poem as his own.moreless

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  • Some Character Growth for Rappaport

    Obviously, the writers had felt they needed to make a change with this failing show (with the possible return of Futurama, this show would be strait out the window).

    In this episode by the end of the show, Rappaport's character was dolling out good advice and being a not-so-idiot father. I think with more episodes like this, War At Home may have a chance of being more that just a filler for the Simpson / Family Guy night!moreless

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    • Larry: You know the poem that you are proud of me for?
      Dave: Yeah, I'm proud. Really proudie.
      Larry: Yeah, well... I didn't write it, Kenny did...
      Dave: Oh... No biggie!

    • Kenny: I've dreamt of two things in my whole life, and one of those things is to go to Albany!
      Larry: What's the second thing?
      (Kenny imagines himself getting married with Larry)
      Kenny: ... Having sex with Jessica Simpson!

    • Mike: (reading homework problem) Okay, there are 24 brussel sprouts which need to be eaten by the end of the week. Tom eats two every other day. Sally eats two three days in a row, but not on the fourth or sixth day. And Jimmy cannot eat any on the same day as Tom. How many brussel sprouts does Jimmy eat on the third day?
      Dave: None. 'Cause no one eats brussel sprouts. They taste like crap.

    • Hillary: You're pregnant again?! Everyone said you just put on some weight, but...
      Vicky: I'm not pregnant! And for your information, I happen to weigh exactly what I weighed in college.
      (cut scene)
      Vicky: On another planet with less gravity.

    • (cut scene)
      Dave: (about Vicky) No, no, no, no, no, no, no. She's going to take that job. Okay, time to pull out my secret weapon. Don't worry, ladies, not that secret weapon.

    • (cut scene)
      Dave: (about Vicky) Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. I don't want her to back to work full-time. She's gonna be too tired to do the important stuff around here, like the laundry... and me.

    • Vicky: So, today, I decided to call my former assistant, Diane Starky, you remember.
      Dave: No.
      Vicky: Yeah, yeah. You know, the one with the short red hair.
      Dave: I never heard of her.
      Vicky: She never wore a bra.
      Dave: Oh...

    • Mike: Okay, here's the deal. If I go into the honors program, I'll have a built-in excuse for getting bad grades.
      Hillary: Wow, maybe I should go into the honors program.
      Mike: On the other hand, everyone's gonna call me a geek, and I'll have no chance of landing a hot girl. I mean, I'll be facing Larry-like odds.
      Hillary: Oh, yeah, I see your point.
      Mike: But being in honors could actually improve my chances. There are 22 hot girls in the regular program and about 300 guys, which means I have a 1-in-14 probability of getting one. But in honors, I'd be the one normal guy competing for the one cute girl. My odds go from 7% to 100%. So, balancing all those factors, what do you think I should do?
      Hillary: I think you should go into the smart group 'cause I don't even know what the hell you're talking about anymore.

    • Dave: Joe, do you think I lack ambition?
      Joe: Cable out last night and you had to talk to the wife?

    • Vicky: Hey, I'm a mother. I have to take care of our kids when they come home from school.
      Dave: Look, maybe working part-time made sense when they were young, but Vicky, let's face it. The next diaper that's gonna be changed in this house is gonna be one of ours.

    • Dave: I'm not ambitious? What does that mean, huh? I go to work. I make a living. How do you think we could afford this nice house?
      Vicky: Well, the fact that the living room was still considered a crime scene when we bought it didn't hurt.
      Dave: Oh, the smell went away after a couple of months.

    • Kenny: Well, I have tons of poems in my journal. I can give you one if you want.
      Larry: You keep a journal?
      Kenny: Yeah.
      Larry: And you write poems in it?
      Kenny: Yeah.
      Larry: Isn't that a little... ?
      Kenny: Hey, you want one or not?!

    • Vicky: (about Mike) Apparently, everybody in his grade took some sort of aptitude test and Mike...
      Dave: What, failed? Copied? Spelt his name wrong?
      Vicky: No, he scored really high.
      Dave: Oh. I always expected to get a call about one of the kids being really high. I just never thought it would be about a test score.

    • Larry: So what's the big... (gets up)... oh my God, you're dying!

    • Larry: (to Dave) Really? You're proud of me? Wait, how many beers have you had?

  • NOTES (1)

    • We now know that Vicky worked part-time at a doctor's office before getting a full-time job at Bergdorf's as a buyer in sportswear in this episode.


    • The Flintstones
      "It's a Living" is a reference to the catch phrase "It's a living" from The Flintstones, said by animals used as machines.

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