The War at Home

Season 1 Episode 5

Like a Virgin

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Nov 06, 2005 on FOX
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Like a Virgin
When Dave finds out that Hillary is asking Vicky about sex, he plans an unexpected family trip to prevent her from going out on a date on Saturday night. Meanwhile, Kenny can't accept the fact that Larry has a new girlfriend, so he tries to break them up.moreless

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  • I dont care anymore...

    Okay let me reveiw the plot as quickly as I can. Hillary is asking about sex, Larry gets a morbidly obesse girlfriend. Bad jokes flow forth like water over Niagra Falls, idiocy is filling the episode. And Kenny [worst actor ever] tries to break up Larry and Marla... boring very very boring.
  • Needs improvement!

    Bellow average. While "War At Home" is usually filled with some great irreverent humour this episode was just plain dull. Just a bunch of scenes about a father with an unhealthy obsession over his daughter's virginity filled with those not so funny awkward moments. Michael Rapaport's character is turning really annoying really fast. The only funny thing was Kenny. That is one funny dude that takes every opportunity he has. Give him more scenes. And the younger kid. Get rid of Hillary and give these two more relevance. I'm sure the show would improve a lot. As to the episode this wasn’t good comedy or that interesting.moreless
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Michael Mitchell


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    • Marla: Larry, this relationship is the most important thing that's ever happened to me.
      Larry: All right. Fine, I...
      Marla: No, let me finish. Look, I know this is gonna sound totally dorky, but I was so nervous about going out with your family, I got no sleep the night before, and then at the play, ya know I ate a little candy, and well, I just crashed.
      (Cut Scene)
      Candy Vendor: Excuse me, a little candy!
      (Cut scene ends)
      Larry: Oh, God, that makes total sense. I get nervous when I go out with my family, too, and they're my family...

    • Dave: When it comes to raising kids, everyone has an opinion. Let 'em cry, don't let 'em cry. Let 'em watch TV, don't let 'em watch TV. Spank 'em, don't spank 'em. But the one thing that everyone agrees on is, sooner or later, you have to trust them and hope you raised them right. I'm totally screwed.

    • Dave: Where you been?
      Vicky: Oh, I was just talking to Hillary.
      Dave: All this time?
      Vicky: Yeah.
      Dave: How long does it take her to roll her eyes and tell you to get the hell out of her room?

    • Dave: Come on, tell me!
      Vicky: Okay, but you have to promise me you won't freak out, and you have to promise me you will not repeat what I'm going to tell you.
      Dave: Give me a break, Vicky. Half the time, I don't even remember what you tell me.

    • Vicky: Hillary came to me and wanted to know how you know when the time is right.
      Dave: Please tell me she's still confused about daylight savings.

    • Dave: (To Vicky, about the kids) Excuse me? Since when do we tell them the truth? They lie to us, we lie to them. Come on, that's how that works around here.

    • Dave: Okay, I see that you obviously don't know how to handle these kinds of things. So, I'm going to have to go talk to her myself.
      Vicky: What? You can't! If you tell her what I told you, she'll never trust me again.
      Dave: Why not? I'm her father. If she wants to have sex, I want to be involved.

    • Dave: Waxed? No, no, no, no, no. You don't prune the hedges if you're not expecting company in the front yard.

    • Dave: What? I didn't say anything.
      Vicky: Dave, please, give it up.
      Dave: Give it up. Hope that's not the advice you gave Hillary.

    • Kenny: Wicked? I'm so jealous. I'm trying not to hate all of you right now. Not working.

    • Dave: I can just imagine the line of crap that Kyle kid is feeding her. "I love you so much, baby. Why should we wait if it's the right time, baby? Come on, baby, let's do it right now, baby."
      Vicky: Come on, she's not an idiot.
      Dave: You fell for it!

    • Vicky: I never had sex with a guy who pressured me. At least not until I got married.

    • Dave: I mean, what do you want to do, huh? You want to go see a show? Or you want to help our little girl from being violated?
      Vicky: I want to see that show.

    • (At the show)
      Mike: What's that way down there? It's really small. I can't quite make it out... Oh... it's the stage.

    • Dave: (To Hillary) You know, when I was young, I would say anything to a girl to get her to... well, to get her to. I would tell fat girls they were hot. I would tell ugly girls they were pretty. I would tell stupid girls they were... Well, I really didn't have to tell them much. They were pretty much good to go.

    • Dave: I went and had a little chat with Kyle's dad and it turns out that Hillary is definitely still a virgin.
      Vicky: Oh, that's a relief. How do you know?
      Dave: Ah, this kid Kyle's in some Silver Ring organization, and he's taken a vow not to have sex.
      Vicky: Huh, what do you know? He and I are in the same club.

    • (Watching TV)
      Kenny: I love figure skating.
      Dave: It's called hockey.
      (Long pause)
      Dave: You do have other friends besides Larry, right?
      Kenny: Of course. Not really.

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