The War at Home

Season 2 Episode 10

Love is Blind

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Dec 21, 2006 on FOX
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Love is Blind
Dave is tired of Larry and Mike's constant fighting and suggests that Mike try harder to have a relationship with his brother. Much to Dave's disappointment, Mike actually prefers hanging out with Larry to practicing for basketball tryouts, and worries that Larry's nerdy ways are starting to rub off on him. Meanwhile, Hillary sets out to prove she's more than just a pretty face by trying to get a blind guy interested in dating her.moreless

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  • As in most episodes, Dave struggles with the relationship between him and his children. Hillary tries to date a blind guy to seem less superficial and the two boys learn they have common interests.moreless

    The dim-witted father trying to do best took a turn for the worse in this episode when Dave goes a little too far. He tells Larry and Mike that he wishes they were never born and Hillary that she only has her looks. This episode is painful to watch and not really funny. There are only so many times a comedy dad can insult his children before I think he means it and this show is starting to get old. The episode did break away from it's more formulaic tendencies and showed some character growth, which is a plus, but overall it's as generic and uneventful.moreless
  • I wish I was blind.

    In this pitiful excuse for humour, Hillary trys to boink a blind guy to prove she isnt just a hot girl, and Mike hangs out with Larry, and worries that he is becoming a nerd. [browses quotes] nope, not anything even remotley funny in there, and Dave was still his usual over-obsessive self, at least the new time slot will kill this show.
  • Hilary tries to date a blind guy by showing she isn't all hot and damn she is hot!! Larry is fighting with Mike Dave tells them to be nice Mike starts to like what Larry likes. yamoreless

    Funny episode. If you like seeing Hilary dissed watch this one! This episode had some funny disses as Hilary tries to get a blind guy to like her... right right. But he thinks she is a retard which is hilarious. Mike becomes a Larry and Larry stays a Larry. Dave hits them hard saying he didn't want them. This episode is really funny but not as funny as The Kenny/Larry one that was good. This episode had no Kenny so you might be disappointed if you like Kenny. In conclusion I hate these word count things 98 99 and 100!moreless

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    • Dave: All right, Mike, you're going to be on the basketball team or...
      Mike: Or what?
      Dave: Or you're grounded, that's what!
      Mike: What?
      Dave: That's right, you're grounded.
      Mike: For not trying out for basketball, Dad?
      Dave: Yes, you're grounded.
      Mike: Dad...
      Dave: No TV.
      Mike: But, Dad...
      Dave: No allowance!
      Mike: You can't do that!
      Dave: You wanna go for "no food," Skinny?
      Larry: You can't do that to him. It's completely unfair. He has rights as a human being.
      Dave: Whoa, whoa. You're sticking up for your new buddy pal, huh? 'Cause I got news for you -- you're grounded, too!
      Larry: Me? What did I do?
      Dave: Oh, no. You had something to do with this, didn't you?
      Larry: No. What?! No. I don't know what you're talking about. And the fact of the matter is, you just blame me for everything around here.
      Dave: Oh, okay, don't try to deny it, okay? Before you came along, he was gonna be Doctor J. Now he's... Dr. Dolittle.
      Larry: Well, right now, I feel like Dr. Doolittle 'cause I'm having a conversation with a jackass!

    • Hillary: I am not just pretty!
      Mark: No, you're also kind of annoying.

    • Vicky: Relax, Dave. It's one game of Dungeons & Dragons.
      Dave: Oh, no, there's no one game of Dungeons & Dragons. Okay, once you start that game, you're hooked, okay? It's like crack for losers.

    • Hillary: I met this great guy and I let him know I was interested, and he completely rejected me.
      Dave: A guy rejected you? What, is he blind?
      Hillary: Actually, yes.
      Dave: Oh, well, there you go.
      Hillary: Wait, what's that supposed to mean?
      Dave: Nothing, sweetie. You're a beautiful girl. You're wasted on a blind guy.
      Hillary: Wait, so you're saying that the only thing I have to offer is my looks?
      Dave: No, not at all, sweetie. But let's face it, guys aren't going to exactly line up to hear your theory on quantum physics.
      Hillary: Oh, like you're some genius. You don't even know what quantum physics is. Or... are.

    • Hillary: Uh, mind if I sit down?
      Mark: Uh, you know, actually I do.
      Hillary: Oh... girlfriend.
      Mark: No.
      Hillary: Boyfriend?
      Mark: Definitely no. Look, I'm sure that you're a very nice person, but I just don't think you're my type.
      (Hillary walks over to Brenda)
      Brenda: So?
      Hillary: Gay!
      Mark: I heard that!

    • Hillary: (to Mark, who's blind) I'm Hillary, and don't worry, the coffee didn't leave a stain.
      Mark: Did it leave any chest hair, because it was really hot.
      Hillary: (laughs) I don't know if you know this, but you're pretty hot, too.
      Mark: Thanks.
      Hillary: And I should probably let you know that, you know, other people say I'm pretty hot myself.
      Mark: Doesn't help me.

    • Hillary: See that guy over there? I'm going to go up to him. I'm going to get him to ask me out.
      Brenda: Really? Usually when we scope out cute guys, we wait for them to come to us. When they don't, we just tell each other they're gay.

    • Mike: (about Larry) What am I supposed to say to him?
      Dave: That's the beauty of it, okay. You don't have to say anything.
      Mike: What?
      Dave: Look, I've been selling insurance for... well, long enough to make me want to cry, all right, and the trick is to get people to talk about themselves. And once they're doing that, you just repeat a word every now and then so they think you give a crap.
      Mike: And that actually works?
      Dave: Hey, I'm still married to your mother, aren't I?
      Mike: So basically you just repeat every other word they say?
      Dave: Yeah, I can't tell you how many policies I've sold to idiots that way.
      Mike: Policies?
      Dave: Yeah, there was this one client in Dix Hills...
      Mike: Dix Hills...
      Dave: Yeah, he was a real tool, this... Hey! Don't try that on your mother, okay? 'Cause if you do, I'm going to be seeing you every other weekend.
      Mike: Weekend?
      Dave: Stop it!

    • Vicky: If they're not asking you out, why don't you ask them out?
      Hillary: No way. I'm not desperate. I just want a boyfriend, any boyfriend. I don't even care who.
      Vicky: Well, then let them know you're interested. Here's the thing. Guys are afraid of being shut down. So why don't you just walk over to them and make eye contact and show a little body language that says "I'm available"?
      Hillary: Is that how you got Dad interested in you?
      Vicky: That's right.
      (cut scene)
      Vicky: Of course, my body language included flashing him. Don't judge me. I was totally wasted at the time.

    • Dave: Now go to your room and stay there.
      Larry: I'm being sent to my room for getting beaten up?
      Dave: Yes.
      Larry: This is completely unfair!
      Dave: All right, one more word out of you and I'm gonna make you play basketball.
      (Larry runs off)

    • Dave: Hey, hey, what's the matter with you, Larry? Man, you're going to hurt him. Don't you know he's got basketball tryouts coming up. Do you know how easy he could pull a muscle putting you in a chokehold?
      Larry: How... how is this my fault? I was blacked out.
      Mike: Oh, he started it, all right? I was practicing and he comes out here talking about Star Trek and Spock's ass.
      Larry: Spock's ears! Ears! They're his most distinctive feature, you idiot. Only a lunatic would walk up to someone and start talking about Spock's ass!

    • Dave: (to Mike) Come on, Dungeons & Dragons players don't get cheerleaders. They get wedgies!

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