The War at Home

Season 2 Episode 10

Love is Blind

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Dec 21, 2006 on FOX

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  • As in most episodes, Dave struggles with the relationship between him and his children. Hillary tries to date a blind guy to seem less superficial and the two boys learn they have common interests.

    The dim-witted father trying to do best took a turn for the worse in this episode when Dave goes a little too far. He tells Larry and Mike that he wishes they were never born and Hillary that she only has her looks. This episode is painful to watch and not really funny. There are only so many times a comedy dad can insult his children before I think he means it and this show is starting to get old. The episode did break away from it's more formulaic tendencies and showed some character growth, which is a plus, but overall it's as generic and uneventful.
  • I wish I was blind.

    In this pitiful excuse for humour, Hillary trys to boink a blind guy to prove she isnt just a hot girl, and Mike hangs out with Larry, and worries that he is becoming a nerd. [browses quotes] nope, not anything even remotley funny in there, and Dave was still his usual over-obsessive self, at least the new time slot will kill this show.
  • Hilary tries to date a blind guy by showing she isn't all hot and damn she is hot!! Larry is fighting with Mike Dave tells them to be nice Mike starts to like what Larry likes. ya

    Funny episode. If you like seeing Hilary dissed watch this one! This episode had some funny disses as Hilary tries to get a blind guy to like her... right right. But he thinks she is a retard which is hilarious. Mike becomes a Larry and Larry stays a Larry. Dave hits them hard saying he didn't want them. This episode is really funny but not as funny as The Kenny/Larry one that was good. This episode had no Kenny so you might be disappointed if you like Kenny. In conclusion I hate these word count things 98 99 and 100!
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