The War at Home

Season 2 Episode 7

Love This

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Nov 19, 2006 on FOX

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  • Im still laughing!

    Dave thinks he sees Hillary in a "Girls Gone Crazy" video, however he's relieved when it turns out he's mistaken. But he is completely freaked at being turned on by girls Hillary's age so he turns to Vicky for inspiration after he throws out all of his "visual aids," and it begins to tire her out. Meanwhile, an edited version of the movie 'Goodfellas' inspires Larry to replace swear words with the word 'love', and Hillary prevents Mike from taking drugs by passing PMS medication off as esctasy.

    Very funny episode with Mike thinking he's high, Hillary as the hero and Larry as erractic as ever over Dave's verbal abuse.
  • Dave thinks he sees his daughter, Hillary in a Girls Gone Crazy DVD. It isn't her.... as far as he knows..

    This show has established itself in the Sunday night sit-com line-up. It's funny, witty, and pushes the envelope on many social issues. War at Home is reminisent of shows like "Married with Children"....but alas...we don't have that show anymore. War at home fills in the void for a non animation show on Sunday nights nestled between the Simpsons and The Family guy. The show will likely find longevity as long as it keeps up the well-written and funny plots, and as long as the kids don't get too awkward as they grow (that's the great thing about animation....the characters never grow old)...Also Hillary has to stay hot and not cut her hair anymore!
  • Epiosde Gone Wild!

    Every week its always Michael Rapaport complaining about something and that drives me nuts. Now this week it's a video named "Girls Gone Crazy" inwhich he thinks he see Hilary. Why don't we all see this "Girls Gone Wild" video. It beats watching this week's episode. The rest of this episode isn't good. But I continue to watch the show because of Anita Barone and Kaylee Defer. Barone's ok as long as she stay out of the garage. Does she go there for a smoke? It doesn't help the series at all. I hope she never smokes on screen again. But I'm not holding my breath.
  • Love...

    This was so ******* stupid! Lets lee, horn dog Dave thinks he sees Hillary in a "Girls gone Crazy" DVD [thats a new title...], Mike gets "high" on PMS pills and Larry finds a way to hade curse words from Dave so he can curse at him... Like I said before "this is a Sitcom Plot", serriously the 3 Camera, Studio Audience Sitcom is dead.