The War at Home

Season 2 Episode 11

Out & In

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Jan 04, 2007 on FOX
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Out & In
Kenny confronts Dave after hearing that he thinks he's gay, and ends up coming out of the closet to him. Dave suggests to him that he tell his parents, but when Kenny tells them, they kick him out of the house. Meanwhile, Hillary goes on a date with a blind guy she met at the coffeehouse, but she quickly gets tired of having to describe everything to him.moreless

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  • The best episode yet. I didnt think 'coming out' could be so funny.

    Dave, Kenny and Larry have the funniest lines in this one and it all starts when Kenny confronts Dave after hearing from Larry that he thinks he's gay and ends up accidentaly coming out to him. Dave suggests to him that he tell his parents, but when Kenny tells them, they kick him out of the house. This is a very funny storyline especially when Dave imagines he sees rainbows coming out of Kenny's ears (rainbows are a symbol of Gay Pride, I think) and the gay sperm. I was in stitches! Meanwhile, Hillary goes on a date with a blind guy she met at the coffeehouse, but she quickly gets tired of having to describe everything to him, this was a subplot but what made me laugh was when Mark sensed there was a gay guy in the house. Definetely the best yet, looking forward to the next one.moreless
  • A well done episode about what CAN happen when a gay teen comes out.

    Besides a plot where Hillary tries to use her father to dump a boyfriend she's tired of, the 'title plot' of this episode surprised me on how well it was done.

    I had never seen this show before, but "something" prompted me to tune in tonight (of all possible times!) only to find the topic was "coming out to your parents." And being thrown out of the house by your parents. And can Larry accept his friend now that he has come out? And how Kenny "slipped" in a reaction and actually came out accidentally, but then used that to finish the job.

    As a PFLAG member and webmaster of I was particularly glad to see that this topic was handled in this episode quite well, including the decision to "take in" Kenny into the Gold household.

    Looking through the previous episodes here on it looks like this show takes on lots of interesting plots; I will make a point of watching from now on.moreless
  • After being called out as gay by Dave, Kenny inadvertantly comes out of the closet. At first, everybody is shocked including Larry and his parents (who kick him out). But Kenny comes to live with the Golds and everybody gets adapted to him.moreless

    Although the basis of Kenny coming out of the closet was unsurprising. It teaches everyone, gay or straight, to appreciate who you are. Although Kenny's parents kicked him out, Kenny was still fine and happy. Even with people shocked (Hillary), surprised (Larry), or even rude (Dave)people appreciate him. Gays don't have as many supporters as they do haters. I think this episode is great for anyone who is gay or questionable about themselves. Even at the end, Dave, Larry, and Kenny do a promo for And for avid watchers like me, later in the season, Kenny finds his first boyfriend and discovers it's all new to him too. Congratulation, Kenny!moreless
  • This is, by far, the best episode yet and it will now keep me watching the show.

    I loved this episode. It was a very well acted and well written episode. The character Kenny coming out was wonderful and even though it's awful what his father did to him, it amazing that he will now be living with the Gold's.

    Most shows when doing a gay storyline either isn’t sensitive at all or they are too sensitive. Which is why this episode was great, it was perfectly done.

    I laughed through the entire episode, it was amazing. I loved it all.

    The show has won a new fan in me and as long as Kenny sticks around, I will watch it every week.

    Keep up the great work “The War at Home”!

  • This episode was one of the best yet, the sequel set to air 1/11 better live up to this.

    This episode was one of the best yet, the sequel set to air 1/11 better live up to this. This episode was funny, as well as gripping. It was some of the better writing I have seen for this series. However, now that Kenny is out of the closet, the writers will have to come up with gay storylines for the character. All in all, I ranked this episode the way I did because this is one of those episodes that if you miss it, and watch the one the next week, you will wonder, \"What is going on here?\"moreless

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    • Larry: For some reason, my dad thinks that maybe you're gay.
      Kenny: What? Me? Gay? (laughs uncomfortably, then forces himself into loud laughter, then uncomfortable chuckling) I haven't laughed that hard since Cher announced her 15th farewell tour.

    • Kenny: Anyway, I'm done lying to people and lying to myself. Starting today, I'm going to live my life being open and honest about everything.
      Larry: That's great. So, um... I was just wondering... were you ever attracted to me?
      Kenny: Absolutely not.
      (cut scene)
      Kenny: Okay, completely open and honest... starting tomorrow.

    • Dave: Besides, I don't get it. If I don't care, why do you?
      Larry: (about Kenny) Because he was supposed to be my best friend, and now I feel like I don't even know him anymore.
      Dave: Well, you're just going to have to get over that, all right? Kenny is the same annoying freak that he always was. Now he's just a gay annoying freak.

    • Vicky: Now, please tell me you know what we should do about Kenny. I mean, where's he gonna live?
      Dave: I don't know. Hey, your mother has been saying how lonely she is lately.
      Vicky: She's thinking about getting a puppy, not a gay teenager.

    • (Hillary has brought her blind friend, Mark, home to meet her family)
      Kenny: Hi. (walks upstairs)
      Hillary: Hey.
      Mark: Who's the gay guy?

    • Larry: Hey, wait just a second. If you're gay, then how come I couldn't have Alissa?
      Kenny: Oh, please, you could do better than her. That girl is as much a blonde as I am. And someone needs to tell Miss Thing she is not an "Autumn."
      Larry: Wow, I have a feeling you're going to be really good at this gay thing.

    • Larry: What's going on?
      Kenny: I'm gay.
      Larry: Excuse me?
      Kenny: I'm gay.
      Larry: No, you're not.
      Kenny: Yeah, I am.
      Larry: No, you're not.
      Dave: Yeah, he is!

    • Vicky: No, this is not your fault. You are who you are, and you have nothing to be ashamed of.
      Dave: Yeah, be a proud little gay boy!
      Kenny: No, I'm not ashamed. I just meant if I hadn't put up such a butch front, maybe they wouldn't have been so surprised.
      Dave: Oh, yeah, you sure had everyone fooled.
      Vicky: I'm still just taking it in.

    • (Kenny walks in)
      Vicky: Hi, Kenny. What's new?
      Kenny: I'm gay!
      Vicky: What? That's great!
      Dave: So, uh, did you, uh, talk to your parents, like I sensitively suggested?
      Kenny: Yeah, I did.
      Dave: So, how did it feel? Go on, please share.
      Kenny: It felt great, like the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders. I've never felt better in my entire life.
      Dave: That's great. And what did your father say when you told him?
      Kenny: He said, "Get out of my house, you're dead to me."

    • Dave: I just helped someone figure out that they're gay and told them that they should talk to their parents about it.
      Vicky: Kenny told you he was gay?
      Dave: Yep.
      Vicky: He came out to you? Oh, crap.
      Dave: Hey, what kind of attitude is that? God, I had no idea you were so homophobic.

    • Mike: Why are you looking for sticks and stones when you've got an atomic bomb right here under your own roof?
      Hillary: What are you talking about?
      Mike: You want to turn the guy off, Hillary? Introduce him to Dad.

    • Dave: Well, then, what are you discussing it with me for, Kenny?
      Kenny: Because you're the only one who thinks I'm gay. So how do you know?
      Dave: I don't know, it's kind of like an instinct thing. It's like ice cream, you know, you either like chocolate or vanilla. You know? I mean, what flavor do you like?
      Kenny: I don't know, which one's the gay flavor?

    • Dave: Larry, what I'm saying is, is I don't think Kenny's interested in any girls, because he's...
      Larry: He's...
      Dave: You know.
      Larry: What?
      Dave: Gay.
      Larry: What?! No! What are you talking about?
      Dave: What am I talking about? What are you talking about? If Kenny were any gayer, rainbows would be shooting out of his ears and the Village People would play when he walked into a room.
      Larry: What?! Kenny's not gay!
      (Dave & Mike laugh)
      Larry: He's not. But you know what, even if he were gay, it wouldn't bother me. Not in the least.
      Dave: All right.
      Larry: But he's not gay.
      Dave: Mm-hmm.
      Mike: Yeah, and I'm six foot two, you're captain of the football team, and Dad's People magazine's "Sexiest Man of the Year."
      (Dave & Mike laugh)
      Dave: Hey, wait a minute! That's not funny!

    • Larry: Hey, Dad, can I have $40? I need it so I can take out this girl.
      Dave: Oh, hey, here's 50 bucks. And some Tic Tacs.
      Larry: No, thanks. I don't need those.
      Dave: Oh, yeah, you do. So, who's the girl?
      Larry: Actually, it's two girls.
      Mike: Two girls for $50? Wow, that's half what you usually pay.
      Larry: Well, I guess your mom works cheap. (laughs)
      Mike: Larry, Larry, for the last time, making "your mom" jokes to your own brother, it just defeats the whole purpose.

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