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  • This show is totally repulsive.

    Doesn't televison have enough comedies about dysfunctional families? The concept is getting pretty old as it is. To make matters worse, it shows the parents, Dave and Vicki, hypocritically punishing their kids for doing something while they go out and do the same thing, but they always get away with their hypocrascy because they are the parents. I have seen some pathetic parents on TV in my day, but Dave and Vicki both take the begal. I hope that none of your parents are anything like them or that you aren't if you have children of your own.
    This show deserves a one out of ten, and that is giving it the benefit of the doubt.
  • great funny show

    dis is one of d funniest show ever dey shld never av taken it off stage it needed to continue.... :( sob*** dey neva continued.. d characters were were gettin used to each other a lot nd d chemistry was high nd gettin higher as d show continued, its a very big mistake dat d show was stopped,. nd d story is very original nd simple wit many funny characters like d gay guy "larry" d last child "mike", d father too is funny nd annoyin.. i jst love dis show i miss it for not being able to make it pass season 2........
  • Not that bad but its not so original.

    This show is not way original. Its a copy of Malcolm in the middle.. They include the kinda same kind of humor. The show came out five years later than MITM. Lots of title are copy of it. . . . . In MITM the last one is Graduation and in The War At Home its The graduate. . . . . Not much difference. . . . It has some few originality so its isn't completely bad. These two shows are similar that has humor and lessons so its not bad to check them out. . . . .
  • This series is way too great and very original, it was a terrible mistake to take it off the air.

    This series has non-stop laughs, unexpected material (that is way to funny). The series brings many kinds of funny things that it is sure to get you to laugh out loud. The acting is pretty good. The series is short but it is because it is cancelled, if it had not been cancelled this would be a succesful series on television. The shows steels your laughter and when watching other comedies you just can not laugh any more. the show sometimes give a good moral. On the other hand the show's acting can be a little immature for some people.
  • It was a great show! You must bring it back!

    It was a great show! I loved it! It was very funny! Kenny and Larry are the best!!! Dave was little annoying but he was ok... Hillary is so pretty and little Mike is so hilarious!!! He is a perv! Lol! Their mom is funny too! I'm so sad they've cancel it! It's one of the best sitcoms ever!!! Can we know the reason for it? Anyway, I love that episode when Kenny comes out and when Dave's wife gets fired! Well... every episode is great! OMG! I'm so sad they've cancel it!!!! I'm angry!
    RIP The war at home! :(
  • David Rapaport and Anita Barone are the parents of Jewish family that is anything but kosher.

    This was an awesomely funny show that truly showed Michael Rapaport's talent for comedy. The show also starred the incredibly sexy Anita Barone from the first and only good season of the The Jeff Foxworthy Show before it turned stupid. It also starred as a talent device for Kyle Sullivan as the hysterically nervous and oblivious middle son, Larry. The other kids were basic rethreads of other TV kids. Kaylee Deter as the clothes-obsessed daughter and Dean Collins as the jerky little brother, no real character development there. One of the funniest characters was Rami Malek as the gay next door neighbor kid, Kenny, who hid his crush on Larry; outing him in the series took away much of the show's humor. The series really stood out with its hilarious segues to cut away and reveal what was really on the character's minds. The only thing really wrong with the series was Fox's utter faith in it; the show was a hit with a die-hard audience and like so many shows, it was canncelled at the height of its success. Rule of thumb, don't tamper with success and don't move it away from its timeslot. Since the show was cancelled, there's been nothing worth watching after the Simpsons on Sunday nights.
  • best show on earth

    well once again fox has managed to piss me off by canceling their best show ever well once again fox has managed to piss me off by canceling their best show ever well once again fox has managed to piss me off by canceling their best show ever well once again fox has managed to piss me off by canceling their best show ever well once again fox has managed to piss me off by canceling their best show ever well once again fox has managed to piss me off by canceling their best show ever well once again fox has managed to piss me off by canceling their best show ever
  • OMG!!!!!!! i cant believe they cancelled this, its soooooooo good!!

    The War at Home was a refreshing comedy series, which really made the viewers laugh. At times the humour was repetitive; jokes would always be about nagging wives, disobedient children, men!! etc......... but the way some of the jokes were presented i.e off-screen in the white box so it was like the characters thoughts- was completely genius and worked incredibly well in the delivery of jokes!!!!! Michael rapaport really stole the show as an angry, interfering, confused parent struggling with his teenagers and i think the character itself was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its a shame that it was cancelled because there arent many good comedies on t.v that can be watched and enjoyed by all the family.
  • Fox Did it again. I still dont understand why they go around canceling good shows like kitchen confidential and war at home, and keeping horrible ones. Till death, horrible show they keep giving it chances.

    Fox Did it again. I still dont understand why they go around canceling good shows like kitchen confidential and war at home, and keeping horrible ones. Till death, horrible show they keep giving it chances. Family Guy and Arrested Development they canceled and then they brought them back because they notices their huge mistake and am hoping they will do the same for this one.Fox Did it again. I still dont understand why they go around canceling good shows like kitchen confidential and war at home, and keeping horrible ones. Till death, horrible show they keep giving it chances. Family Guy and Arrested Development they canceled and then they brought them back because they notices their huge mistake and am hoping they will do the same for this one.
  • why did it have to end...

    That is so freakin depressing.. I love this show.. I watched it all the time. It was funny, smart, and you could not leave your seat.

    I left everytime wanting more... but boo to fox

    that show was awesome, but you didnt cancel till death

    brad garrett is a horrible actor and person. He shouldnt even be on tv. but that show minus brad garrett is still bad.

    bring back war at home!!! and stop getting rid of the good shows like in the married with children days, where they got rid of freakin classic, and brought in a show like probably stacked
  • this is a great family show

    this is a great family show... the new 'married with children' is a great show that brings up what we used to see in the clasic show 'married with childre'... also it has some different aspects and point of views but i like it very much... i give it this score because i think there should be an improve in the 'parents behavior over the children... should not be so dictatorial'... to sum up, i think this show should have many seasons to see what happeneds with this family... i wish u many seasons and more laughs, my dear show :D
  • The War At Home is a great family comedy that is blunt and to the point. Political correctness gets a beating in this risque and hilarious sitcom that doesn't sugarcoat the truth

    The War At Home is a FOX sitcom that stars Michael Rappaport, Anita Barone, Kaylee DeFer, Kyle Sullivan, Dean Collins, and Rami Malek airing between THe Simpsons and Family Guy. First of all i must say this show recieved terribly unfair treatment as FOX removed it from sundays and threw it around into brutal timeslots without notification to the viewers and because of it's ridiculous thursday at 8:30 and Sunday at 7:30 airtime was cancelled this year after two hilarious seasons.

    The War at Home has a very differant comedy style i would describe as irreverant, blunt, and controversial. Unlike most of todays sitcoms that rely on quick witted one liners every 60 seconds The War At Home relies on it's portrayl of a arrogant, ignorant, dim witted, family's very blunt opinion s on life and how their ignorance backfires and blows up in their face.

    Michael Rappaport plays a great new father character he doesn't know or want to raise his kids, he doesn't like people outside his family, and has very uneducated and offensive assumptions about people without meaning to. This is a great portrayl of a suburban family who thinks they know something about everything. Anita Barone plays a confused mother who always tries to do the right thing but doesn't always know what the right thing to do is.Kaylee DeFer is a snobby, spoiled, teenager who always wants everything given to her and gets mad at everyone when no is the answer. Kyle Sullivan plays the geeky, mis-understood, middle child who is neglected by his family because he has nothing in common with any of them but confides in his closeted homosexual neighboor who is just as geeky as he is. Dean Collins is the youngest teenager of the family and is concerned with nothing but sex and video games. The show isn't the greatest, it suffers from jokes that drag on a little or at times become irrelevent to the plot. The most innovative thing about the show is the use of the fourth wall in which each character can express their honest opinions on any given situation almost like each person expresses their opinion on reality shows. The War At Home didn't get enough exposure, or a proper solidified timeslot, that in addition to the fact that it was orinally aired between two top shows almost made it impossible to keep good ratings when it's slot was moved and thus it was unjustly cancelled and is now replaced with an unnesscessary twelfth season of King Of The Hill.
  • A show that either came too early or too late...

    The War at Home is, or rather I should say was, a show that seemed to peak at a time when television shows that could be considered rivals or neighbors of a similar genre have long since passed. Growing up with such shows as Married with Children and Home Improvement, we see the dynamics of a functional or semi-dysfunctional family in a suburban type setting. When the new millennium hit, people's attention began to focus away from such classics to move on to a more edgy feel (I.E.: 'Reality TV', Anime, etc.) The War at Home pushed tested little boundaries with the exception of seeing if a classic family sitcom could hold up in modern television. I will admit that the show had a tendency to be redundant at times. And like many comedy shows, it had a lot of 'hit or miss' type jokes that would either leave you laughing or shaking your head in disappointment. At the same time, I felt that the dynamics worked and that the show set the bar of showing the pseudo-truth of a typical American suburban family from Long Island while still maintaining a comedic approach. I will even give the show credit for having certain moments where they would dwell upon more serious issues including homosexuality and ethical dilemmas. All in all, I give this show a 7.5. While the show will undoubtedly never be considered quite a classic (It will probably be compared to shows like Greg the Bunny), I feel that it made enough of an impact on me where I can sit down on occasion and still watch the episodes to have a cheap laugh at Larry's expense.
  • sick Nasty

    I luvs it cuase racist, Bush loving, anti cemitic, nazis hate it! This show is the best and is relatible. I mean sure its unrealistic but thats why its funny. I'm tired of seeing **** shows that rarely cross the boundries, y'know that boring crap on abc, and CBS. too bad its getting canceled though. it would have had a better run if it was orignally but on the WB, R.I.P T.T sob, sob. Whats more is that this show has a younger audience, like me, me and my dad luv WAH and we watch it whenever it's on even if its a rerun!
  • The show fits in very nicely between "The Simpsons" and "The Family Guy", but "The Simpsons" and "The Family Guy"(then followed by "American Dad!") are cartoons where it’s still okay to show Dad as a bafoon.

    Never Judge a show by it's Pilot: The War at Home.

    Let me start with the positive notes. The show fits in very nicely between "The Simpsons" and "Family Guy". I like the use of monologues and inner-monologues to show what is really going on inside the character’s heads. We actually have a married couple on TV (Michael Rapaport & Anita Barone) who actually look like they could be married (instead of a smart attractive woman married to a dopey looking fat guy who’s at least ten years her senior). I like that they are trying to be edgy. The daughter (Kaylee DeFer) wants to loose her virginity. The parents think that their oldest son (Kyle Sullivan) is gay or a cross dresser because he dressed as his mom in order to steal her car.

    I would not call these next comments negative just critical. The show fits in very nicely between "The Simpsons" and "The Family Guy", but "The Simpsons" and "The Family Guy"(then followed by "American Dad!") are cartoons where it’s still okay to show Dad as a bafoon. A big complaint I hear from men its that they are tired of seeing Dad portrayed as an idiot or seeing the kids smarter than Dad or both of the parents. With the exception of John Ritter in "8 Simple Rules... for Dating My Teenage Daughter", how many smart dads have we seen on TV since Bill Cosby in "The Cosby Show"? I said that, "I like that they are trying to be edgy" but I don't think the show is edgy enough. I say have the daughter loose her virginity with possible consequences and have the son actually be gay and comically show the teen gay lifestyle (Although the son’s best friend is gay Come on this is FOX after all.

    But I Never Judge a show by it's Pilot.

    I saw the second episode. The Youngest son (Dean Collins) outsmarted and blackmailed his father in to buying him a $200.00 pair of tennis shoes when he catches his dad having cyber sex. The daughter was upset when she gave her (Black) boyfriend "something special" for their one-month anniversary and he gave her nothing. Dad assumes that she was referring to a tangible item. The second episode picked up on a story line from the pilot. The parents still thought that their oldest son was gay until he gets caught on camera running a red light while driving his mother’s stolen car.

    In conclusion, I find "The War at Home" a cross between "8 Simple Rules" and "Married... with Children" with a hint of the TV movie "Still the Beaver"*. I saw some improvement in the second episode, but the show still lacks the heart needed in a family sit-com, even if the family is dysfunctional causing me to ask why should we care about these people. Finally I want to point out that every time a long running sit-com goes off the air (last season it was "Everybody Loves Raymond") someone announces, "The sit-com is dead". Trust me the sit-com is not dead. Shows like "The War at Home" just don't help keep it alive.

    To quote Dave (Michael Rapaport), "I only have ONE simple rule for dating my daughter. If she sees your penis I'll cut it off".

    By the way, the use of the word penis is not edgy.

    Stay Tuned

    Tony Figueroa

    *The adult Beaver Cleaver (Jerry Mathers) tries to use his father's child rearing techniques on his own kids only to find that they don't work anymore.
  • One Of The Funniest Show Ever!!!

    The Best Comedy since Grounded For Life, The cast, writing & everything else is superb. I'll die if they cancel a great show like this, I wait week after week for this show to make me laugh non stop. I even got my family hooked. This show will end up like other great shows like Our Family Honor, Crime Story, Brooklyn Bridge, American Gothic, Falcone, Off Centre, Miracles, The Inside, Lucky Louie, etc. canceled before there time. If there's a God, then this show should be back next season. Please God don't disappoint me, make me a believer. Fox think twice before cancelling a great show. Thanks...
  • It is just not good.

    A lame show that should be axed soon. It may very well be because it has canned laughter but this show is umbearable. This show is predictable and simple not funny to me. It appears that this show can only live on the Sunday time slot since it does not stand a chance against any other program it could go against. In the time this show has been on, I have fairly predicted almost every plot that has been given to me by the writers and producers of it. Avoid this show. Thats it for my review. Bye folks, laters.
  • Array

    I smell an emmy nomination as long as FOX can keep the show in a regular timeslot instead of moving it around constantly. The show features gutsy writing and it's kind of nice to see Rappaport finally get a shot at being a star. Not for the faint of heart and definitely not for the right wing freaks that seem to run FOX news. I am overjoyed that this show is shining and hope that it can last as long as most good comedies. If "Yes Dear", an old CBS "crapper" can run over 100 episodes, surely this great show will. If not, there is no justice in the television world.
  • Great show! It's hilarious and underappreciated! The one-liners never stop coming! :) Also, it fits in well in between The Simpsons, Family Guy and American Dad. (All great shows as well by the way!)

    Great show! It's hilarious and underappreciated!
    The one-liners never stop coming! :) Also, it fits in well in between The Simpsons, Family Guy and American Dad. (All great shows as well by the way!) Dave is absolutely hysterical, Hilary is also funny, rebelling from her parents, especially her dad, Larry can be a wimp, but he has his moments of good comedy mostly getting back at his dad for something he said to him, and Mike is a great smart-ass. Finally, Vicky tries to keep it all together and reason with Dave, but she can definetly get the comedic better of Dave when she wants to.

    All together, a great show and more people should watch, especially if you like the Simpsons, Family Guy or American Dad.
  • I hope this show dies fast.

    After watching The Simpsons tonight I decided to tune into this show because I usually watch nothing at 8:30. Boy did I regret it. The War at Home was one of the worst comedies in years. I definitely agree with other reviewers that the gay jokes got old fast. Kyle Sullvan wasn't funny on All That so what made the producers think he would be funny for this show. The crossdressing plot was pretty stupid. I can't wait until this show gets cancelled and replaced. Even if they replace it with snow for the whole half hour it would be better than this show.
  • One of the best comedy shows. Great potential!

    i don't understand why they want to cancel this show. it is one of the best family shows after "married with children". All the characters are complex and very well designed." The War at home " is one of my favorite tv shows. I've seen every single episode and i can say without doubt that this is a show with great potential. If FOX decides to cancel "war at home" instead canceling that very boring and 'ratingless' show " 'Til death " , they will do a terrible mistake. I say: if they schedule this show on a appreciatively day, the ratings will blow up again, like they were before.
  • Surprisingly Fantastic Society Comedy

    I started watching this show when Ugly Betty was starting to bore me with really old subplots and audience "keepers". You know, the kind of stuff network tv feels it has to put in so "everyone" will like it, ugh. The War at Home is obviously a spinoff of Archie Bunker but it really works on many different levels. It looks and feels like a silly sitcom but its messages are very deep rooted and is much more of a reality slice of life that can give everyone a boost of satisfaction about themselves and understanding of others. I highly recommend it to all ages!
  • Supid,funny,'s a winner

    If you like shows without drugs, sex, and profanity, watch some other show. The War at Home is so point;ess and funny because the kids are so odd, and Dave (the father) is such a dumbass. The war at home introduces and interesting new concept, to show what the characters are thinking, they randomly appear in a little white room, and say something funny, then it goes back to the real world. They also show flashbacks to dave's childhood, like when he's in the priciples office and the principle asks "what was this doing in your locker?" while holding a bong, and dave says something like "your tie is really blue right now...huh huh." I recommend this to anybody who likes Family Guy or Aquateen.
  • The War At Home: Yet another unbelievably hilarious (and amusingly controversial) Fox hit.

    Ohh man, I love this show. I started watching it after Family Guy when it was on on Sundays, and I just got hooked. I sort of fell out of the habit of watching it, just because I always forget those things...but I was reminded of the show last week when I saw Night At The Museum with friends, and immediately recognized Rami Malek. Now, just to be sure that I don't fall out of the habit of watching it again, I've set it to record on DVR.

    This show is just unbelievably funny. It's got the slightly inappropriate jokes, everything. The epitome of perfect disfunction. Personally, I believe that Larry, and the subsequent Larry/Kenny friendship, provide the majority of the humor. I mean, yes, I do laugh at the other characters (especially in the episode where Mike decided to walk around naked), but those two constantly amuse me. And, I must say, the little side speeches, or whatever you wish to call them, are absolutely brilliant. The concept adds greatly to the overall hilarity of the show.

    Like I said, I love it.
  • Great show, watch it. I'll be on it January 25th, 07' as Harrison, so be sure to tune in!

    I\'m an actor, Nick, and never watched this show until i got cast for one Episode. My eyes have been opened to a very funny show. Everyone should watch this sit-com, a show which will get you hooked. I will be on the show on January 25th, 2007: The lower-middle-upper-middle class Problem. i am the character Harrison. So you should definitely watch on January 25th to watch my funny character. The cast are extremely friendly and are extremely like able. I hope everyone will watch this hilarious and outstanding show in the weeks to come. Funny show: A+!
    Nick (Harrison)
  • Why is this show on the air???

    There is nothing worth watching about this show. Michael Rapaport is a horrible actor, along with all the other cast members who have sold out by being on such a drab show. I watch it every now and then just... Hell I dont even know! I guess just so that I know what its like to feel pain. Just to make sure that I appreciate things in my life that are great, I need to know what its like to feel truly grateful that my life isnt as bad as it could be if I were a part of that show. The actors are horrible, the laugh track is a joke, and the jokes are a joke. Why was this show kept on the air while Arrested Development was taken off? I guess mass-appeal (aka Lowest Common Denomenater) wins out. Its a shame that more idiots watch comedy than people who arent brain dead.
  • This show is great jsut i wish they would show it on weekands.

    What a great show. I just wish that they would show it on weekands.But its gre - e - e - e - e - e - e - e - e - e - e - e - e - e - e - e - e - -e - e - e - e - e - e - e - e - e - e - a - a - a - a - a - a - a - a - a - a - a - a - a - a - a -T !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • a family always fight and argue and i am so not good at this whole summary thing lol!

    This is so funny! I thought i was actually about a war somewhere when i read it on the tv times and it didnt have anything written about it so i missed loads of episodes untill one day i was just sat watching tv and i flicked to the channel 4 and it was i and my dad actually came and asked why on earth am i laughing this loud and making a load of racket! hahaha it was so worth getting into trouble for tho! I wish that this would come back on in England but i love it loads so please come back on!
    So bring it back to England!
  • I\'m disappointed in the reviewers, this show deserves a much greater rating!

    I really enjoy this show, its very funny, and shows how Dave is a bad father ;)

    It really is one of those really enjouyable shows you want to watch on those nights where you can take the time to do so. Always make sure you watch from the beginning, and then progress yourself through, because the first episode really shows off their personallities :)

    Now, this show can always be funny to watch, they show how raising teenagers is difficult at times, and hjow the most random things seem to begin to happen with these teens. So if you have the time, please check this one out! Its really interesting, and fun to watch!
  • Its a good show, It just needs a bit more work.

    "The War At Home" is a good show with good intentions. However funny it may be at times, it just falls short of what a classic comedy should be. I mean, it is funny. No doubt about that one. But the show came onto Fox just a little while before Malcolm In The Middle came off the air. I think it was kinda supposed to replace it, but it just cant fill the shoes. It even seems to be abit out of place among the other shows on sunday. You have all of these great comedy shows, and then this one smack dab in the middle. Its like a speed bump slowing down the night.
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