The War at Home

Season 1 Episode 6

The Bigger They Come

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Nov 13, 2005 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • When Vicky and Dave are arguing about Larry's girlfriend, when they are standing facing each other, her hands are empty and in the next scene, she has a plate in her hands.

    • When Marla is asking Vicky what her secret for the ribs are, she has a rib in her hand, in the next scene, she has a fork in her hands.

    • When Hillary is looking at the Penthouse, the magazine is flipped open, when we look at her again, it's closed on her chest.

  • Quotes

    • Dave: At no time in history has a culture been so focused on how they look as we are today. Between the diets, the liposuction, Botox, LASIKS, it's crazy, and who's responsible? The media, and God bless 'em. I mean, who wants to look at fat, ugly people?

    • Dave: Larry.
      Larry: What?
      Dave: Look, I'm glad you borrowed it, but give it back.
      Larry: Give what back?
      Dave: You know. I seem to be missing a certain magazine. My Penthouse.
      Larry: You have Penthouse?

    • Dave: Then why are you laying around here on a Saturday afternoon?
      Larry: I don't know.
      Dave: Just tell me -- what's bothering you?
      Larry: I don't have a girlfriend.
      Dave: That's great!
      Larry: Okay, dad. Thanks for making me feel better.

    • Dave: (To Larry) Look here's the thing. I sell insurance for a living, okay? The one thing in the world nobody ever wants to buy, but with the right words and some scare tactics, I make it happen. I'm sure there's some girl you can do that to.

    • Dave: (Sees Hillary looking at his Penthouse magazine) What the hell are you doing? That's a men's magazine for men. Oh, God. Don't tell me you're going Rosie O'Donnell on me.
      Hillary: Relax, I'm just looking at the boobs.
      Dave: Not making me feel better.

    • Hillary: Well, you have a big chest. Why don't I?
      Vicky: Well, you know, you probably just take after your dad's side of the family. You do have two sets of genes, you know.
      Dave: Hey, don't blame me. Okay? Even the men on my side of the family have big boobs.

    • Vicky: What your father means is that you want the boys to like you for what's on the inside.
      Hillary: The implants will be on the inside.

    • Vicky: (To Hillary) Okay, let's talk about the constant back pain.
      Dave: Yeah, she's always complaining about that. And don't forget, sure, they look good now, but in a few years, they're gonna be drooping and sagging down to the floor.

    • Hillary: Alison and I are in Spanish class together. Doesn't she have great breasts?
      Dave: What? What the hell kind of question is that?

    • Dave: (To Hillary) Yeah, well, I only agreed to feed and clothe you, not turn you into a floatation device.

    • Hillary: I don't have to use my allowance. I can just use the investments that Grandma and Grandpa set up for me.
      Dave: Your grandmother didn't get you that money for fake boobs, okay? She gave you that money for college.
      (Cut scene)
      Grandma Betty: Believe me, the boobs'll get her much further.

    • Dave: Come on, you gotta admit that Marla -- she's a little, you know... I mean, she's kind of, you know...
      Vicky: No, Dave. Why don't you tell me?
      Dave: Look, I could understand a pretty face with a not-so-good body. Or a great body with a not-so-good face. God knows, I've had my share of butter faces.
      Vicky: Butter face?
      Dave: Yeah, everything is good... but her face.

    • Vicky: Honey, I cannot believe how superficial you're being. I mean, first you're upset that maybe Larry doesn't like girls. Now, he doesn't like the right girl?
      Dave: Hey, that wasn't a girl he brought over here. That was an Oompa-Loompa.

    • Dave: Look, I think we might need to take him to a professional.
      Vicky: What? I thought you didn't believe in therapy.
      Dave: What therapy? I meant a hooker.

    • Vicky: Come on, Dave. Marla may not be a supermodel, but she is very sweet.
      Dave: Yeah, she's sweet. Her blood's 90% sugar.

    • Dave: Look, just promise me if things move forward that you're going to be careful, all right?
      Larry: You mean that I should always practice safe sex?
      (Cut scene)
      Dave: Actually, I was thinking, "Don't let her get on top."

    • Dave: There's no chance she'll ever get straight A's, right?
      Vicky: Trust me, the only A's that girl will have at the end of the year will be the two sitting on her chest.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Penthouse
      Larry: You have Penthouse?
      Penthouse is an adult magazine featuring nude women.

    • The bigger they are the harder they fall.
      The title is reference to the saying, "The bigger they are, the harder they fall."

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