The Wayans Bros.

The WB (ended 1999)





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  • What do you mean you ain\'t got no jobs *itch

    This show was very funny one of the best shows to hit the TV screen, it was very under rated and it shouldn\'t be. Marlon and Shawn Wayans were so funny in this show I would cry laughing. Pops was very funny to.If this show wasn\'t any good I am pretty sure it wouldn\'t come out on DVD but it is and it\'s a good thing. I love this show and will never forget it. I think the show was very funny. All the characters were funny. Marlon and Shawn did a great thing with this show. I think they should bring it back. Pops was hilarious. There are some things on here you just can\'t top. The Wayans Bros. was a really good show. The Wayans Bros. was a very good show. Their runs come on BET and I record every single one of the on my DVR. The was always funny even though some shows were very silly. Sometimes Marlon would go overboard every now and again but he was still funny. Shawn and John Witherspoon were great also. The show should have at least been able to have a final episode.
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