The Wayans Bros.

The WB (ended 1999)





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  • My God i loved the wayans brothers, everything they did was so funny. i can remember every wednesday night on the wb watching that frog and the wayans next to it. every single episode was hilarious.

    I will definitely miss the wayans brothers with pops and his bang bangs! shawn & marlon was too hilarious individuals. i don't know who wrote for them but it was so funny but, how it ended was so unfair to everyone. i hated how they ended. they didn't know it was going to end and no one else did ether. it wasn't even like an ending show it was just a regular funny show it the next week it wasn't any new one and then it just stoped. They've been making movies but the movies are just not the same as this show. it was an awesome show and i just wish someone who give them another show like this. i will definitely miss the show.