The Wayans Bros.

Season 5 Episode 4

Romeo & J'Leeta

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Oct 08, 1998 on The WB

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  • This episode is about Pops and his rival Rick in a feud. it heats up when they hear rumors abot the other's restaurant.Unfortunately, Rick's daughter, J'leeta and Shawn start to fall for each other and Pops is not happy about it.

    I absolutely loove this episode because it is sooo funny. I mean the fact that Shawn and J'leeta started going out while he and Marlon were suppose to steal Rick's secrets and sabotage his restaurant. I REALLY liked the part when Shawn is outside J'leets's window reciting LL Cool J's "I Need Love".

    This really turned into a "Romeo and Juliet" situation because they couldn't be togther because their fanilies are feuding. Pops is sooo fed up with the fact that Shawn actually likes J'leeta that he rewrites a letter to J'leeta. Almost breaking J'leeta and Shawn up.

    Marlon is esctatic that he FINALLY became Pop's favorite. But in reality, he was just trying to get back at Shawn. He pretends he knew it all along. But he walked off and cried. The fight scene was funny. The fact that J'leeta almost gets hurt makes Rick and Pops realize how stupid the feud is.

    Overall, this episode was funny. I liked it and I would have to say it was better than "The Kiss". But it is almost as funny as "The Rich Girl". I give it five thumbs up.