The Wayans Bros. - Season 1

The WB (ended 1999)




Episode Guide

  • Brazilla vs. Rodney
    Brazilla vs. Rodney
    Episode 13
    Shawn decide to become children's entertainers, and Marlon helps him even though he doesn't want to. However, the party may be over before it begins thanks to a rival performer named Brazilla who wants to squash their careers, when a kids' party at the diner turns into an expensive monster brawl.moreless
  • Pulp Marlon
    Pulp Marlon
    Episode 12
    Marlon becomes involved with Mia, a beautiful young woman who turns out to be the wife of a hit man notorious for torturing his victims. He learns the real meaning of "love hurts" when the hit man shows up at Marlon's apartment to kill him.
  • It's Shawn! It's Marlon! It's Superboys!
    Shawn and Marlon's apartment complex is beginning to fall apart. They meet with the landlord, Mr. Stone, who manipulates them into becoming apartment managers. The complex is soon in worse shape. When Mr. Stone visits the building, he yells at them for doing such a poor job. Mr. Stone fires Shawn and Marlon and takes over as superintendent.moreless
  • The Poppa-Cabana
    The Poppa-Cabana
    Episode 10
    Before leaving on his Atlantic City vacation with Uncle Leon, Pops decides to let Marlon run the diner. Unfortunately, Marlon's tries to make the diner more upscale and alienates the diner's regular customers. Shawn steps in and transforms it into a successful nightclub. When Pops returns he immediately shuts down the club -- knowing it is in violation of several laws -- then returns to Atlantic City with the club's profits.moreless
  • ER
    Episode 9
    After sitting on a staple gun, Marlon borrows Shawn's health-care cards to ensure immediate medical attention for himself. Little do they know that the doctor who comes to treat Marlon is Lisa's father. Marlon has no choice but to pretend that he is Shawn.
  • The Shawn-Shank Redemption
    Shawn and Marlon get sidetracked en route to paying their overdue parking tickets and end up in jail with several tough-looking guys.
  • Afro Cab
    Afro Cab
    Episode 7
    Shawn's efforts to steer his brother into a new career backfire when Marlon starts a taxi service, "Afro Pick You Up," catering to African-American clientele. Marlon makes his business sound so successful that Shawn quits his job at APS to join him.
  • Pops Moves In
    Pops Moves In
    Episode 6
    Shawn and Marlon encourage Pops to defy their mom that backfires when he gets kicked out of the house and comes to stay with them. When his living habits begin driving the guys crazy, they devise a plan to drive him out by having a loud party -- but Pops gets into the groove and enjoys himself.moreless
  • My Fair Marlon
    My Fair Marlon
    Episode 5
    The woman of Marlon's dreams loves poetry, so he gets Shawn to help him write her love poems. However, things turn sour when Lisa discovers the poems and thinks Shawn is cheating on her.
  • Free Wally
    Free Wally
    Episode 4
    Marlon's constant interference pushes Lisa too far, so Marlon goes overboard to make it up the her and Shawn by sending them on a romantic ferry cruise on the harbor.
  • I'm Too Sexy for My Brother
    Jealousy brews when Marlon wants to be a model, but Shawn is the one who ends up in the spotlight after being invited to a fashion show.
  • First Class
    First Class
    Episode 2
    Marlon is living the good life when he's given first class tickets after being mistaken for John Starks, and Shawn is his manager.
  • Goop-Hair-It-Is
    Episode 1
    Shawn and Marlon's latest scheme becomes a hair-raising nightmare when they take over the manufacture and marketing of a grooming product called "Goop, Hair-It-Is." While Marlon comes up with a concoction that makes his hair look great, Shawn decides to sell the hair goop on an infomercial. They shoot the infomercial live, with Gary Coleman acting as a celebrity spokesperson. While Gary is doing his pitch for "Goop, Hair-It-Is," the chemicals from the product cause his hair to catch fire. Shawn and Marlon's dreams of becoming successful entrepreneurs also go down in flames.moreless