The Wayans Bros. - Season 2

The WB (ended 1999)




Episode Guide

  • Trial and Error
    Episode 23
    Marlon slips in Shawn's spilled coffee and breaks his leg, which knocks him out of the cash prize he was sure to win in a dance contest. Marlon sues Shawn in small claims court for $2000, but in the end admits all he really wanted from Shawn was an apology.
  • Mama, I Wanna Act
    Episode 22
    Marlon's actress friend Stacey convinces him to help her audition fot the Tisch School of Performing Arts. Marlon begins to consider an acting career for himself -- an idea that Shawn thinks is ridiculous and unrealistic. Marlon uses the anger from his argument with Shawn to fuel his performance in the audition and ends up getting a scholarship.moreless
  • New Lease on Life
    Episode 21
    When Mrs. Niedermeyer, the owner of the building where his newsstand is housed, makes a pass at him, and Shawn is torn between doing what's right and saving his newsstand.
  • It Takes a Thief
    Episode 20
    Dee falls for a con man-- a smooth-talking jewelry salesman who rips off lonely single women. Shawn and Marlon try and find a way to expose him and open Dee's eyes before the wedding.
  • A Hero's Story
    Episode 19
    Shawn rescues a boy hit by a car in front of the Niedermeyer Building. After giving him CPR, Shawn goes to call 911, leaving Marlon with the boy. When the boy regains consciousness, he thinks Marlon saved him. Before Marlon can contradict him, a crowd gathers, cheering his heroism. Caught up in the adulation and subsequent publicity, Marlon starts to believe that he really was the hero --until Pops helps him see the truth.moreless
  • The Ghetto Gourmets
    Episode 18
    When the producer of a Regis & Kathie Lee type morning talk show invites Pops to cook his chili on the program, Marlon and Shawn tag along as his assistants. They're a hit and get invited back, only to discover that the show's hosts, Ken & Kiki, want the boys to do the segment without Pops, who they think is too old to appeal to the "younger demographic." Meanwhile, street hustler T.C. becomes a security guard.moreless
  • Love Letter
    Love Letter
    Episode 17
    White Mike asks Shawn to ghost write a love letter for him to Tatiana, the new waitress at Pops' diner. The letter gets into Dee's hands and she mistakenly believes Shawn left it there for her. The letter continues to be inadvertently passed around the lobby, with each recipient jumping to the wrong conclusions.moreless
  • Hearts and Flowers
    Episode 16
    Shawn's romantic Valentine's Day plans don't go as planned when his girlfriend wises up to his two-timing ways and spurns him for Marlon. Meanwhile, Dee thinks her secret admirer is Pops, but it's really Maurice the custodian.
  • The Odd Couples
    Episode 15
    After an argument with Shawn, Marlon decides it's time for him to move out. Marlon ends up rooming with White Mike, while Shawn takes in T.C. Unexpectedly, Mike and T.C. dump Shawn and Marlon as roommates, forcing them back together...something we later discover was planned out by Pops.
  • 1/31/96
    With Pops secretly enjoying being sick in bed, the boys try to force Pops to come back by turning the diner over to White Mike, hoping he'll do so a bad job. Mike turns the diner into a health-food spot to attract the gym clientele, and a suspiciously delicious "fat-free" cheesecake proves very popular -- leaving Pops feeling unwanted.moreless
  • Getting It
    Episode 13
    Shawn and Marlon become desperately lonely men, and at Pops' suggestion, attend a church bazaar where Shawn meets the girl of his dreams. The situation is complicated when Shawn discovers that the girl wants to remain a virgin.
  • Psycho Santa
    Episode 12
    Santa's loading a gun and checking it twice, then taking Pops and the boys hostage for not showing any Christmas spirit. He's only a part-time, dress-up Santa, but the gun is for real.
  • Farmer's Daughter
    Episode 11
    Shawn and Marlon dread a visit from their cousin Sheila. When she arrives, they discover how upset she is over losing her boyfriend. In an effort to cheer her up and improve her social life, the guys change her image and turn her from a plain girl into a hip-hop beauty. Her new ways turn off Shawn and Marlon, who wish they'd kept her down on the farm.moreless
  • Think Fast
    Episode 10
    When Marlon quits the family basketball team, Pops turns to Monique, who can make his son jump through hoops. It's the basketball game of the season for the Williams brothers when they go up against the Jones brothers -- their life-long arch rivals.
  • The Sting
    Episode 9
    Shawn listens carefully to Pops' lecture on the evils of poker -- then risks everything on a single hand, and ends up losing his newsstand to T.C. After T.C. takes over ownership, Shawn's pride is on the line, and he challenges T.C. to double or nothing, with Pops' diner as the prize.moreless
  • Head of State
    Episode 8
    When Marlon finds out that President Clinton's motorcade will be passing by Pops' diner, and that the bathroom will be made available to the President should he need to use it, Marlon becomes determined to shake the President's hand.
  • Scared Straight
    Episode 7
    Every Halloween, Pops puts out a cup of coffee and a doughnut to please the spirit of a dead woman, Cassandra Malloy, who Pops believes lives in the building. As a joke, Shawn and Marlon sneak in and eat the offerings. Soon, strange things begin to occur at the building and the guys admit their prank to Pops. To resolve the problem, Monique agrees to perform an exorcism.moreless
  • The Liar's Club
    Episode 6
    Marlon gets jealous when Monique pretends to be married to Shawn in order to impress Otis Campbell, her college rival. When Otis takes the "couple" to a chic Moroccan restaurant, Marlon sneaks in and convinces Shawn to leave so that he can convey his strong feelings to Monique. Monique is surprised to see Marlon, but more horrified that he will ruin her cover by letting Otis know she really isn't married.moreless
  • Loot
    Episode 5
    Shawn, Marlon, Pops, Lou and Monique hit the jackpot when they discover $100,000 in an ashtray in the lobby. But Lou is determined to carry out the Niedermeyer Building rule requiring a classified ad be placed in the newspaper so that the owner can come forward -- and if it's claimed within five days, their dreams will go up in smoke.moreless
  • Two Men and a Baby
    Episode 4
    Shawn and Marlon find themselves playing daddy after they discover an infant left at their door with a note to the unnamed father from "T." Which one is the daddy? Each claims it's the other until the bonding begins.
  • 9/20/95
    After a leader of the art world buys Marlon's paint-smeared dropcloth, Marlon becomes temperamental artist, much to Shawn's disgust. But Marlon's artistic career hits a snag when Lou catches a vandal putting graffiti on Pops' diner: the art patrons become so impressed with the graffiti artist that they abandon Marlon.
  • Fatal Subtraction
    Episode 2
    Depressed over a recent breakup, Shawn becomes instantly enamored with domineering Rachel, a woman he meets at the newsstand. Rachel gives him lots of love and attention, as well as expensive gifts, and Shawn is convinced he has met his perfect woman. However, Marlon notices that Rachel seems to have an unhealthy obsession with Shawn and attempts to convince his unbelieving brother to get away from her.moreless
  • 9/6/95
    When Cliff, the owner of the newsstand in the same building as the diner,dies, Shawn borrows money from Pops to buy the business, and hires Marlon to help out. But Marlon would rather help himself to a down-on-her-luck heiress named Monique, who struts into their lives with rich tastes and empty pockets.moreless