The Wayans Bros.

Season 5 Episode 8

The High Life

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Nov 12, 1998 on The WB

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  • This episode was funny to me but those arent not the side effects of smoking weed

    This episode was funny but i dont think you act like that when smoking weed i thought when you smoke weed it makes you calm down not be hyper and over the top.
  • This episode is very funny to me. It's shows a more responsible side to the Wayans. and them overcoming the pressure of drugs. I'm sure they have experimented with it in real life, or else they wouldn't have had this episode.

    I think this episode is very special because it shows the side effects of marijuana(at least the bad side). I do think Marlon shows he has acting skills not that he couldn't before. I also think that the Marlon and Shawn somewhere in their lives tried smoking weed, especially Marlon who is the goofiest of the two. This episode is very funny to me. Especially when Shawn said the lines about the indians selling Manhattan for beef jerky and how rappers sound on interviews. Then it was the part when Marlon was high clowning in the auditioning office, I like the part where he starts singing, he couldn't even concentrate on the lines and when he tried he screwed up which made it funnier. I think this is an episode you shouldn't forget.