The Wayans Bros.

Season 5 Episode 7

The Kiss

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Nov 05, 1998 on The WB

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  • This episode is about Shawn and Dee going to a Missy Elliot concert together and getting drunk. They kiss and wake up the next morning in the same bed.

    I absolutely loooove this episode because it was soooo exicting. I especially liked the part when Marlon came to the apartment as they wake up saying "It's Morning". It was soooo fun. Marlon made them think the whole time that they slept together. But he just used it as his entry into the show "America's Video Bloopers". But by him doing this, this really makes Dee and Shawn question their feeling for one another. I liked when Missy called Dee out at her concert. But this is kind of shows the result of their "friendship". I mean they always joke about that but no one really expected to see these two ever hooking up. I'm glad they didn't hook up because they wouldn't make a very cute couple. I'm just glad they both decided to stay friends and not pursue a friendship. I really wish Marlon could have told them that the whole thing was a joke. So they wouldn't have went through all that drama.
  • This episode is about Shawn and Dee go to a Missy Elliot concert together and get REALLY drunk. They end up kissing and passing out. The next morning they wake up in the same bed. Which questions their feelings for each other.

    I absolutely loove this episode because this would have to be the most hilarious one yet. It's funny that Shawn and Dee actually think they slept together. After the incident, they feel akward around each other. But before they pass out they share a REAL kiss. Marlon just decided to play the ultimate prank on them.

    Anna Marie Horsford did an AMAZING job on this one. She is a great actress. The chemistry between her and Shawn was so convincing. They had me fooled. I almost thought they were into each other. But as many jokes they say there was something between Shawn and Dee.

    Marlon Wayans is a equally GREAT actor. The fact that he played like they actaully DID sleep together is sooooo awesome. But the only reason he did it because Shawn said he couldn't make a good blooper video!!!

    Overall this episode was a series classic for me. This would have to be my favorite one out of the whole series. The others were good but couldn't compete with this one.