The Wayans Bros.

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  • Season 1 Episode 10: The Poppa-Cabana

  • It's weird to me how when Marlon gives first customer his burger, he asks for a glass of water.But, don't restaurants take the drink orders first?...

  • If you look VERY closely when Marlon is talking to Burl, just after he runs into him, you will see a sign in the left-hand corner that says "We accept Food Stamps." However, the only restaurants that can accept food stamps, are SOME restaurants that sell wholesale items...which Pop's does not. On top if that, Marlon tells Burl that he's "blocking the real customers," customers come in after Burl leaves...

  • At 8:22 in the episode,after Uncle Leon's lizard foot works, Pops tell Uncle Leon to, "look over there." Uncle Leon looks for a second, the turns back and does nothing as he sees Pops digging in HIS winnings. Now, every knows that no one is just going to LET someone else, family or not, take their winnings.

  • At about 6:44 in the episode, when Marlon is talking about the "episode of Diff'rent Strokes," He was saying how Willis "was hanging around some drug dealers", and "look at Willis now." However, before he could finish his sentence, Shawn cut him off. But in reality, Willis, whose real name is Todd Bridges, did indeed do drugs for a while after the show ended.

  • When Pops says, "hurry up everybody, it's closing time," immediately after he says, "hurry up big fella, you're cutting into my vacation." However, he is NOT the only person in the diner. So, don't you think he should have told everyone that? Also, if it was closing time, regardless of the fact that he was allowing Shawn and Marlon to run the diner in his absence, why did he leave while everyone was still in the diner? If it TRULY was closing time, don't you think he would have closed the diner? On top of that, no one even BUDGED when he said, "it's closing time."

  • Season 1 Episode 7: Afro Cab

  • This episode exploits the world trade center attack, with a terrorist saying "Take me to the World Trade Center and step on it!"and the guy has a bomb. I know that I was making fun of the 1993 attack not 9/11,either way is it funny?NO. We don't laugh about Pearl Harbor, you don't hear jokes about bombing the Empire State Building. In movies it is blown of because of alien invasions, etc not realistic stuff.

  • Season 1 Episode 2: First Class

  • Originally this was the first episode of the series, but aired as the second.

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