The Wayne Brady Show - Season 1

ABC (ended 2002)


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Episode Guide

  • Episode 105
    Episode 105
    Episode 6
    -Wayne flashes back to his street-breakdancing days. -Dorf (Tim Conway) teaches an aerobics class. -Wayne impersonates Chris Rock in the musical "Oklahoma." -Wayne (as Levar Burton III in The Actors' Studio Unplugged) improvises an interview with Tim Conway, director of the film "Those Aren't Your Potatoes." -A behind-the-scenes moment with Jonathan Mangum, and the helpful crew. -Wayne sings Otis Redding's "Try a Little Tenderness." -A series of out-takes.moreless
  • Episode 104
    Episode 104
    Episode 5
    -Wayne opens with a rendition of James Brown's "Gonna Have a Funky Good Time." -James Brown (midwife) helps deliver a baby. -"Wayne Brady's Grandma" returns, this time to speak in an improvised interview about cats. -An advertisement for Bro-Jack, the latest in Nubian location technology. -Posse Toi performs the romantic ballad "My Girlfriend Tooted." -Brooke Dillman portrays a character that likes to get reeeally close with her co-workers. -Behind the scenes, Wayne's grandma asks Jonathan to stay out of Wayne's light. -A duet with Wayne Brady and Ben E. King: "Stand By Me." -Highlighted bloopers from the James Brown and Bro-Jack sketches.moreless
  • Episode 103
    Episode 103
    Episode 4
    Wayne asks the audience through song: "What Is Hip"? Advertised for ABC's new season: the King of Pop as a lawyer, in "M.J. D.A." "When Drag Queens Attack." The Rev. Jerry S. Karl preaches and sings about the evils of swing-dancing, along with the choir of the Church of Improvisation. "Birthday at Goodtime Palace." Mos' Def joins Wayne for "Nicole Has a Crazy-Ass Job," a rhythm, blues 'n hip-hop ditty directed at a part-time driver for an auto parts store whose truck has no horn. Wayne answers well-rehearsed questions from the studio audience.moreless
  • Episode 102
    Episode 102
    Episode 3
    Wayne opens the show with a rendition of "MA Ma Se Ma Ma Sa Ma Ma Coo Sa." A giant boxing promoter terrorizes the city in "Don King Kong." Jonathan and Wayne perform magic (complete with hidden innuendo) as "Siegfried and LeRoy." Brief segment with J.P. showing his best animal impersonations. Wayne, Jonathan, J.P., Brooke, and Missi improvise in a game called "Musical Theatre." Wayne and Jonathan sing the song "Who Dat Woman?" from "The Color Purple" while the other three sing back-up. Wayne is a grumpy grandma at Jonathan's check-out line in a sketch called "Low-Budget Kung Fu Theatre." Brief segment with Missi Pyle playing basketball against J.P. Manoux. Wayne sings a Duet with Little Richard.moreless
  • Episode 101
    Episode 101
    Episode 2
    Skits include an improvisational bit with guest star Darrell Hammond, with Darrell being waited on by Wayne, with various impersonations added in.
  • Pilot
    Episode 1
    Wayne opens the show with a rendition of "I Love Music." James Brown answers a 911 call and sings CPR directions to the wife of a man with heart problems. Improvisation commences with the game "Forward/Reverse," with Jonathan and Wayne in an action movie, Wayne stealing a bar of soap. Joel calls direction. The new boy band from Canada, Posse Trois, sings "Dude, Your Mom Is Hot." Wayne's "grandmother" becomes an expert on the Titanic, much to the laughter and embarrassment of his actual grandmother in the audience. James Brown saves the day again, this time singing air-traffic controlling directions. Justin and Bryan join Wayne in a song to audience member Anne, an English student with a purple sweater and matching hair.moreless
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