The Weakest Link (syndicated)

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The Weakest Link (syndicated)

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Welcome to the Weakest Link (syndicated) guide at TV Tome. On January 7, 2002, the new five-day-a-week version of Weakest Link debuted on stations across the country. The host is George Gray, an actor and comedian best known for hosting The Learning Channel's Junkyard Wars and Game Show Network's Extreme Gong. He may not have the UK hostess (Anne Robinson) icy demeanor, but George makes up for his inherent non-Britishness by being lightning-quick with zingers that are just as cutting than Mrs. Robinson's - sometimes more so! New Series On the new half-hour version that premiered September 23, 2004, six contestants compete, with rounds decreasing by 15 seconds each (from 1:45 for the first round to a scant 45 seconds for the double-stakes final round). The maximum pot available is $100,000, with each round having a $25,000 target. Even with the lower stakes, most early contestants seemed afraid to risk too much cash and banked at the $500 or $1,000 levels of the chain (shown at left). At show's end, it's a best-of-three faceoff to determine who wins the jackpot - and who goes away with nothing. Related Shows The Weakest Link (UK)- The original series hosted by Anne Robinson . The Weakest Link (US) - The American version hosted by Anne Robinson and starring Wolf. The Weakest Link (Australia) - The Australian version presented by Cornelia Frances. The Weakest Link (NZ) - The New Zealand version presented by Louise Wallace.moreless
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  • Better than the original.

    I personally like George Grey as the host better than Anne Robinson, the original host and current host on the UK version. Grey is a lot funnier and always makes me crack up. I end up laughing through the entire show. What I don't like about Anne Robinson is that I never, and I mean NEVER saw her smile at all. She always shows a frown and I don't know why. And Robinson was a but "ruder" than George Grey. Anyway, the show's great and I wish that they bring this version back, but I doubt it will happen :(moreless
  • I am eager to see the movie again and again,because the story, the music, the cinematography are all top notch.

    I am eager to see the movie again and again,because

    the story, the music, the cinematography are all top notch. However, I don't give out 10s that exactly. So a 9 it is. Since the borderline of the story must be slightly improved.But i love this movie very very much.
  • This isn't as good as the original.

    I personally love the Weakest Link. But this version wasen't as good. Of course, it wasen't as long, there were less contestants and of course, there just wasen't Anne. I think they brought us this to tie in the US (I assume George was American). We sure miss Anne's Good-Bye!