The Weakest Link (UK)

Wednesday 11:30 AM on Nick Jr. Premiered Nov 21, 2001 Between Seasons


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  • Anne is seriously a fucking bitch!

    Seriously, you're on a TV show Anne, moreover the host of it! Pick your words before speaking please! How many times did you insulted the players of the show already? I thought this was a quiz show, not a mocking each other show! You seriously ruined the show for me and my friends.
  • Anne is serious!

    She is picky and full of things to say that are interesting to hear. I like the way the game is designed when it first debuted in America... nothing can get pass her!
  • I like this show and I really think its worth watching over and over and new episodes keep coming on which gets me into it more.

    Its a quiz show that's more like a mini soap opera. Nine contestants come to the studio as strangers and work together as a team in order to win up to 10,000 pounds. There's 1000 pounds to be won each round. The quickest and most easiest way to reach the 1000 is to create a chain of nine correct answers. If a player gets a question wrong, the chain is broken and they start again, but if a player says"bank" before a question is asked, the money earned in the chain can be taken forward. Round by round, one player is eliminated as the weakest link and has to take the walk of shame and leaves with nothing. In round 8, whatever money is won will be trebled. In round one they start with 3:00. After that, in each further round, 10 seconds is taken off the time

    The host Anne Robinson, is all in control. She is hard to please, insulting, and she will put you in your place if you try and argue with her. Think of her as the ringmaster.
  • Is this show so enjoyable because we like to see other fall?

    Whatever it is, The Weakest Link is so enjoyable to watch. Anne Robinson does make the show what it is, with her extremely dry wit and razor sharp tongue. Who would have though that a simple and straightforward quiz show could provide so much amusement and entertainment. We do not really care much for the contestants - there are so many of them that we forget each one as soon as each episode is finished. But the one constant thing that the show keep delivering is the questions (that we can't help but try and answer ourselves) and the humor provided by Anne. Every episode is a classic! Wink!
  • One of the best quiz shows ever.

    The Weakest Link premiered in the UK in August 2000. It's debut was minor, not all that much publicity. Yet as it was shown more and more, it began to become of the most popular shows in the UK. The UK version of the Weakest Link has changed a few times (usually banking amounts and number of contestants), but the format is always the same: create a chain of correct answers, bank money, and vote off the weakest member of the team (the "weakest link").

    One of the best parts of the show revolves around the magnificent presenter, Anne Robinson. No other person could host this show so well. Anne gets into the contestant's mind and screws around with them, but mainly just tells them the truth that they don't want to her. Her blunt, direct, and confrontational manor with the contestants can be matched by no other and makes the show. Without her, it would be quite boring. With celebrities and during specials, she's even funnier. Even though she is quite intimidating, Anne manages a laugh or two, especially during special editions. She does a brilliant job as a host, asking questions in a rapid-fire manner, making sarcastic quips at contestants, and making herself the centre of the programme. We can only hope that this show will continue on for more years to come and be as great as always.
  • Anne Robinson makes this show what it is. What is it? It's a show that shows up its participants... though some manage to shine.

    There have been countless quiz shows on radio and television, some with an intellectual bent (College Bowl, Jeopardy) and some downright degrading (does Family Feud even count as a quiz show?) Most of the time, the idea seems to be to make the contestants comfortable while competing. Some may also have a strong subtext of humiliation but the pretense at least is always that it's all in fun (although the art of the insult has been well exercised, the hosts have tended not to come out with "Boy you're DUMB!" when someone misses an easy one) -- well, mostly in fun. Anne Robinson has changed all that.

    In The Weakest Link, Robinson takes no guff. Contestants fear her very stare, and tremble at her utterances, which are almost always at their expense. The worst part (for a contestant) is that her barbs are fair. The few who have, in her presence, not made of themselves major or minor fools, not stabbed their coconspirators in the back and not voted off their obvious superiors receive Robinson's low-keyed but clear expressions of respect.

    The show's other huge asset is its content. The questions range from ridiculously easy to esoteric, and over a broad selection of topics. You can actually learn something while you laugh at the idiotic gaffes and perhaps, in the privacy of your home, snarl at the disloyal.

    No, surely Robinson hasn't memorized all those facts. Yes, surely she has prepared in advance a good number of her quips. However, she thinks on her feet, she gives better than she gets, and despite all impressions to the contrary she gives the players every chance, right down to her rapid-fire delivery as time runs out.

    The show's set and setup are simpler than they later become for its American counterpart (where the prizes are grander too), but the U.K. contenders (with an occasional expat Yank thrown in for spice) are more interesting, for all their being common folks. There are, to my knowledge, no celebrity specials here.

    The Weakest Link is a brilliantly executed, fast-paced hour in which we take in more information than we can remember all at once but also absorb, along with what we do retain, a little something about human nature. By comparison, other such shows (yes, we all want to be millionmnaires, but it's painful to watch Philbin coddle the guests) are full of holes. And that's my final answer.
  • The Weakest Link (U.K)

    This show was once one of the best gameshows around. It was brilliant when it began but ever since Anne Robinson keeps telling people what they do and how they do it it sort of went downhill and also people have broke down in tears whenever someone looses which they never used to do.
  • who wants to be bored not me!!!!

    this is the worst quiz on bbc. who wants to c anne robinson make fun of the public. not me!!! if i wanted to see that i dont. id rather watch washed up quiz shows such as supermarket sweep and crap like bullseye. sorry to any ppl who this offends, but im only givin my honest opinion of the show.
  • My favourite game show.

    It's a great gameshow! I love it. They have thousands of difficult questions to aswner, and some easy too. I love watching it at night. It's entertaining, and I try and work out some answer myself, eve if they are very hard for me! It gets realy exciting when there's only two people left and they have to play against each other in a 5 question decider match!

    Overall, a good gameshow!
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