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  • one of my favorites

    I wish I could bring back The Weakest Link to American audiences (a 2013 remake), it's a shame that the american version didn't get to enjoy the same success that Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? had
  • It's not just a quiz show, it's a funny one!

    Ever since I was 7, I loved the Weakest Link. I love seeing them make money, but I also like seeing Anne be mean to the contestants and make jokes and stuff. It really makes it more than a quiz show. And the contestants add there own little spice to it. We do get the nice drama from other contestants as well as some contestants coming back at Anne...A LOT! And then we have all the hilarious answers, stupid, and all the funny stuff that happens, especially with celebrity shows. So, if you want to watch a quiz that is entertaining, funny, juicy, AND enjoyable the Weakest Link is for you!
  • Funny and competitive trivia show.

    This show was hosted by a lady who had no mercy on the contestants. Other shows just tell you you're wrong and move on to the next person. Not here: the players were berated, called names, asked how could they possibly miss it, and so forth. There are those who see the humor as too harsh. I'd like to look at it in another context: it added drama to the otherwise dull and indistinguishable pack of game shows that had cluttered the airwaves. What's wrong with a little excitement in game shows? On this program, the players really had to battle to stay in the running. It wasn't like any others of its time, and we haven't seen many better since.
  • Another trivia show

    Another trivia show. This show was brought to the US at the height of the trivia show phase in the late nineties. It's appeal is that a group of people have a certain amount of time to answer trivia questions. Each right answer moves them up the ladder. Each wrong answer moves them back down to 0. If they bank, they get all money accumulated at that point. At the end of each round, the group votes to eliminate a contestant. I like trivia shows, so I watched this one. It's interesting to watch, even in reruns. It's fun to try to answer the trivia questions as well as to see the contestants on the show try to answer. It's an interesting format, but is only at it's best with Anne Robinson as the host.
  • You're the Weakest Link - if you don't like this show! It's a must for all people!

    Yay, knowledge! That's right, you could actually LEARN something from this show. People are asked questions and they have to answer them right and bank money for the team. It's hilarious to watch people get questions wrong and get snapped at by the host, Anne. She's got some mean funny insults at the players. This is probably the greatest game show out there, it's unfortunate that it doesn't run anymore. Anne is a great host with some great insults and a fabulous personality. The idea of the show and the way it works is quite interesting. For all people, the Weakest Link will be a hilarious "game" show!
  • The Weakest Link is a very dramatic game show. It is the most dramatic one I have ever seen! The music, the show's title, and the way the show works really pulled me into it.

    The Weakest Link is by far the most dramatic game show I have ever seen on TV. There are no physical battles on the show, however there is no need for any. The fact that Anne Robinson puts those players through all the abuse makes it almost as overdramatic as a soap opera. And I have seen quite a few soaps in the past. The music, the title, and the way the show works have enabled it to stay on the air for a reasonably long time.
  • Anne was da bomb!

    Seeking to ride on the coattails of the Who Wants to be a Millionaire? gameshow craze, NBC bought the rights to the British gameshow, The Weakest Link. They also brought over the British host, the great Anne Robinson. The show premiered to great hype and for a while things rolled along. Then came the 9/11 attacks and massive pre-emptions of the show. Nobody, it seemed, could figure out when the hell Weakest Link would come on next. Then there was the real reason for the show's demise--too many celebrity editions. I mean, did anyone really look forward to seeing a bunch of 1970's sitcom stars like Rerun and Cindy Williams showing how stupid they were. I think not and thus the ratings tanked and Weakest Link was given the axe by the network.

    Though in the long run Weakest Link was no great loss to television it was a pretty good game and Anne Robinson was Da Bomb as its host. The woman was great. The greatest gameshow host of all time. One only hopes that she'll return to America with another show sometime soon. Maybe they could put her in charge of Yeah, that'll work. I can hear her now saying to the staff, "You are the weakest link. Goodbye."
  • Show had one MAJOR problem

    Weakest Link suffered from one major problem that kept it from reaching the heights enjoyed by "Millionaire" during the network game show craze of 1999-2001. The problem was readily evident the first time I ever actually really watched the show. There was a contestant, who frighteningly enough, taught middle school and she was, to put it mildly, a complete idiot!. She hardly got any questions right during the early rounds and Anne was especially vicious to her, making cutting remarks about hoping her students weren't watching and other remarks about her profession. But the inherant problem was that she did not get eliminated, because no one thought of her as a threat. Well, guess what? She ended up in the final round! The final round, and it was really scintillating televison watching her get one right during that disaster. That lost me the show right there. Note: a friend of mine, who was really into game shows, said that they should have had some kind of "immunity" like Survivor, where if you won the round, you could not become the Weakest Link. Instead, we got to see this moron make it to the final. I never watched the show again.
  • You are the weakest link! Goodbye!

    Wow. What a wonderful show. Anne Robinson was a spectacular host, and she didn't even have que cards! Every show, 7 people would answer dificult questions about various things. At the end of each round, there would be a strongest link and a weakest link. The seven players would then vote, and the one with the most votes would be evicted. In the event of a tie, the strongest link would cast the deciding vote. One of the most memorable episodes was the christmas one, which was hilarious! This show will be missed, as it was on eof the best game shows ever!
  • Great game show

    The Weakest Link is one of my favorite game shows. It has a good plot. The host{anna} ask question to the contestants. While they go up the sort of money chain. If they wont to save some of the money they have to say bank. And the money will go through but one of the contestants will not.
  • great show

    The Weakest link is the best gameshow in 2006 still playing on tv. THe episodes on Gsn are not as good as the firstones on nbc. Thats probably because they have a new host now. Instead of the brilliant Anne Robinson its some guy, i cant think of his name right now, but hes not as funny as anne. In the later episodes I think they made better casting choices. The WEakest link beats a lot of great gameshows on tv. In the later episodes I was obbsessed with it. I would tivo it every time it was on gsn. Nowadays Ill watch it roughley once a week and enjoy it. I say bring it back!
  • I love This Show!

    I love this show, I also like the celebs on there! the Hostess is very funny. I love when people get the easiest
    questions wrong like 86 + 6! I think this is on the level of Price is Right and Family Feud! The Weakest Link is one of the greatest shows ever, I enjoy this one rather then the one with the guy host, Give it a try on GSN.
  • Cool it was 45 mintues. On GSN it funny and better! uh or was it? Find out in this reveiew

    Who is ann? I don't know. But this show is so orginal i can't belive it. It's also fun! I mean come on GSN add an interative feel that makes it even funnier. Huh? What? I tuned out... what the show so boring thinking about it is kinda borin. But I like the show and give it orginallity and voting systems a pluse. Mostly because it give the people in game a chance to save themselves unlike if your losing in monoloply. Then you can't turn around without having to work harder. But in this game you can just write a name and hope no one picks your. you can be the dumbest man alive and win just by guessing the last 3 questions and saying bank everytime it come to you to answer a question.
  • Fine in concept, but the execution ranges from mildly pleasant to utterly wretched.

    Game shows are tricky things. To me, it's very fun to watch non-athletic competition shows with real people competing for everything from a new computer to a million dollars--but alas, it can get very repetitive and overexposed. That's pretty much the reason why Who Wants To Be A Millionare died as quickly as it rose to larger-than-life stardom.

    The difference between Who Wants To Be A Millionare and The Weakest Link, however, is that the former can still be fun to watch--in fact, I confess that I've been somewhat addicted to watching reruns of it on GSN as of late. As a result, I've also caught some episodes of the latter. And I can safely say it doesn't come close to Millionare.

    Aside from the recent GSN broadcasts--which include the UK version with Anne Robinson and the 30-minute ones with a male host--I've also seen it during it's much-hyped Americanized primetime network run a few years back, also with Robinson. And none of them really impressed me.

    There are two huge reasons why:

    1. The hosts. Robinson and that other guy. Annoying beyond belief. Not because they're deliberately jerks--which I know is one of the main selling points--but how they do as such. Sometimes they'll make me laugh, but mostly they fall very flat.

    2. The contestants' "skills" are, to put it kindly, pitiable. It's infuriating to see them get a nice amount of questions right in a row--except that they bank multiple times in between. And when they do actually try to go for big money, they always fall flat on their face. Which results in winning a fraction of the possible maximum money. Which results in unfunny quips by the hosts, bringing me back to my first point.

    And one more thing: at least during it's American primetime run, it sure loved to do special celebrity editions. Unlike others, I enjoy those once in a while--but they literally went for months doing those types without a normal edition.
  • Not my gameshow.

    In the world of gameshows you have some that are great and, well the ones that you remember but didn't care for. The weakest link is the perfect example of number 2.
    Ann had a rude persinality but made a few cheap jokes on the side.Thinking back to the world of gameshows this show is literally the weakest link.
  • Definitely one of the most original and most interesting game shows of the early 2000s. The show also had a great host, by the name of Anne Robinson.

    When I first saw television ads for this game show, I didn't really expect a whole lot out of it. However, I managed to see one episode of it. Meet "Weakest Link" hostess Anne Robinson, known as the "Queen of Mean." Before the show debuted in the United States, the show had been a phenomenal series in the United Kingdom. Eventually, Robinson became the host for the U.S. version of the game show, as well (doing shows for both the U.S. and the U.K.).

    For a while, it was very successful in America. I loved it because it wasn't like any other game show. Robinson's rudeness made the show quite interesting and hilarious. She almost never smiled. Eight contestants competed for the money (the amount depended on how well the players played, and they collect the money in the bank by saying "bank"). Only one could win the money.

    It's a shame that this show didn't stick around as long as say--"Who Wants to Be A Millionaire." I also watched the 30-minute version of the "Weakest Link", hosted by George Gray. While Gray's version was enjoyable, as well--it still didn't quite stack up to Robinson's version, and not quite as funny, either.
  • How can you not love Ann

    I love \" The Weekest Link \" I wish they would bring it back. A game show with some spunk. Ann is quick witted and very funny. Especially when one of the contestants challange her back. Some of the celeberty contest were especially great. I remember the one with the beauty contestants were on playing for charity. Very mouthy contestants especially the two who formed an alliance. The best was when they were the last 2 when they had a chance to double what they won and they they won nothing. Ann is funny and fun to watch. It was a must see program. I wish they had made more episodes.