The Weber Show

NBC (ended 2001)


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  • Season 1
    • Dog Eat Dog
      Dog Eat Dog
      Episode 17
      Jack gets a dog from the pound to impress a girl named Dawn who owns a Buttercup, a dog. Complications ensue when the dog appears to get loose and run away. See the title of the episode for what really happened to the pooch!
    • ... and then he got a rash
      Jack gets a rash and doesn't want roommate/Doctor Larry to treat it leading to a series of misunderstandings at a Photo Gallery opening and worsening skin conditions!
    • ... and then they hoped for a second season
    • ... and then Jack had two dates
      Jack struggles to maintain a balance between spending time with his girlfriend Katie and his best friend Larry without hurting either of their feelings. Meanwhile, Melissa and Wendell take a more aggressive approach to meeting potential dates.
    • ... and then Jack became the voice of the cougars
      When Jack decides to finally pursue his dream of becoming a baseball announcer, he buys off the local high school principal who allows him to call the baseball team's games -- even if it means bumping a deserving student -- but a speechless Jack freezes at the first pitch. Elsewhere, Larry and Wendell kidnap one of Melissa's prized artworks when they feel she has stiffed them for services rendered.moreless
    • ... and then the sex freaked Jack out
    • ... and then they tried to make some rules
      Jack is flustered on the eve of his date to his dream girl when she returns after dumping him 15 years earlier, but after he learns the reason -- and discovers her passion for him -- he must square his feelings with those for his new female friend Katie. Elsewhere, Wendell takes pity on a fashion-challenged Melissa and tries to give her an uneasy makeover.moreless
    • ... and then Jack forgot his dream
      Anthony Edwards guest-stars as Ricky, the brother of Larry, an aging rock musician who refuses to give up his dream of becoming a mega-star with his band, which prompts a sympathetic Jack to urge Ricky to relinquish his futile pursuit of fame. Instead, Jack is reminded of how he put aside his own fantasy job of sportscasting. Meanwhile, Melissa and Jack's female friend Katie discover that they're both 'guy' girls, and they begin an uneasy truce to see if they can peacefully co-exist as the only women in the lives of Jack and his male buddies.moreless
    • ... and then Jack found out
      Jack is elated when he accidentally discovers evidence indicating that his beautiful lesbian buddy Katie is actually straight and is only gathering research for a book about posing as a gay woman -- so he tries to tempt her with his masculinity, certain that she will be powerless to resist.
    • ... and then they got a motorcycle with a sidecar
      Jack and Larry indulge their childhood dream when they buy and restore a vintage motorcycle-with-sidecar but when they agree to make its maiden ride together, Jack betrays his confidence when he is forced to give the first trip to his cycle-obsessed boss. At the same time, Wendell gets huffy when he proudly serves up a lavish meal for Melissa to impress her boyfriend -- but he can't wait to spit it out.moreless
    • ... and then Wendell wore Candy Stripes
      Jack becomes jealous when his attractive new lesbian friend begins hanging out with his ex-girlfriend Melissa -- and he becomes especially curious when the women venture out to an all-girl bar. Meanwhile, Wendell feels his marketing job is not socially redemptive, so he volunteers to work as a candy striper in a hospital where he has to take orders from Larry.moreless
    • ... and then Larry brought Charlton Heston home
    • ... and then he looked at Wendell's thing
      Jack's longtime friendship with his boss Wendell is jeopardized when he sneaks a peek at his job evaluation and discovers that he is considered to lack "multi-tasking skills" -- so he whips up a buffet of tasty snacks at his TV sports-watching party and hopes to change Wendell's mind with his effortless versatility as the busy host. Meanwhile, a smitten Larry consoles a drunken, beautiful woman over the breakup with her boyfriend but is divided about her vulnerability when she responds romantically.moreless
    • ... and then he had to give a thumbs up
      Jack's determined to get a new promotion at Flashware, but on a date with a sexy reader of tarot cards, he injures his thumb and finds he cannot respond in the clutch when his boss asks for a crucial thumbs-up from his employees. Elsewhere, when Larry and Melissa take a yoga class together, he turns into a human pretzel while she gets into an awkward position with her sexy instructor.moreless
    • ... and then she gave him the bird
      Jack is mortified when he informs his eccentric roomie Larry during a game of secret confessions that he once vacuumed up Larry's missing pet gerbil when they were kids -- but his delayed admission prompts his childhood buddy to void their friendship, forcing Jack to resort to desperate measures to win back his best pal. Elsewhere, Wendell shudders when his boss, the capricious and tyrannical Mr. Ehrlicht, hires opinionated avant-garde artist Melissa to create a simple sculpture of a bird for him.moreless
    • ... and then he gave her some old linguini
    • Pilot
      Episode 1