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The Wedding Bells

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The Wedding Bells tells the story of three young sisters who inherit the family business -- otherwise known as The Wedding Palace. The show centres on this family owned wedding planning business that supposedly sees that its clients live happily ever after, or at least until the honeymoon!

The Wedding Bells was produced by 20th Century FOX Television in association with David E. Kelley Productions (creator of Ally McBeal, Boston Legal and The Practice),and distributed by the FOX Television Network. The series was given a 13 episode initial order by Fox but that was cut short to only 7 episodes due to poor ratings and thus the show was suddenly cancelled really before it ever got going.
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  • With so many violent shows on tv, this show was funny and enjoyable. My friends, family, and I watched and enjoyed every minute of the show. It touched humorous and serious women's issues as. It showed how family really does matter.moreless

    This was a program that many of my friends and family members looked forward to watching every Friday night. We could relate to the sisters on the show and laugh at how they love or fight one another. It's refreshing to see a program that isn't violent and full of cursing. The characters are realistic and do indeed show how your wedding day is just 1 day in your life. It's funny, serious, heartwarming, and charming. This is a feel good program that we looked forward to seeing and were hoping to see it in the new Fall season lineup. In my opinion, Wedding Bells is better than the Bachelor, in that it's more entertaining and realistic. I hate to see that it has been canceled. NBC ended more than just a good show. You've ended my friends' and family's feel good show that we loved to watch and gossip about on Saturday!moreless
  • Bring back the Weddindg Bells!!!

    I missed the first episode but loved all the others that I did catch. The storylines were funny, dramatic, and sexual. not quite a night time soap but not quite a sitcom just a perfect balance of both. It's ashame that they didn't give it more time for viewers to fall in love with the charactors and storyline. they should pick up the show one more time and see how it does. There is no show on the air that has all the elements that the Wedding Bells had.moreless
  • Clever show.... not given a chance

    I am disappointed that this show was cancelled. Every week I had a good laugh at something that one the characters said or did. The character of "Amanda" was hilarious. I loved the chemistry that was growing within the shows episodes. It seemed a little unfair to put this show in ill-fated Friday spot. I loved the themes, although my daughter was not allowed to watch it with me. This show gave my a great "Mom" time escape. I am sad that we only were given a little taste of what I think could have been a very clever show had it been given a chance.

    Hope that someone brings this show back.moreless
  • awful show

    Difficult to imagine a sourer take on nuptials than this season's slice of ABC misery Big Day. But David E. Kelley has actually out-stupided that grating comedy with The Wedding Bells, about three sisters who are ritzy wedding planners — and whose last name is, get this, Bell.

    The pun is the best thing about the Fox series, which unrolls with all the grim, predictable timing of an actual bad wedding. Here come the stock characters: Eldest sis Jane (Meet the Fockers' Teri Polo) is so organized she plans sex with her husband; Annie (KaDee Strickland) is so repressed she's ''afraid to feel''; Sammy (Sarah Jones) is a whore. Thanks for yet more awesome female characters, Mr. Kelley! Maybe Sally Heep, formerly of Kelley's Boston Legal, can drop by so we have a dumb, inept girl, too. The men, in truth, fare little better. I regret to inform you that Costas Mandylor (Picket Fences) appears as a lascivious Greek chef who swears his sauce will ''explode in your mouth, like the org-e-asma.''

    These vaguely humanesque creatures meet equally insipid dramas: A demanding must be put in her place; blondes with giant knockers run amok; Jane's nerdy husband tells her off and she finds it sexy. Apparently anyone who is married, might get married, or knows someone who is married has the mental capacity of a mess of cherries jubilee. Wedding Bells' pilot concludes with a bride literally catching fire, a suitably ugly ending for a truly grotesque show.moreless
  • This show is witty, entertaining and has some great characters. It's sharp with interesting story lines.Quirky and fun.

    I looked forward to it every week. I hope another network has the for thought to pick it. I'd think it could be part of must see TV. Someone show give it a chance to b loom. Anything added to Tuesday night would be welcome. It was a nice way to end the week on Fridays. Light, fresh and funny. Just what was needed after a mind numbing work week.
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