The Wedding Bells

FOX (ended 2007)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Fools in Love
      Fools in Love
      Episode 7
      Jane learns a startling fact about the groom but hesitates to inform the bride for fear of another wedding cancellation. Meanwhile, a father who opposes his daughter's ceremony with another woman threatens to sue the Wedding Palace.
    • The Mother
      The Mother
      Episode 6
      The Bell sisters are in for a family craze when their demanding mother stops by for a visit and brings unexpected news. Meanwhile, Amanda touches Ralph when she gets him an audition with a noted music producer and Russell upsets the sisters when he recommends that Ralph be fired.
    • The Most Beautiful Girl
      Amanda begins working as a wedding planner and uses slightly unethical tactics to find new clients. Meanwhile, Johnny suggests that Ralph and Cedric should attend a wedding singer school in the hopes it could make the business more profitable. Also a bride to be causes tension between the sisters by saying Annie is prettier than Jane, and Annie and David rekindle their romance once again.moreless
    • The Fantasy
      The Fantasy
      Episode 4
      Sammy has a hard time discouraging a bride-to-be from wearing an outrageous dress to the ceremony and Jane decides to induce role playing into her and Russell's sex life in order to make it more spicy.
    • Partly Cloudy, with a Chance of Disaster
      The Bells sisters are in for serious stress when runaway bride Dede returns and demands her wedding to be planned again on the same day 60-something Candace is celebrating her wedding to 30-something Robert. To top it all off, an angry Amanda threatens to place a lawsuit against The Wedding Palace for ruining her wedding day.moreless
    • Wedding from Hell
      The Bell sisters are in for some tough calls when they must convince everyone that the groom in their latest case is indeed not gay, despite the fact that he acts very flamboyantly. Meanwhile, Ralph brings in an additional wedding singer who has a past with Debbie and Amanda catches her new husband cheating and decides to hang around The Wedding Palace to keep herself distracted.moreless
    • For Whom the Bells Toll (Pilot)
      In the fist episode of the series, the Bell sisters must run their inherited wedding planning business, The Wedding Palace, while also handling their own complicated personal lives and all the implications that come with the business. But the sisters are soon to find out that there is never a dull moment at the Wedding Palace...moreless