The Wedding Bells

Season 1 Episode 1

For Whom the Bells Toll (Pilot)

Aired Unknown Mar 07, 2007 on FOX

Episode Recap

The show starts in the chapel of The Wedding Palace, where a bridal party is waiting. The bride, Dede, is still in the dressing room where Annie, one of the Bell sisters, is trying to convince her to come out. David the photographer also tries to coax the bride to take the walk down the aisle. Just when we think she is going to take a graceful walk towards bliss, she runs out of the building. As the everyone chases the bride, we get a slow motion intro of all the Wedding Bells: Annie, Jane, Sammy, David, and Russell.
As the episode proper begins, the Bells are running through a dress rehearsal. Amanda, the bride-to-be, has shown up. She looks like a handful, with a dog on her arm, a fur around her neck, and enough diamonds to feed the people of a third world country for a month.
Annie and David have a run in. There is obviously some tension between the two.
Jane checks up on Ernesto, the chef. He is a fast talking Greek who tries to seduce Jane with his cooking. He calls his dish "my little whore." Russell shows up just as Jane is taking a bite. Jane tells him to take some time off to go play some squash. After he leaves, Sammy runs into Jane. Sammy is post-coital after sleeping with an usher from Amanda's wedding.
After returning from squash, Russell reveals to David that he thinks Jane is attracted to Ernesto. David advises Russell to romance Jane.
Outside of his office, Sammy runs into the mother of the bride, who offers $500 to get the minister to say Jesus twice.
Jane reveals that the Bells took over the business after their parents divorced. Jane thinks that Annie is so into the business because of her break up with David. Jane questions Annie further on her feelings for David, but Annie resists.
Amanda, the bride, is watching the band perform, but doesn't like their sound. She tells Ralph, the lead singer, he is only a wedding singer. This causes Ralph to snap, and he tells her off. Amanda then informs the Bells that she expects a full refund or she'll sic her attorneys on them, of which she has dozens. Jane takes Ralph to a bar to tell Ralph he needs to apologize.
Later that night, Annie shows up at David's. When she comes inside, she meets David's current photography subject, a young nude woman. The young woman tells her that Annie is such an inspiration to her. Annie leaves, embarrassed by the awkwardness.
Back at The Wedding Palace, Amanda is in the chapel, meditating. Jane approaches Amanda to see if she can change her mind. Amanda asks Jane if marriage is a good thing. Jane begins to reassure Amanda, but starts thinking about her own lackluster marriage and ends up making Amanda feel worse.
The next day, Annie and David try to get Amanda to apologize to Ralph. He is able to convince her to at least talk to Ralph. After Amanda leaves for the ballroom, David attempts to apologize to Annie for the previous night, but she cuts him off. He asks if she ever thinks of getting back together. She abruptly replies that she doesn't. David is hurt.
In the ballroom, Ralph makes his apologies to Amanda, using the band to score it. Amanda see through this, so Ralph resorts to Jane's advice, which is to tell Amanda that she is hot. This works, so it looks as though the wedding is back on.
Sammy is with the usher, in a supply room. They talk about starting a relationship, but then sees that he is wearing a wedding ring. "Is that a problem?" he asks. It is and she is hurt. She finds no solace from her sister Jane though, who chides her for her behavior.
Russell shows up and asks Jane point blank if she has feelings for Ernesto. When she admits she does, he berates Jane for it. There is a certain sexual tension there, which she acknowledges by saying, "Russell that was almost sexy."
It's now the day of the wedding. The mother of the bride, Sheila, is instructing the Bells on last minute details. A montage follows in which the Palace and the bridal party are transformed for this special day.
But there is a problem: Amanda refuses to go out, because she feels unsexy. David works his magic by doing some risque photography. This works, as she is able to walk down the aisle and marry Ivan Cohen with no problem. The minister is even able to throw a couple of Jesuses in for good effect.
In the ballroom, the bride and groom are introduced for the first time. Jane and Russell reconcile and make a date for some romance. But Jane sees Ernesto across the room. They exchange a glance, but Jane turns to Russell. Annie meanwhile is looking at David across the room, who is surrounded by attractive women. Later, she talks to him and says it's probably best that they broke up. She says this through tears, so she obviously doesn't mean it. Both reveal they still have a feelings for each other. Just as the are sharing this moment, Amanda catches on fire, from the flaming cherry jubilee that Ernesto has wheeled out. There is never a dull moment at The Wedding Palace.
Episode end.