The Wedding Bells

Season 1 Episode 1

For Whom the Bells Toll (Pilot)

Aired Unknown Mar 07, 2007 on FOX

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  • Has some fun potential for Kelly's usual mix of character and whacky humor.

    Frankly, surprised someone hasn't come up with the idea of a series set at a wedding company as it's so natural. So far, David E Kelly is reigning in some of his whackier stuff although there are moments like Delta Burke's mother bribing the minister and faking tears. I also liked the bit with the singer having his band score his apology. The tone is set from the start with the photographer giving the bride-to-be the speech that drives her to run off with them chasing.

    The characters are a little loose now but hopefully they'll clear up soon. I do like Polo as the one trying to hold it all together and her way too uptight husband. The dynamic with the other sister and her former husband is a bit cliche but they carry it well. Not sure about the younger but that she has morals (no sleeping with married guys) is interesting. True it gets a bit much (the dress on fire, the twins terrified of Sheri Sheppard) and Costas Mandalyor lays the fake accent a bit thick as the chef. But it has potential. The bride this week was fun, especially the sexy shoot and the previews show she's going to be a regular which promises some unique fun. Maybe getting away from the legal soapbox stuff and into real comedy will give Kelly a real hit at last which is good for viewers.
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