The Wedding Bells

Season 1 Episode 1

For Whom the Bells Toll (Pilot)

Aired Unknown Mar 07, 2007 on FOX

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  • a good start to a show and it is descent enough to start at the way its going

    the story line for this episode is well and it has a good amount of comedy. its hot in ways and it doesn't dissapoint me at all. this episode starts with seven wedding planners named Sammy bell, Annie bell, David Conton, Russell Hawkins, Jane bell, Ralph snow, and Amanda Pontel. these wedding planners are great and sort out as the guts and comedy in this episode. it begins with a bride going crazy because she doesn't know if she wants to get married yet. soon enough they got another wedding to plan, Amanda's wedding. Amanda has a fight with one of the wedding planners the head music singer. she gets mad and attempts to sue but the wedding planners come in with a save and make them apologize and they fast in friendship, and Amanda happily marries her husband.
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