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  • With so many violent shows on tv, this show was funny and enjoyable. My friends, family, and I watched and enjoyed every minute of the show. It touched humorous and serious women's issues as. It showed how family really does matter.

    This was a program that many of my friends and family members looked forward to watching every Friday night. We could relate to the sisters on the show and laugh at how they love or fight one another. It's refreshing to see a program that isn't violent and full of cursing. The characters are realistic and do indeed show how your wedding day is just 1 day in your life. It's funny, serious, heartwarming, and charming. This is a feel good program that we looked forward to seeing and were hoping to see it in the new Fall season lineup. In my opinion, Wedding Bells is better than the Bachelor, in that it's more entertaining and realistic. I hate to see that it has been canceled. NBC ended more than just a good show. You've ended my friends' and family's feel good show that we loved to watch and gossip about on Saturday!
  • Bring back the Weddindg Bells!!!

    I missed the first episode but loved all the others that I did catch. The storylines were funny, dramatic, and sexual. not quite a night time soap but not quite a sitcom just a perfect balance of both. It's ashame that they didn't give it more time for viewers to fall in love with the charactors and storyline. they should pick up the show one more time and see how it does. There is no show on the air that has all the elements that the Wedding Bells had.
  • Clever show.... not given a chance

    I am disappointed that this show was cancelled. Every week I had a good laugh at something that one the characters said or did. The character of "Amanda" was hilarious. I loved the chemistry that was growing within the shows episodes. It seemed a little unfair to put this show in ill-fated Friday spot. I loved the themes, although my daughter was not allowed to watch it with me. This show gave my a great "Mom" time escape. I am sad that we only were given a little taste of what I think could have been a very clever show had it been given a chance.
    Hope that someone brings this show back.
  • awful show

    Difficult to imagine a sourer take on nuptials than this season's slice of ABC misery Big Day. But David E. Kelley has actually out-stupided that grating comedy with The Wedding Bells, about three sisters who are ritzy wedding planners — and whose last name is, get this, Bell.

    The pun is the best thing about the Fox series, which unrolls with all the grim, predictable timing of an actual bad wedding. Here come the stock characters: Eldest sis Jane (Meet the Fockers' Teri Polo) is so organized she plans sex with her husband; Annie (KaDee Strickland) is so repressed she's ''afraid to feel''; Sammy (Sarah Jones) is a whore. Thanks for yet more awesome female characters, Mr. Kelley! Maybe Sally Heep, formerly of Kelley's Boston Legal, can drop by so we have a dumb, inept girl, too. The men, in truth, fare little better. I regret to inform you that Costas Mandylor (Picket Fences) appears as a lascivious Greek chef who swears his sauce will ''explode in your mouth, like the org-e-asma.''

    These vaguely humanesque creatures meet equally insipid dramas: A demanding must be put in her place; blondes with giant knockers run amok; Jane's nerdy husband tells her off and she finds it sexy. Apparently anyone who is married, might get married, or knows someone who is married has the mental capacity of a mess of cherries jubilee. Wedding Bells' pilot concludes with a bride literally catching fire, a suitably ugly ending for a truly grotesque show.
  • This show is witty, entertaining and has some great characters. It's sharp with interesting story lines.Quirky and fun.

    I looked forward to it every week. I hope another network has the for thought to pick it. I'd think it could be part of must see TV. Someone show give it a chance to b loom. Anything added to Tuesday night would be welcome. It was a nice way to end the week on Fridays. Light, fresh and funny. Just what was needed after a mind numbing work week.
  • Bring it back. There is no point in having a show air for a month and yanking it out right away you have to give it some time for people to like it.

    THis was a great show. Better than all the other junk that is on on friday nights. I dont understand why you cant have a descent schedule for friday nights. This was one of the shows that was good. It had its drama, its humor and it kept you interested for watching more. Anyway I think they should bring this show back and give it another chance. The fact is that this show was hardly advertised for and i Believe that if you leave it on for enoguh time it will grow and become a great show but oh well, its probably gone forever.
  • My wife and I looked forward to this show every week. We can't believe it was cancelled so soon. I hope another network gives it another try.

    Who's running things over at FOX? You know, NBC offered Seinfield to Fox at first when the first season had low ratings and they declined. Whoever made that decision probably made this one. HELLO! Not every show will have "Idol" ratings the first couple shows. These kind of shows become popular by word of mouth so it takes time. I believe it was a very original concept and would have caught on if given a chance.
  • I looked forward to watching this show every week. I am very disappointed that it has been canceled.

    This is a very funny show. I love the characters. The show just needed a chance to obtain a larger fan base. Maybe if this show had been promoted a little more there would be more viewers. The characters were just developing into people that we could relate to. There is not that many good shows on tv anymore if you are not a fan of reality shows or crime shows. There is enough violence in the world and it was just nice to watch something on tv to make you laugh and forget about the real world. Please bring it back.
  • Wedding Bells was an enjoyable show. The writing and the characters were fun. What a shame it was given almost NO chance to succeed!

    Both my husband and I enjoyed The Wedding Bells. We liked the story line, the characters and the writing. It doesn't seem like the show was given much of a chance with so few episodes aired, little advertising, and a night change.
    As a viewer it is very frustrating to be enjoying a show and then have it disappear so quickly. If TV network execs wonder why viewership is down it is because of that very thing. They should remember that shows like Seinfeld were not immediately popular. How can anything catch hold if people don't have adequate opportunity to find it, follow it and then tell their friend? I feel that Wedding Bells really had good potential. What a shame!!
  • The best sitcom!!!!!

    I can't believe that one of the funniest shows has been cancelled. My husband and I very upset over not being able to see "Wedding Bells," it was something we looked forward seeing on Friday nights. There are no good sitcoms on like wedding bells. I thought the show was well writing and I don't know if there will be another show like it. The cast was great and they made the story line flow. I want to give kudos to the producers of the show. Maybe it should have been more advertising about the show airing on a different day.
  • Fabulous show!

    What an awesome and funny show! Very witty and I loved watchign each episode, from the owner and the chef and the photographer and the sister and the wedding singer and new obnoxious but endearing boss, just a well written show. Why is it being cancelled?? I couldn't wait til Friday nights. Please bring it back!!
  • Wedding Bells has been cancelled - WHAT A SHAME!! I wish I hadn't deleted those few episodes from my TIVO. I would have kept them.

    The show was funny, absolutely wonderful and just perfect. The cast clicked together, while also having so many possibilities for separate story lines. I can't believe they are not being given a decent chance, or a different night, or not even airing all the episodes. I am really disappointed.
  • This show was so wonderful. I enjoyed every episode and looked forward to watching more shows as they came out.

    It was such a god show. It was refreshing and very enjoyable to watch. I looked forward to each time it was on. This is a definite shame that the show has been cancelled. I enjoyed all the actors and acteresses in it. Each of them did a wonderful job at portraying their parts. I am definitely saddened by this show ending because it was a show that my Mom and I looked forward to watching each time it was on. This show was very original and unlike any other television show on tv at this time. I wish there was something we could do to bring out favorite tv show back to television. I think more people would watch it if it came out again for another season and was on at a better time and more consistently.
  • I love it, or should I say loved it!!!

    Well, I really didn't think I'd like the show going from the commercials that were previewing the show before it actually premiered, but after one episode I added it on to my to do list of shows to watch and then I get the news that its going to be canceled after only a couple of episodes. Personally, I believe somebody upstairs really, really didn't give this show enough time to develop and cut it prematurely. There are so many elements and sides to the show. Its more than just about somebody getting married. If you're a wedding planner, you're own marriage might come under fire some time and this show had the drama behind the scenes, and the drama of the days leading up to the wedding and how sometimes the two can intertwine. I know its not real, but I really liked the show, so I don't know why they would want to cancel it so quick. So I guess my overall rating would have to be, BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Finally something to waste my Friday nights on! Bridezilla meets Ally McBeal

    The Wedding Bells is a simple concept: 3 sisters run a Wedding planning company that also provides the chapel and reception area. It's one-stop shopping for the bridally neurotic. What isn't simple is the millions of ways this show can play out.

    First you have the wedding parties. Not the party, the group of people involved. Whether it's Delta Burke bossing around the entire staff (which later results in the accidental incineration of a portion of her daughter's dress courtesy of cherries en flambe), or the bride who has the "is he or isn't he gay fiance, every wedding has it's own problems. Just like every marriage. Second all of the main characters are each in a different stage of relationships: Sammy can't get one started, the receptionist/assistant can't get her man to propose after 6 years, Jane is stuck in a routine boring marriage while the chef keeps telling her she needs to have an affair to spice up the marriage, and finally the divorcee, Annie, who still carries a torch for her ex, the photographer! The show is both metaphor and just plain funny.

    I mentioned Bridezilla and Ally McBeal earlier. Well I say Bridezilla, cos even the best intentioned bride ends up a crazy mess the cloesr to the wedding she gets. The resident photographer is in charge of talking brides down from doing something stupid (running out, panicing, general freaking out), and while successful, occasionally a mighty bridezilla still gets her way. I say Ally McBeal because every episode has FANTASTIC music. Chris Williams (Vanessa's brother) should have pursued that avenue much like his sister. Also everyone on the show is a mess with an extraordinary vocabularly, ala Ally.

    There are a few problems with the show. For example Jane's "boringest marriage ever," including sceduled sex is just tiring. Annie's "still in love with the ex" story line is so old and overdone that it's now a cliche of a cliche. Sam actually has the most interesting personal plot in that she seems to be the master of men but not of relationships.

    Guest stars abound on this series for good reason. Without a wedding of the week there is no show. I do love Missi Pyle's Amanda Pontell, mostly I love that she doesn't use names and just calls people by what they do. "wedding planner lady" "wedding singer man" it's just hilarious!

    This show is essentially a comedy with some underlying drama, but it's about relationships, so it has to be!

    I say give this show a chance. I doubt it'll ever be a huge hit with men, but I think most women would enjoy this show, as we all know someone who is like most of the clients!
  • With the idea of marriage being such a mixed-up concept, this show is a great idea.

    Three unique sisters with their own idividual relationship problems promoting a day of happily ever after to couples who seemingly have more problems than the bell sisters. One word; Intoxicating! I do have to give thumbs up to this show. The casting seems quite ideal, and the song choices with the way they are woven into the story is like carefully considered art. One can't help cheering for David and Annie to get together again and their chemistry is amazing! Amanda's charactor with her condescending titles for everyone is also quite catching and makes you wonder how you would feel if you were labeled 'oldest wedding planner'. And lastly the show would not be worth watching without Sammy. She brings an edge to each episode that makes you wonder what or who she is going to screw up next.
    Overall, keep up that the good work writers; keep us guessing and follow your insticts. They haven't failed you yet. Two thumbs up.
  • 1 word... Wonderful!!!

    I think this is a great show! I fell in love with it from the first preview, I love all the sisters, No I love the whole cast!!! It has great actors/actresses, and It’s really funny!! On Saturday mourning I start wishing it was Friday so I could see a new episode! I mean it is that great.
  • The pilot was okay, there were definitely alot of good scenes in there but also alot of bad ones. Although, if it weren't for the fact that David E. Kelley is the creator of this show I probably wouldn't have watched it, but I'm glad I did.

    David E. Kelley is personally one of my favorite writers, he created the shows Ally McBeal, The Practice, Boston Legal, and my personal all-time favorite, Boston Public. Having faithfully watched all of these shows except Boston Legal, I was very excited to see Kelley's new show. After watching the episode, I found myself a little dissapointed. For some reason the show seems a little superficial and glossy. Which I shouldn't be surprised by, I suppose for some reason when I thought "David E. Kelley" I was expecting some kind of serious drama as with Boston Public, The Practice and Ally Mcbeal. In all of those shows, the storylines followed the personal lives of its main characters but also followed their careers, showing court cases, or heartfelt resolutions between teachers and students yet always throwing in that quirky humor and dialogue. I thought this show would have been more than it was. Having said that, the pilot was decent. In my opinion, the funniest scenes all included Missi Pyle, her delivery was simply impecable and hilarious. Especially the line "You have made me feel woe!". I do think the show will need alot of work to maintain longevity, especially with its Friday Night timeslot. I'll keep watching though, its not terrible, but I hope it gets better.
  • The Bell Sisters Annie, Sammy, and Jane have taken over their parents wedding chapel. The Wedding Palace is the hot spot for weddings, and the Bell sisters must keep all their bride-to-be's and their employees under control and from going insane.....

    David E. Kelley does it again!!! When I first saw the previews for the show, my initial thought was that this would be horrible. But I heard it was from the mind of David E. Kelley. So, as a fan of his previous shows (Boston Legal, Ally McBeal) I set my Tivo. This was hilarious and deserves to stick around for at least another season and personally I think it will. It was refreshing to see Kelley do a series that didn't have to do with the law. The cast is amazing especially the uproarously funny Sherri Shepherd as the assistant Debbie. The entire show is amazing and I will definately tune in again this week...can anyone say masterpiece?
  • Needs some work but shows promise

    This show has several things going for it. Landes and Polo have done good tv work and they can continue here. The love story with Landes and his counterpart could string viewers along. It's also nice to see a show about female siblings. This show, so far only one episode, seemed to lack the vitality and wittiness of Related (cancelled but a great show...with its own issues) but it can get better. It has what it needs but the writers need to not rush things. The exchange between sisters on their parent's divorce...forced and unrealistic. The premise looks good and the lineup is just needs some fine tuning and a chance...I'll be watching.
  • Better than I expected.

    I'm always prepared to try out a new show if something about it or someone in it interests me; in this case it was Michael Landes who plays the character of David.

    I enjoyed the show a lot more than I thought I would, Michael as I expected was excellent but so was everyone else, special mention to Teri Polo as well who is the best actress out of the three and currently has the interesting storyline. Sammy could easily get boring and I hope this doesn't happen - it could be very easy just to have her with a different guy each week and her sisters bringing her up on it and although KaDee and Michael have good chemistry I don't necessarily want their characters; Annie and David, to get back together. Basically its a good show, you can relax and watch it but not have to completely turn your mind off either, it strikes a good balance of comedy and drama and I hope FOX gives it a chance... what odder things have happened?
  • Wow...a 1/10 for some? Tastes huh? anyway, this is an excellent kick-off for another David E. Kelly production. The man sure knows how the write and bring forth great characters. Stellar cast aswell...really amicable all over, just like with

    Wow...a 1/10 for some?
    Tastes huh?
    Anyway, this is an excellent kick off for another David E. Kelly production. The man sure knows how the write and bring forth great characters. Stellar cast aswell...really amicable all over, just like with Ally McBeal.

    The idea of a wedding Palace is also a nice change and i think they can go a long way with this. Hopefully they will bring it week after week. With Kelley executive producing and possibly also writing for, i think it's pretty save to say it will...

    Definitely for people who like shows like Ally McBeal, Picket Fences, Everwood, etc...
  • Idea was good, but the show didn't deliver especially after a sick attempt at comedy.

    The more I watched, the more I knew I was wasting my time. I was sickened when they showed "the dog" and woman as they whined at the band. I am not sure if everyone caught it but, If they think a sick shot like that will gain an audience, they are sadly mistaken. Publicity yes, audience no. After that point I watched a few more minutes but found I disliked all the characters and nothing said held my interest. At least one writer and editor needs to go. I hope the FCC or someone does something about these sick people. Either way, this show won't last. At least I hope not.
  • Really Bad.

    Two words will suffice: it stinks. Unfortunately, in order to post this review I have to come up with 100 words. Okay, here goes: The characters are cartoonish. The dialogue is predictable and almost borders on the juvenile. Lines are delivered at a rapid fire clip that sounds gimmicky rather than adding anything to the show. There were a couple of interesting moments (and I mean moments), but it was almost painful to sit through otherwise. I expected a bit more from David Kelley. He has generally written well for women characters, but all of the women characters in this show seem to be very two dimensional and strike but a single note (over and over and over). Sherri Shepherd and Delta Burke did the best with the lines they each had, but it was hard to tell whether Missi Pyle just had bad lines or had bad lines AND delivered them badly. I can't even say that I'm willing to give it a second try; we each only have so much time on this earth and I can't imagine spending it on this show.
  • Can Kelley get in touch with his feminine side?

    With three leading female characters, can David E. Kelley manage that breadth of femininity? I mean he managed to pull off one (McBeal) but this is much tougher, and he doesn't have the built-in assets of a Marc Cherry or Selma Hayek to fall back on -- but it was a pretty good start as he lays out the dynamics of the ensemble-to-be, and worth the effort to come back next week. In addition to the women, Michael Landes was well-cast as the a male counterbalance to all the estrogen.
  • I saw the tail end of the pilot episode, looks like this show has potential to be really good. I like the story line, guess we will see where it goes

    I really only caught the tail end of it. I will definitly have to view in next week. I believe that the characters that run the wedding place will stay the same, but the people that are actually getting married will change from week to week. I recognized a few actors in the show, it should hopefully turn out really good.