The Wedding Bells

FOX (ended 2007)





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  • With so many violent shows on tv, this show was funny and enjoyable. My friends, family, and I watched and enjoyed every minute of the show. It touched humorous and serious women's issues as. It showed how family really does matter.

    This was a program that many of my friends and family members looked forward to watching every Friday night. We could relate to the sisters on the show and laugh at how they love or fight one another. It's refreshing to see a program that isn't violent and full of cursing. The characters are realistic and do indeed show how your wedding day is just 1 day in your life. It's funny, serious, heartwarming, and charming. This is a feel good program that we looked forward to seeing and were hoping to see it in the new Fall season lineup. In my opinion, Wedding Bells is better than the Bachelor, in that it's more entertaining and realistic. I hate to see that it has been canceled. NBC ended more than just a good show. You've ended my friends' and family's feel good show that we loved to watch and gossip about on Saturday!