The Wedding Bells

Season 1 Episode 5

The Most Beautiful Girl

Aired Unknown Apr 06, 2007 on FOX

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  • It's a good episode, little sad cause it was the last one.

    I liked the epsiode it was funny like always, but It was a sad episode because it was the finale, I did like the way they ended it with Annie and David together, I have been rooting for them through out all the episodes and I'm just glad they ended it like that. The girl who was so full of herself really started rubbing me wrong, She was just irritating, 'I'm so beatiful, so my wedding has to be beatiful' It's just, you get to a point where its like 'shut up!' But overall it was a good episode.
  • The show that could have been good, but was canceled, goes out with a not so great episode...

    This was probably the weakest episode out of all of them. There was way too much of the Missy Pyle character, now while it's an interesting character, don't put her in one of the main focuses of the show, let her have her one or two scenes, that character is good for that. Look, I'm complaining and telling them, what they should to a show that's been canceled. The whole wedding singer training scenes were idiotic, and just time filling, and it was a complete waste of Fred Willard, who we all know is extremely funny, but this role was just two quick singing scenes, with him not doing much else. It's too bad Fox canceled the show, as story lines were developing, also putting the show in the Friday night death slot didn't help any either. Series Rating 7.5/10.
  • It's classified under average but it really is subpar. Again I'm disappointed but, once again, I'll watch.

    Argh! This show fails to improve. The addition of Missi does nothing to the show but shift the focus away from the Bell sisters and towards an annoying character. This show is about three sisters and their running of a family business. We should be delving into their characters while telling the story of each bride. Furthermore, The one thing that kept me coming to the show...middle sister (I'm blanking on the name-sorry) and Mr.Slick's relationship still feels forced. Their argument in this episode, though a manifestation of her jealousy and reticence, was just as forced and their reconciliation too fast. She is, all of a sudden, ready to get back together? Where was the buildup? A couple dances and heated exchanges in the previous four episodes don't cut it. I'll watch for Landes but the writing needs improvement. Teri Polo should also get a better plot. Why has she been reduced to this?