The Wedding Bells

Season 1 Episode 2

Wedding from Hell

Aired Unknown Mar 16, 2007 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • At the end when Jane and Russell are dancing to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" the song is being sung by a man dressed as Liza Minelli, but was originally sung by Judy Garland. Liza Minelli is ironically the daughter of Judy Garland.

  • Quotes

    • Ernesto: What's wrong?
      Jane: Nothing's wrong.
      Ernesto: You look... not alive.
      Jane: I look not alive, thank you so kindly of you to say so.

    • Bridget's Mom: I'll go check on your dad. Make sure he's not sucking on a exhaust pipe.

    • Jane: Do any of you know that Ross is gay? Do any of you have proof?
      Bridesmaid #1: Come on!
      Jane: Ok, he may have attributes that are typically, stereo typically, applied to gay men, but...
      Bridesmaid #2: I have proof.
      Jane: What? What's you proof?
      Bridesmaid #2: He's never hit on me.
      Jane: That's your proof?

    • Cedric: You never let me finish a sentence.
      Debbie: Alright, finish you sentence. Though you may want to quit while you're behind, the sentence got off to such a pathetic start.

    • Annie: By the way, did you sic that Aunt on me last night to get me to chicken dance?
      David: Annie, would I do that?

    • Jane: Amanda, are you alright?
      Amanda: My husband cheated on me.
      Annie: Already! I mean, he did?

    • David: Amanda.
      Amanda: Hello photographer man, do you know where I might find Annie?
      David: From what I hear, you don't want to.

    • Ralph: What's wrong with you?
      David: Oh, uh, I think I miss drank a little, I'm ok.
      Debbie: Oh well, you better not let Annie see you like this, she's on the war path this morning.
      David: Great. (Turns and walks the other way)

    • Ross: Did you want to chip in on anything, you know given that this is your only daughter?
      Bridget's dad: I offered to pay for it all... if she marries anybody but you!
      Debbie: Alright, let's just stop it, both of you. Now, this is going to be the happiest day of her life tomorrow. (Looks at Bridget) and you are going to be happy, (Looks at Bridget's dad and Ross) and you are, and you are. So help me I will snap both of your necks, if you don't cheer up.

    • Annie: (Just walking in)Hey, is there a problem?
      Ross: Yes, there is. We seem to be over budget, everyone is offended by the notion of a cash bar, and the Father of the bride refuses to kick in because he is in the ridiculous delusion that I am homosexual, In my life!

    • Ross: Father of the bride is permitted to stiff his own daughter as long as he notifies her.
      Bridget's Dad: I'm this close to knocking you out.
      Bridget's Mom: Dear God.

    • Jane: (On the budget problems) We can solve this.
      Ross: Of course we can, we can just have a cash bar.
      Bridget: Oh my God.
      Ross:What's of my God? Is it such a tragedy that people pay for their own intoxications?

    • Jane: We repeatedly told you that you were running over budget.
      Ross: No, no, not like this. Did you give me a number?
      Debbie: You know what your problem is? You don't listen.
      Jane: Debbie.
      Ross: Oh, I don't listen. That's what she's saying, I don't listen, but somehow I heard you say that didn't I?

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