The Wedge

Tuesday 12:00 AM on Network Ten Premiered May 30, 2006 Between Seasons


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The Wedge

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Welcome to the Wedge, a place where Intelligence is optional and stereotypes roam free.

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AIRED ON 8/12/2007

Season 2 : Episode 1


    Wilfred: A dog of a double act

    Aussie comedy has had more than its share of comedy teams: Jane Turner and Gina Riley, Merrick & Rosso, and the teams from Working Dog and The Chaser.

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    • Terrific!

      This show is great. I watched the first series regularly with my kids and we thought it was a hoot. From the "Shane Warne" type sportsman habitually apologising for his latest scandal [there seem to be real sportsmen borrowing his scripts on a regular basis] to the daggy, hippy teacher [I had one just like him at school]; there are always plenty of laughs. A strong cast too. Especially good to see some new female comedy talent popping up - long overdue. Keep up the excellent work Channel Ten. Looking forward to the new series, which I've read is starting soon.moreless
    • This could possibly the worst show i have ever seen. No kidding. Channel 10 hyped this way to much. This might even be worse than Rove or reality TV.

      I lament for not puttng adding minus numbers to their rating system (if 1 is bad and 10 is good id be giving this show a -5). Maybe if this show aired in 1721 when their jokes were only about 100 years old at that point then maybe this would have a chance. Every joke is overdone. Either by a million performers who have done them before, or they've just overused one of their few original (but still not funny) ideas. The only thing funny about this show is that their attempt to change the face of Australian TV has fallen hilariously short. As for the actors, right now their best case scenario is that the show gets axed and no one remembers that they were in it.moreless
    • The worst show on television.

      This show is absolutely the worst show on television. It can't get any worst, they should gather up every thing to do with it and put it all in a big container, throw it of a boat in the middle of the ocean and then burn it. It is so not funny AT ALL. The jokes are so not funny there lame, they are worst than ya mum jokes. The whole thing like the characters and the ideas for the little segments are so not funny it's awful. I say they should for the hour time slot it's in put another show like reruns of really crappy shows that everyone has seen a million times before. I would actually watch them instead of the Wedge.moreless
    • The worst show I have ever seen.

      This is the worst show I have ever seen it is absolutely horrible, it really makes me regret ever watching channel ten. The acting¡Kugh¡Kits foul REALLY bad, they have the occasional good actor as like a cameo or something but other than that (their main actors) are so bad that it surprising they are not trying to be McDonalds greased-up counter people. The script is so absurdly bad it makes me want to find the person who ALLOWED this show on T.V and beat them down where they stand. I REALLY don¡¦t see how ANYONE can even WATCH this show, it physically hurts to watch this show. AVOID at all costs if your sibling wants to watch it, leave the house then get priest to come exercise your house of the demon which is ¡§The Wedge¡¨. Thanks for reading and I hope this turned you off reading this awful, awful show ƒºmoreless
    • Australian sketch comedy series which debuted in 2006. Set in a fictional Australian suburb named Wedgedale.

      If you've seen one episode, then you've seen them all, and unfortunately that one particular episode isn't very good. Not a patch on the Comedy Company which had brilliant characters and incredibly funny scripts. The upside is that Dailan Evans is a stand-out performer, and the comic timing in the sports celebrity/manager skits is spot-on. Fingers crossed for big improvements in 2007, but I'm not holding my breath.