The Week the Women Went

CBC (ended 2009)


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  • Season 1
    • 9/4/12
      "The men have been working all week to prepare their daughters for the Miss Sweet Carolina Pageant, and the big night is finally at hand. It\'s an evening filled with stage fright, cat fights and wardrobe malfunctions, leading to an awards ceremony that no one could have predicted. And at the women camp, a domineering mother finally confronts her son\'s fiance, who makes a mistake that could cause her mother-in-law to withhold her blessing.moreless
    • Pearls Gone Wild
      Episode 10
      "The men are shocked to discover that they are expected to host a formal Southern tea party for 60 socialites from nearby towns. But a young Marine has an even bigger challenge-- a birthday party for his girlfriend\'s daughter and a group of wild teenagers.
    • The Week the Women Went: 'Til Trains Do Us Part
      The Week The Women Went
    • A Homecoming For The History Books!
      With recriminations, reflections, tears and predictions the men and children gather on Main Street. Three buses of Hardisty women are 7kms away and everyone is eagerly awaiting their arrival.
    • Unfinished Business
      With less than 48 hours to go the women return home to Hardisty, the men are racing against the clock to finish the surprise community project. Meanwhile, at home there are the dishes to get clean, the house to organize and laundry to do.
    • The Real Price of Oil...
      The men begin to understand what the impact of their jobs at the oil patch can do to their families when they are gone for weeks at a time. Is it really worth the great pay?
    • Hug O' War
      Episode 5
      "As the women prepare to return, what will remain of the town they left behind? All questions are answered when the women return and find their town changed forever.
    • Miss Me Yet?
      Miss Me Yet?
      Episode 5
      It's been four days without their women. The men are tired and not just from dishes and laundry... they are getting lonely.
    • The Week the Women Went: Hug O' War
      "Lifetime dives deep into the gender gap issue to answer these questions by bringing a daring social experiment to life by removing the women from an American town.
    • Calling Your Bluff
      The fathers get their children ready for school.
    • 8/28/12
      "The men renovating the town\'s train station get help from nearby Oyotunji African Villagers, a mysterious group, rumored to take part in voodoo. When they learn that the fire chief is engaged to be married they invite them to their village for a ceremony.
    • Carpe Diem
      Carpe Diem
      Episode 3
      The men stay up late and party; the women have their first adventure.
    • Town Without Pity
      As the women are traveling by bus to Canmore, AB for their week's vacation, they have a variety of feelings about the week. Some women think the men will neglect their children and the home while they party. Some think the men will probably do OK. Some women are already missing their families, and are sure they will be missed in return. Some are afraid they will NOT be missed. They all hope that the men will learn a valuable lesson.moreless
    • 8/14/12
      "Regardless of how modern our world becomes, men and women still find themselves falling into gender-specific roles that govern not only personal choices but family dynamics and the fiber of the community as a whole.
    • Hit The Road Jill
      Hardisty is getting ready for the week. The show starts with the day before the women leave. They are busy, busy, busy. They are making lists for their hubbies. They are preparing meals for their families for the week. They are agonizing over what will (or will not), happen without them during the week to come. The men are lounging around, bragging about how everything will be so easy for the week. The teenagers are planning parties.moreless