The Week the Women Went

CBC (ended 2009)


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  • Train Wreck: The week The Women Went

    This is the most irritating show, out of the ENTIRE town they shopped for the most incompetent men. The other men should be insulted by this portrayal. The WOMEN are the problem NOT the men. The children highlighted are a disgrace, if the women are supposed to be soooo very competent, such good moms then why are their kids rude, undisciplined, incredibly disrespectful and totally self-centered. They didn't teach their kids anything but how to be dependent and irresponsible. And that one mother, who just can't let go of her 21 year BABY boy, is sick. He's capable of leading a fire station, a battalion of men who fight fire and save lives but he's not mature or competent enough to decide who he should marry. Not like he was making a rush decision, they have been dating exclusively for three years. Who chose his mother's husband, were they high school sweethearts? Did SHE sample other fruit from the vine, bringing men home for interview before HER mother chose her husband and gave her blessing? I hope her son stands up to her as well as his fianc. They are starting a new life together and they should only consider what THEY want & need not his mommy. And his kid sistershe needs to stand back, keep her mouth shut and make a plan because she's next. Maybe she would get along with his fianc if she had a mind of her own and didn't let her mother tell her how to think, remember, what comes around goes around and you reap what you sow, so be careful GF your next. The woman who went home earlywell some farm girls just aren't meant to leave the farm it's all they know. At least she wasn't afraid to say what she wanted and live it. This show is a total train wreck you can't help but watch due to it's contrived reality.