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The Weekenders

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The Weekenders is a original Disney Channel show which focuses on a group of hardcore friends named Tino, Lor, Carver and Tish who spend their weekends trying to have as much fun as possible. While sometimes their weekends are far from what they plan, they usually manage to work together with the help of some advice from Tino's mother, and things usually work out in the end. Their weekends often consist of visiting various Pizza Parlors and ultimately to have the perfect weekend, though their weekends seldomly go as planned. The central setting of the cartoon is that it takes place only on the weekends, though in some cases it does show certain days of the week in order to show the cause of the episode or the end result thereof. It also has various quirks, like Tino's gray screen and the end-of-episode catchphrase, "Later days!". The Gang Tini Tonitini - Tino is the plan maker of the group even though his plans often turn into disasters while frequently adding to his list of phobias. Regardless, he greets every challenge with a sarcastic tone and is always reliable to help out his friends. He often asks his mother for help during dinner, though he usually would rather spend more time asking his mother for help than actually eating the bizarre dishes she cooks up. Lor McQuarrie - Lor is the tomboy of the group, which is likely credited to the fact that she has fourteen brothers. She is good at most sports and especially basketball, though her grades suffer due to her personality. She is a reliable friend in times of need and she does her best to help out when she can. She is usually eager to do most things, though when it comes to studying or speaking with her crush Thomson Oberman, she loses her nerve. Tish Katsufrakis - Tish is the brains and artist of the gang. She is a very nitpicky perfectionist and can get a little crazy at times in which she feels stressed. Many times her art can affect the gangs weekend but overall she is willing to use her abilities to help her friends and her family, though her complex nature often causes interesting circumstances despite her best efforts. Carver Decartes - Carver tries his best to be cool even though he isn't considered cool by the cool crowd. He is obsessed with his shoes and often times lead the gang to some bizarre ordeals. He tries not to feel bad about doing the wrong thing but usually his conscience catches up with him and comes back to help his friends when they need him. The Weekenders still comes on Toon Disney at various times and still is shown on The Disney Channel.

Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle

Lor MacQuarrie

Julianne Buescher

Julianne Buescher


Kath Soucie

Kath Soucie

Tish Katsufrakis/Ruby

Phil LaMarr

Phil LaMarr

Carver Decartes/Bluke

Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett

Mr. Katsufrakis/Pizza Guy/Percy/Mr. MacQuarrie

Kristin Kreuk

Kristin Kreuk


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  • A really great show

    I'm shocked to see negative reviews about this show. It was hilarious and looked amazing. The characters all had their own unique personality but it wasn't overdone to the point of being a parody. The show never really got as deep as let's say... Recess or Hey Arnold (yes, those shows had deep moments) but it did have a lot of episodes about being a good friend. If you're craving some early 2000s animation goodness, give The Weekenders a try.moreless
  • Great show

    okay so after reading some reviews about this show being terribly animated made me extremely annoyed. This show was hand drawn, unlike many shows nowdays that are just made on computers. I remember the amount of days that my father (who is the director of the weekenders, steve lyons) took to work on this show. I believe his solid effort and continous dedication paid off as there are still many devoted fans out there that love the originality and the innocence that this show created. THIS is how television shows should still be made, and it makes me sad to think that people could actually hate this show. I suppose it is everyone opinion but i just dont get it...moreless

    I love this show! It's so funny! Lor is my favorite character. Although, sometimes I hate this show when I'm hungry. They ALWAYS get pizza. ALWAYS. Grr. Anyway, this show is so's awesome! It's much better than the Disney stuff we have today. This show never really talked about dating too much. Sure, they had episodes about crushes, but it definitely was not as bad as the other shows. Disney is dumb for canceling it. Lor rocks, Tino's pretty funny, Carver's Tish. She's kind of...bleh. But anyway, this show rocks. Oh, I wish I could order a pizza right now.moreless
  • I glad this show is gone!

    This is another one of those show with a group of Idiot who have lame adventures & with no plot that makes secen.

    It derived to be canned for it's art work, voice-acting, & charaters it's kind of like 6teen but with 4 charaters.

    That Pizza Guy was the worst charater ever!
  • This show sucks

    This show should be cancelled for it's own misery. The show is very annoying, it's animation is horrendous and also, like a million people would say, annoying. Sure, it had some funny parts, but comedy cannot cover the holes that where substance should be. There are so many things wrong with this show.

    Voice-Acting- F. You gotta be kidding. It's VA might be as bad as Chalkzone

    Humor- C-(at best). It had some funny parts but other than that it was really stupid

    Originality- none. I've seen it befor in South Park, Ed, Edd, & Eddy and Cromartie High School

    Toon Disney has gone down the drain. What was a Castle of gold, has turned into a dank dungeon of tar.moreless

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