The Weekenders

Season 4 Episode 15

Laundry Day

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Nov 21, 2003 on ABC

Episode Recap

Checking the Bahia Bay TV News magazine, Lor and the others find that this weekend is the Fearathon - "two solid days of nonstop horror movies." Although Tino always tends to lock himself in the closet during the marathon, the group in general is set to enjoy all two days worth of the horror movies. Lor even invites the others over to watch the marathon at her house. However, the others are well aware of Lor's intentions. The only reason she would invite them over to her is is for one reason: Laundry Day.

Given that Lor has a humongous family, it takes a solid two days to complete everyone's laundry in the family. And it just so happens that that weekend is Lor's turn to partake in the strenuous task. Not only must Lor's entire family's stinky laundry be done, but it must be done using their family's ancient washer while in the presence of Lor's twelve (or was it sixteen?) brothers, who "are always dog-piling anything that moves." Lor tries to reason with the others, telling them that they can at least help her weasel her way out of the task if they are not willing to help her. But the others remain firm in not wanting to be involved, especially Tish who says that she should try living up to the responsibility.

At the pizza place, Lor continues thinking of how she can get around Laundry Day. Finally, she has the idea to do her laundry using all of the machines at the laundromat. She can leave her family's clothes there while she has the rest of the weekend to herself. The others express their doubts about the idea, but figure it is best not to argue with her logic.

The gang heads over to Lor's house where they start looking for spare change in the couches. Not having much luck (finding more remote controls than anything else) Lor is forced to break her "beloved never opened one-of-a-kind piggy bank." While Tish confirms that the change in the bank should be enough, Lor excuses herself, asking for some time alone with her piggy bank. Later that day, she and her family hold a funeral for the pig known as Piggy McBankington.

Saturday morning, the gang heads over to the Bahia Bay Bubbles Laundromat. As one lady walks around inside the building, reminding everyone to "watch yer loads" Lor and the others, equipped with protective mouth coverings and gloves, begin filling in each washer. Tish, again, reminds Lor about the risk they take in simply leaving her entire family's wardrobe unattended at the laundromat, but Lor, again, shrugs her off, too eager to spend the rest of her weekend goofing off. When the final pile of clothes is dumped into a machine, the gang leaves the building, with Tish still having doubts about their plan.

The gang is next seen at the Bahia Bay Zoo. While Carver and Tino ponder over what kind of animal an "okapi" is, Tish reminds Lor that they have left the laundry at the laundromat for some time now. But Lor again shrugs off Tish's comment, and leads the others for a snack at a restaurant in the zoo, where monkeys do all the cooking.

The group finally heads back to the laundromat only to find that it is closed. Lor has a panic attack and is consoled by Tish, who is thriving off of the current situation. She tells Lor and the others that they will come back to the laundromat tomorrow, dry the clothes, and return them to Lor's place before her parents realize anything.

Sunday arrives and Lor confronts the laundromat lady about where her clothes have gone. The lady, Lucille, tells her that she donates all clothes that have been left unattended to the "Helpers Helping the Helpless" clothes drive, which is the gang's next stop. But the gang shows up only to see that last of Lor's family's clothes sold by Mrs. Duong. Through some negotiating and smooth-talking, though, Tish is able to talk Mrs. Duong into an idea that "just might work out for everybody."

To Lor's displeasure, she had to confess about her mistake to her father as well as volunteer at "Helpers Helping the Helpless" for four weekends in return for Mrs. Duong allowing her family to pick out some clothes from the donations.