The Weekenders

Season 4 Episode 15

Laundry Day

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Nov 21, 2003 on ABC



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    • Carver: Man, that orangutan sure makes a mean fettuccine alfredo.
      Lor: I just wish he didn't put bananas in everything...

    • Tino: Do laundry at a laundromat? Well, that's just crazy talk!

    • Lor: Granny MacQuarrie says you should never underestimate the cunning of a Scotsman... person. All I have to do is concentrate. (begins to concentrate)
      Carver: If she pops, I'm not cleaning it up.

    • Carver: I dunno about you, but checking my shoes at the door makes me very uneasy.
      Tino: Carv, nobody's gonna walk off with your shoes.
      Carver: How do you know? What kind of shoe security does this place have? Whatever happened to "No shoes, no service"?

    • Lor: All you gotta do is tell my parents I was eaten by a tree!
      Tish: Wouldn't it be better if we could tell them they have a mature daughter who faces up to her responsibilities?
      Lor: (laughing) Yeah right!
      Tino: Yeah, you'd have better luck getting them to believe that tree story.
      Carver: Definitely.

    • Carver: What the heck is an okapi?
      Tino: (Looking at the okapi) Looks like they fixed a giraffe with spare parts from a zebra.

    • Tish: Guys, I smell disaster.
      Tino: No, I think that's just the gym socks.

    • (Lor gets locked out of the laundromat)
      Tino: We told you this sort of thing would happen.
      Carver: Yeah. You should have listen to us.
      Tish: We? us? Those are my "I told you so's"
      Lor: Fine. Gold stars for everyone who thought I was stupid.

    • Lor: So, you guys up for a little laundry fun, huh?
      Tish: Please don't make us help Lor, it's awful.
      Carver: Your brothers always dog pile on anything that moves, your washer is so old it runs on kerosene.
      Tino: And the fumes from the gym socks could blind a man at forty paces.

    • Lor: Where's my laundry, laundry lady?
      Lucille: I told you to watch your load, little missy! You see that sign? (points to a sign reading "Charity begins at the laundromat") At the end of the day all unattended loads are donated to Helpers Helping the Helpless. We take from the irresponsible and give to the poor.
      Lor: Who are, like the Robin Hood of the Laundromat?
      Lucille: Call me Lucille (smiles disgustingly)
      (Lor shudders)

    • Tish: I found another quarter.
      Tino: I found another remote.
      (Tosses it onto a pile of TV remotes.)
      Carver: I found, a MacQuarrie?

    • Lor: The way I see it, my parents are the irresponsible ones for letting someone like me do their laundry.
      Carver: Can't beat that logic.
      Tino: Nor can I comprehend it.

  • Notes

    • This episode and the next (Penny MacQuarrie) are always aired together on Family Channel. These two episodes are the only ones in the series where Lor wears a pink white-striped midriff-revealing top.

    • This is one of Lor's worst days in the entire series. She broke her favorite bank, Piggy McBankington, to get the Laundromat money, and aside from the extra work at Helpers (including laundry work), she had to admit everything to her dad. They even give the piggy bank a full burial ceremony, with the whole family present and crying and so forth. This is also the episode where her pants break in the back, which adds further to her frustration.

    • Pizza Place: Ninja Pizza

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