The Weekenders

Season 2 Episode 15


Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Feb 03, 2001 on ABC

Episode Recap

Friday begins with Carver, Lor and Tish mocking Tino's "well developed sense of fear." Wanting to change the conversation, Tino speaks to the audience, explaining to them the coming of Sidewalk Sunday, an event taking place that Sunday in which everything on the Boardwalk is marked as half-off (with the exception to food and drinks, which are "triple-priced." His narration is then interrupted by a person around the same age as the gang. The person, Murph, acknowledges them as he walks by... everyone except Tino who Murph completely snubs. When Tino asks what just happened, Carver simply replies that Murph "probably just doesn't like you." Being who he his, Tino cannot let such a travesty go unnoticed. I mean, who doesn't like Tino? At the pizza place, Tino tries to come to grips with the fact that someone does not like him. Tish even brings up the point that Tino does not Murph, either, which calms Tino down until Murph enters the restaurant, again acknowledging everyone except Tino, who has gone so far as to offer Murph his seat while he sits on the floor. That night, while folding laundry, Tino brings up this problem to his mother. His mother, wanting to give his son options, asks if he would prefer the "wise and kind" advice or the "life is hard" advice. Tino then opts for a combination of the two. His mother continues, telling Tino that regardless of what he does, there will be people who do not like him, mentioning how if a poll were taken, Murph would not be the only person who shares his opinion of Tino. Feeling hurt, Tino asks her when the "kind" advice kicks in. Mrs. Tonatini then kisses his son on the forehead, telling him that she likes him. Tino, however, only feels embarrassed by this, so his mother throws a shirt straight at his head from the laundry bin. Saturday, Tino takes his mother's advice, literally printing out stacks worth of poll fliers, asking whether you like Tino or not. He gives strict instructions to the others to pass them out around to others, and to do their best at persuading them to respond positively. Carver is hesitant about spending his Saturday doing such a thing, but finally agrees to it when Tino mentions how he will stop complaining about the case entirely once the polls are taken. The four spend part of their day apart, passing out and collecting polls, otherwise going through their day normally. They then meet back at Tino's house to tally up the poll results. As his mother predicted, there were still a small percentage of people who responded to the poll negatively. While the others insist on bringing this case to a rest, Tino, taking Carver's sarcasm seriously, insists on going door-to-door to change the opinions of those who answered negatively. Tino begins with Non, who circled "no" on the poll because she remembered how Tino stepped on her feet and tried justifying himself by telling her that she had big feet. After apologizing to her and having her change and initial her poll paper, Tino heads to the next house to negotiate a positive poll result with a peer who let him borrow his Chum Bukkit video, but never returned it. It is not until he reaches Mrs. Wheems' house that he is forced to work harder for his poll change, having to mow both her enormous front and back lawn. He finally reaches the final person, Murph, and is in the middle of painting his house when his friends see him. They try to tell him that he is going completely overboard with the situation, but Tino refuses to give in, seeing asking Murph directly why he does not like him as giving in. Murph then approaches the three to personally invite them to his house for a barbecue after Sidewalk Sunday. And to add insult to injury, Murph casually tells Tino that he is painting the wrong house. Seeing how seriously Tino is taking being not liked, Tish tells the other two that they should find a way to make him more likable. They finally come up with a plan, taking Carver's off-handed suggestion of showing Tino slides of all his faults and tell him to fix them. Their plans commences on Sunday, in which the gang not only shows Tino slides, but demonstrates his "problem areas" through a pie chart as well. However, seeing all of his faults only further depresses Tino, who walks out on them before realizing that they were at his house. Carver, Tish and Lor then go to Sidewalk Sunday without Tino. It is not until after they have bought their share of discount items that they see their depressed comrade buying french fries. Lor then decides to bring Murph to Tino for a direct confrontation, having Tino actually ask why Murph does not like him. But Tino still refuses to ask Murph directly, so Lor does so for him. Murph answers, saying that "poured a whole milk down my sweatshirt on the first day of third grade." Tino is shocked, saying that the person who actually did that was Tony Totalero (who he conveniently points out as being withing their vicinity). However, even with the misunderstanding taken care of, Murph still does not like Tino. At this point, Tino is outraged, asking him why he does not. Murph counters, asking Tino if he likes him. After feigning his like for him, Tino finally answers truthfully: He doesn't like him just because he doesn't. The same goes for Murph and his feelings toward Tino - "So we're even, no big deal." The two finally reach this common ground and shake hands. As Tino finally comes to grips with Murph's opinion on him, Tish brings out a Shakespeare bean bag doll, speaking in a mock Shakespearean tone about how Tino has done so. Tino then officially closes out the episode, glad that at least 99% of Bahia Bay like him, but shrieks at the thought of there being others out there that may not like him.