The Weekenders

Season 2 Episode 15


Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Feb 03, 2001 on ABC



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    • Tish: (pulls out a beanbag Shakespeare and speaks in a Shakespearean accent) Let it henceforth be known: Young Tino Tonitini hath reached an unprecedented level of maturity.
      Carver: Is that a beanbag Shakespeare?
      Tish: Yes. (becomes insecure) Unless it's really dorky, in which case it's a cat.

    • Tish: Guys, this is really important to Tino. Maybe we should help him be more likable.
      Carver: How? We can't just show him slides of all his faults and tell him to fix them. (Tish has a look in her eye telling that they will do just that) Oh no...

    • (Tish, Carver and Lor see Tino painting a house for the sake of getting Murph to like him)
      Carver: Don't you think you're going a little overboard, T?
      Tino: I'm only doing two coats...

    • Tino: I mean, I could understand if I had a mustache. I wouldn't like me then, either.
      Tino's Mom: You're obsessing.
      Tino: But, usually, everybody like me. I just don't get it.
      Tino's Mom: (folding laundry) Help me with this, okay?
      Tino: C'mon, aren't you gonna do the "mom thing?"
      Tino's Mom: Alright, do you want "wise and kind" mom or "life is hard" mom?
      Tino: Can I get a combo? "Hard but kind?"

    • Tino: Did Murph just not say "hi" to me?
      Carver: He probably just doesn't like you.
      Tino: Doesn't like me? Doesn't like me? Doesn't like me?! That's crazy! I'm Mr. Likable.
      Lor: Ugh, now he's gonna do his "worry thing."
      Tino: I don't do a "worry thing." Do I do a "worry thing?"
      Lor: Drumming fingers, wrinkly forehead, rabbit mouth. Like this. (imitates Tino)
      (Tino squeals once he realizes that he's doing that exact thing)

    • Tino: (explaining Sidewalk Sunday) A) It's Sunday and B) It's on a sidewalk. You with me so far? Everything on the boardwalk is half-price um, except food and drinks are, like, triple-price 'cuz there's a big, sweaty, hungry crowd and I'm not really selling this, am I?

    • (Lor sneaks up behind Tino, making him squeal)
      Lor: I love making you do that!
      Carver: Wow, I haven't heard you do the "squeaky scream" since you found that cricket in your chili fries.
      Lor: No, that was the "squirmy shudder." (imitates the "squirmy shudder")
      Tino: Uh-huh. Or we could change the subject.
      Tish: Carver and Lor are only just saying that you have a very... well-developed sense of fear.
      Tino: Uh... thank you?
      Tish: My personal favorite is that thing you do when you walk through a spider web: the "web woo-woo."
      Tino: The "web woo-woo?"
      (Tish imitates the "web woo-woo" while the other two laugh)

    • Murph: Well remember that time you spilt juice all over my shirt.
      Tino: Nooo, that was Tony Tortalini.
      Tino made a reference to Tony who appeared in the season 4 episode New friends .

    • Murph: Do you like me?
      Tino: Do I? I mean "Do I!" Man, do I ever...! (sees his friends reaction to the false response) Not really.
      Murph: Why don't you like me?
      Tino: 'cuz... I dunno... 'cuz I just don't?
      Murph: Well same here. "'cuz I just don't." So we're even, right? No big deal?
      Tino: (confused) I guess not? You don't like me and I don't like you. We'll agree to disagree.
      (both shake hands)

    • Lor: Only 99% like you.
      Tino: I'm no mathologist, but dosen't that mean that 1% doesn't like me?

  • Notes

    • This episode is exactly like one in Disney's older show "Recess" called "Nobody Doesn't Like T.J." A kid doesn't like TJ while everyone else does because he "just doesn't"

    • Pizza Place: Mount Pizza-Uvious

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