The Weekenders

Season 2 Episode 1

Radio Drama

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Sep 09, 2000 on ABC



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    • (As Tino's Mom is vacuuming the halls)
      Tish: (reciting her line) Papa, there's a storm coming.
      Tino: Err, sounds more like a vacuum cleaner.

    • Carver : I can't work under these conditions! I'll be in my trailer!
      (Walks into a closet and closes it)
      Tino: Err, that's my closet.
      Carver:: A real actor can make the audience believe a closet is a trailer.

    • Lor (emotionless): After all these years I finally feel truly alive.
      Tish: Can't you do it with a little more emotion?
      Lor: Oh, I got it. (still emotionless) After all these years I finally feel truly alive.

    • Carver: We could do our play on Znorph "The Morph" Testeverde.
      Tino: (laughs) Yeah, menace from beyond the stars.
      Lor: Spreading terror and yowza wherever he goes.
      Carver (imitating Jan "The Man" Testeverde): Hey yowza, dudes! Take me to your fabulous leader!

    • Tino: This is Jan "The Man" Testeverde. He could possibly be the most annoying person on the planet.

    • Jan "The Man" Testeverde: Hey yowza, dudes!

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