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  • All I recall from this was that it was dull

    I can't quite call this a lousy show but it did have some good messages and morals such as what sort of friends to hang with, crash dieting, and understanding family. Still I didn't get into the show but I can't really trash it. There are far worse shows out there.
  • A really great show

    I'm shocked to see negative reviews about this show. It was hilarious and looked amazing. The characters all had their own unique personality but it wasn't overdone to the point of being a parody. The show never really got as deep as let's say... Recess or Hey Arnold (yes, those shows had deep moments) but it did have a lot of episodes about being a good friend. If you're craving some early 2000s animation goodness, give The Weekenders a try.
  • Great show

    okay so after reading some reviews about this show being terribly animated made me extremely annoyed. This show was hand drawn, unlike many shows nowdays that are just made on computers. I remember the amount of days that my father (who is the director of the weekenders, steve lyons) took to work on this show. I believe his solid effort and continous dedication paid off as there are still many devoted fans out there that love the originality and the innocence that this show created. THIS is how television shows should still be made, and it makes me sad to think that people could actually hate this show. I suppose it is everyone opinion but i just dont get it...

    I love this show! It's so funny! Lor is my favorite character. Although, sometimes I hate this show when I'm hungry. They ALWAYS get pizza. ALWAYS. Grr. Anyway, this show is so's awesome! It's much better than the Disney stuff we have today. This show never really talked about dating too much. Sure, they had episodes about crushes, but it definitely was not as bad as the other shows. Disney is dumb for canceling it. Lor rocks, Tino's pretty funny, Carver's Tish. She's kind of...bleh. But anyway, this show rocks. Oh, I wish I could order a pizza right now.
  • I glad this show is gone!

    This is another one of those show with a group of Idiot who have lame adventures & with no plot that makes secen.

    It derived to be canned for it's art work, voice-acting, & charaters it's kind of like 6teen but with 4 charaters.

    That Pizza Guy was the worst charater ever!
  • This show sucks

    This show should be cancelled for it's own misery. The show is very annoying, it's animation is horrendous and also, like a million people would say, annoying. Sure, it had some funny parts, but comedy cannot cover the holes that where substance should be. There are so many things wrong with this show.

    Voice-Acting- F. You gotta be kidding. It's VA might be as bad as Chalkzone

    Humor- C-(at best). It had some funny parts but other than that it was really stupid

    Originality- none. I've seen it befor in South Park, Ed, Edd, & Eddy and Cromartie High School

    Toon Disney has gone down the drain. What was a Castle of gold, has turned into a dank dungeon of tar.
  • Enjoying the weekend as a teen

    Back when Disney created a great lineup for people to watch, the Weekenders was perhaps one of the channel's best shows. The purpose of the show is simple as pie. There are four friends named Tino, Carver, Lor, and Tish. They all have different personalities but are great friends enjoying the fun exciting adventures each weekend provides to them. The show does a great job at promoting the value of friendship for adolescents. Adolescence is a difficult time for many, and the close bond of friendship a lot of the time makes the transition to adulthood much easier than intended. I like how simple the show is and anyone can watch an episode and know the direction of the show. There are far too many ambiguous shows which turn many people off. People want a show heading in a clear direction; unfortunately though the show did not last as long as some wanted it to.
  • To put it simply...THE (2nd :P) BEST SHOW EVAR!

    Ok, well I was looking on YouTube on some old shows and everything, and I spotted weekenders theme song, so I clicked it and it brought back a LOT of memories! I had forgotten all about this show before yesterday, hehe. I also managed to find all season 1-4 episodes on YouTube aswell, so I'm going to watch them all soon, (I'm on season 2 right now. :P)

    Anyway this really is the 2nd best show evar (first being SpongeBob :P), it has some witty jokes to for a kids show. Oh and my favorite characters are Carver and Lor, and like everyone else this show always makes me hungry for some pizza! (You have to watch the show to understand all the pizza cravings xD) I can't wait until I watch all the episodes! :)
  • The Weekenders are awesome along with weekends!

    A very nice storyline and idea for this show, a group of four friends that hang out on the weekends! Another great classic with more Teenager excitement where a few episodes showed some different and cool things like how things are different when you are popular, or when you are or are not cool. i haven't seen this show in ages though so i don't remember much else. Though i also remember a funny episode where Lor and Tish were saying Carver's head looked like a pineapple, and then they found out Tino's head looks similar to a Pumpkin when he has his head sticking out of them in a food store. Long ago this was another interesting show that i enjoyed seeing the sweet episodes with creative ideas for them. I miss The Wekenders, and you can call me a classic show reviewer-holic. That is just one of my hobbies that i enjoy doing!
  • Down with the cotton gin! BWAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!

    This show is about 4 friends, Tino, Tish, Carver, and Lor, who spend all their time planning for the weekends, hence the name "The Weekenders". Tino is sort of the main character, because he narrates it most of the time and it shows his home life more than anyone else's. At the end, he always pauses the show and says, "Later days!" Occasionally, one of the other kids will be unaffected by the pause and beg Tino to let them say the line. Tino's mom is utterly insane. She makes all sorts of weird crap for dinner, the weirdest being ostrich burgers. "JIMMY!" LOL, sorry. That's what Tino screams everytime they have it for dinner because he made friends with an ostrich on an ostrich farm that he named Jimmy. IDK. For some reason I support TinoxTish. Maybe it's because they're me two favorites? I also like that guy who dates Tino's mom, who is divorced. Dixon! That's his name. I like the dream Tino has about him where Dixon turns into that Super Hero guy and Tino is his side kick. Dixon points to something off screen in Tino's living room and says, "Oh look, it's Martin Van Buren!" And then Van Buren is riding on a miniture train track around Tino's living room screaming "Down with the cotton gin!" And laughing manically. This show is freaking hillarious and I recomend it.
  • A group of friends enjoy themselves on the weekend

    This is a great cartoon from Disney about four friends, Tino, Tish, Lor and Carver, who spend the weekends having fun. The animation style is nice and this is one of Disneys better reent productions. It had quite a short run and i reckon it should've continued for a touch longer but... The friends are great characters with interesing personalities and the plots are unique and interesting. The favourite hang out spot for the four friends is a pizza place that has a different theme each week. Quite an entertaining show. The other characters are interesting and all in all a entertaining cartoon.
  • With 9 disney show reviews, and 3 references to this show from my fillmore, american dragon, and dave the barbarian review. It's time to review this show!

    Why do they keep showing this show on family? It's good but I and probably everybody else seen all the episodes 1000 times, and I'm not joking or exaggerating. Just like fillmore, it has stupid lines and extraordinary characters. But that doesn't stop this from being a good show.

    I love all the running gags in this show like something (weird al)ways happening to cloe montez, the pizza place changing, tino's mom making something weird for dinner, tino talking about his lists and whatever he's talking is listed in between something and something else, tish's mom always saying "it's what I say", carver crossdressing, carver's bad handwriting and many others. I also noticed that tino, carver, lor, and tish are names I have never heard of.

    Storylines: Spectacular-10
    Characters: Likeable-9
    Animation: Smooth-10
  • Watch it everyday. :)

    The Weekender's is a kick-ass show. It has a unique setting of only focusing on the weekend, instead of the regular mon-fri shows. It is a little cheesy and unrealistic, but it's so funny and the dialogue is so perfect I don't care. :)
    I love the names of places around town, like Gameville "The Gamiest Place on Earth." And the ever-changing pizza place. Definitely love the opening song, written & performed by the killer, Wayne Brady. Woo!
    The four kids are really well-rounded, and always help each other out even when one of them may be acting like a dork. Always has neat & tidy endings.
  • I used to love this show *sigh* Tv's not like it used to be....

    Okay, this morning I saw a schedule for this show to play on Toon Disney. At first, I had no idea what it was, but then I remembered. I really liked this show and watched it every Friday or was it Saturday....? Anyway, it's about four preteens who spend their time together doing whatever on the weekends. Sounds like every other show, right? Wrong. This show is somewhat different than the others. True, there's not much action but there is some adventure. I remember a time when television was as good as this but since we live in the 21st century with the crap they show now... it's just not the same.
  • More than a common children's programing...

    This show is really sweet, intelligent and funny at the same time unlike a many "children's programing". The characters are lovable and real, the stories are funny and well-written!!! I just can't understand why they stopped producing it so early!!! I think this show is really entertaining for adults too and I also think that it had a lot of elder then 12 viewers!!! I wish it was still in the air in the USA, right here in Hungary we can see this show for the first time at weekdays 1:40PM and an encore of Friday's episode at saturday 9:50AM in the childrens block on RTL KLUB.
  • Great Show.

    The Weekenders are Tino, Lor, Carver, and Tish. They usually go to pizza parlors on the weekends, but it never goes as they planned. Even though they call this show The Weekenders, it airs sometimes on the weekdays. Things usually go as they planned when they take advice from Tino's mother. A funny thing about Carver is that he always tries to be cool. Tish is an artist of the gang. When she get's stressed, she goes crazy. She's my favorite because she's funny when she goes crazy. Lor is good at basketball and has fourteen brothers. Tino is the one that comes up with what they do on the weekends, but his plans always turn into disasters. That's my review of The Weekenders.
  • It's basically like Recess… but on the Weekends.

    If "One Saturday Morning" aired this around its peak, then I'm sure this show would be ranked up there alongside other Saturday morning shows like Recess and Pepper Ann.

    The Weekenders follows the lives of four tweens as they bumble through life's many twists and turns. Sounds cliché? Well, what really set this show apart from every other show from the day (and even from today) was that each of the main characters had no limits in terms of their personality. Unlike every other show out there, the writers for the show weren't afraid to make their characters as smart and "in the know" as they should be. Before watching this show, there were only a handful of shows out there that didn't stray away from the basic cartoon outline of giving the characters some kind of out-of-this-world plot with which to deal with combined with some inappropriate humor. But The Weekenders merely takes the essentials found in everyday life and tells it like it is-no gimmicks, no nonsense, just the show.

    The thing I most remember from this show is that every character was witty, but not to the point of it being annoying. Like I said, it's very rare that I actually come by a cartoon show that's not afraid to make their kid characters talk so intelligibly, and personally, I think it should be something that every show should do. We live in a world that's so caught up in "hiding our smarts" that it's such a breath of fresh air to know that it doesn't have to be that way.

    One episode from the series that especially does a good job of this is episode 13: Party Planning. The series takes the basic tween fear of the first boy/girl party and combines it with some terms that are not only clever but make you say, "that's so true!" For example, the main characters describe the party as, not a boy/girl one, but a "clown-less one." They also bring up the fear of LGS, or Lateral Gravity Syndrome, in which once the boy/girl party commences the boys gravitate to one side, while the girls gravitate to the other, destined to live the rest of the party on that one side of the wall, only interacting with their own gender. Sheer brilliance!

    The Weekenders was such a clever show and anyone who says differently probably just doesn't get how true and sincere the show really is.

    Favorite Episodes:
    - 13: Party Planning: The gang plans for their first "clown-less party."
    - 22: Real Fake: The gang thinks that their lives are too boring to be in a documentary and decide to borrow the more interesting traits from their favorite show Teen Canyon.
    - 24: The Crevasse: Tino is the only one who remembers their original hideout and takes it upon himself to try and remind the rest of the gang about how cool it was.
    - 28: To Tish: The gang makes a new world (to Tish), but to Tish's dismay, the term catches on.
    - 31: Murph: Tino is ticked to find that all his peers like him, except for one guy, Murph.
    - 37: Cry: Tino has to learn to deal when he becomes the school laughingstock by crying during a movie showing.
    - 42: The Lone Wolves Club: Tino enters a secret society that's rumored to be behind every school decision down to deciding what's on the lunch menu.
    - 65/66: Nevermore: Tino wants to go trick-or-treating, to the rest of his friends' embarrassment.
  • OMG!! This was the BEST SHOW EVER!!!! (besides Kappa Mikey)

    The was the best show ever! I had it as a series recording. At first they would only have it in the morning or after Disney's Big Movie Show. Then they just stoped airing it. I wish they would bring it back. I was just like Lor and Trish combined. I think Tino was kinda cute and funny.

    As for the Pizza Resteraunt, here are my ideas.....

    Broadway Pizza: They sing your order.

    iPod pIzza: The pizzas are shaped like iPods, and you get a free music download w/ every supreme pizza.

    Digital Pizza: Only digital food. It was closed the next day.

    My favorite is the iPod one.

    Like I said, Best Show Ever!
  • Why did they bring it off the air?!?! I loved watching the weekenders after school it was new and i understood all the jokes (when i watch the reruns when I'm home sick I watch it!)

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  • I really enjoy this show!

    It's a show about 4 friends who just want to have fun over the weekend. There is Tino, Carver, Lor and Tish. Tino is your average guy. Carver is obsessed with looking good and getting other people's approval. Lor is a tomboy and loves sports. Tish is the smart one in the group. She loves school and various educational activities. These four kids make a good group!

    I loved watching this show! It seemed so cool and even realistic at times. They don't show it anymore, I don't think, and that's a bummer, because I liked this show! I totally give it a 9.5!
  • 4 kids. 2 days to spend the fun on.

    This show is greatly ahead of it's time I dont see whats to like it. Maybe because of it's slow plots but hey when you watch one episode you thought it was just 3 minutes. It has good running gags that I can spot in each episode. The only thing was the creator also founded the next show Dave the barbarian which to me was half as good compared to the originality of The Weekenders.

    9.9 is my score. This show is the best. If you have the chance record the show.
  • This is the best show ever. I really wish they continued to produce new episodes and show it more on television.

    I think this show is somewhat underappreciated. Unlike some other cartoons, this show is free from violence and crude humor. The characters consist of Carver, the cool kid who really isn't all that cool; Tish, the smart one who is a perfectionist and has the answers to everything; Tino, who I think is the main character and my favorite; Lor, the sporty character. They are all friends, and hang out with each other on the weekends.

    The shows generally take place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. (Three days, after one day is over, the next day pops up on the screen). They usually go to the pizza place at least once in each episode, and it is centered around a different theme each time they visit. For example, on one day it might be space themed, and the next day prehistoric. This is a very interesting show.
  • Definatly does not get enough credit

    The weekenders is a very original show. i began watching it a few months ago, and every single day I become more and more interested.
    What episode is on next? What's going to happen?
    I feel this show is not reconized the way it should be. It has the whole package people!! LOL , its funny, there is lessons, its interesting and adventurous, and you can always relate to the characters! Never bored watching it, and it is the type of show that you count down the minutes to see, well, at least i do that... =] Call me a loser, but this show is well worth my time!
  • I used to watch this all the time before its cancellation. BRING IT BACK!!

    This show is sooo funny! I used to watch it all the time. I would laugh out loud everytime I watched it. No matter how many times I saw the same episode. I loved the originality of it all. And the sarcastic remarks were always funny. It was funny to watch four kids that were so different, all hang out together. Tino's mom's cooking was kinda' gross. I wouldn't have aten it either. I think some of it was alive! And ya' know what? They don't even show reruns! I thought that when a show was cancelled that they would at least show reruns after the cancellation. I guess I was wrong.

    I would tell you to watch this show, but...SOMEBODY... cancelled it!
  • soo funny

    i love the weekenders it was soo funny my fave caracter was tino her was soo funny and hes kinda acts like me couse hes so sarcastic! and like like evryone else lor carver tish they are soo crazy and they always have unique story lines and they are always soo funny i really miss this show and it was disneys best cartoon that and recess! and they kicked off both atleast show the re- runs! come on gimme something~~ but its a funny some any way!
  • Something i watch when theres nothing else on.

    It is an ok show.It only lasted a year.which is preety sad, when most shows at least have about 3 or 4 seasons.I'v notice that the Disney cartoons don't stay around all that long.For example:Disney's Recess only had a few seasons as well.I have to say that The Weekenders is funny at times,which is about the only reason i watch it when theres nothing else on tv.This show is not one of my favorites or anything but i found it ok to watch.It kind of reminds me of the show 6teen,which i find is a better show then this.
  • they need to bring it back.

    This was my favorite show and I watched it every day. The show was about four friends that lived in califonia. One of the best features about this show was that every character actually changed there clothes each episode. The returning characters where funny especially bieng that half the stuff that there doing really doesn\'t suit them. Tino\'s mom was a trip with her yoga and bieng able to bassically read her son\'s mind and her cooking oh a sandwich that your are afraid is going to come back alive yeah I would eat out every night with my friends if she was my mom. I am so mad at disney because they used to air it regullarly every day and then a weekend passed by now it is on a 5 in the morning.
  • this show doesn\\\'t get the credit it deserves, nor the right amount of episodes

    The Weekenders is possibly the ONLY good show left coming from Disney. Kim Possible sucks. Recess WAS good, but now sucks. Lloyd in Space sucks it bad. Like Recess was, The Weekenders needs to be ressurrected, or revived, whichever you prefer. However, unlike Recess, if the show is ressurrected, or revived, it must not SUCK like Recess did. Mad cuz those idiots cancelled the show. You get something good and you stick with it, you dont just apply the 85 episode rule like every other show, say ohwell, and start on a new piece of crap show like Lloyd in Space.
  • Totally underrated show. Should at LEAST have re-runs shown.

    So it wasn't this best show in the world, but it was much better than most of the shows, scratch that, ALL of the shows Disney is playing now. It didn't overkill itself with a ton of complex storylines or have a bunch of over-the-top comedy at every turn. It seemed to had a cool swagger to it. It was about 4 best friends celebrating the weekends together, learning about life and each oter along the way. Now that may sound conduluded and mushy and "we've seen it before", but this show does it in a way that it doesn't feel like that. It's kinda hard to explain. I guess it's just for a certain taste.
    If you like a crapload of off-the-wall physical humor and random "hot" teens, watch what Disney Channel has to offer. If you like to keep it fun and simple and within the realms or reality without a bunch of noise and nonsense, I recommend you to catch this show if you ever get the chance. I'd sure want to see it again...
  • Fabulous!

    This is one of the best animated shows I have ever seen. Not only are the stories actually funny, but they teach life lessons! The characters deal with fights a bit too often, but hey! Each group has them. Some episodes were a bit too silly (like cool kid showdowns) but most episodes make you laugh out loud, and I mean loud. The show is aimed at maybe 7+ but people aged 16 watch this show in my area. Anyways, anyone who has this show on their TV (3:00 on the Family Channel in Canada) should love this fabulous show!
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