The Weekenders - Season 2

ABC (ended 2004)




Episode Guide

  • Brain Envy
    Brain Envy
    Episode 18
    Lor discovers that Thompson and Tish have something in common, as they're both really smart. This leads her to think that Tish is after Thompson, so she acts smart to try and impress him. Will Lor be correct in her assumption and will she be capable of winning Thompson's love, or will she end up making a fool of herself in one way or another?moreless
  • My Punky Valentine
    My Punky Valentine
    Episode 17
    Tino gets a crush on a punk girl so he turns into a punk himself to try and impress her, but it doesn't seem to work. The others, who don't approve of his crush, try and get him to like several other girls, but will Tino be able to get the girl he really loves despite his friends' objections?moreless
  • Uncool World
    Uncool World
    Episode 16
    Tino, Lor, Carver and Tish get sick of Colby and Bree constantly making fun of those who are "beneath them", so Tino confronts them and argues that they can't both be the cool kids, one must be cooler, so they have a "Cool Showdown". Colby wins and the now un-cool Bree gets help from the gang on how to deal with the un-cool world.moreless
  • Murph
    Episode 15
    Tino can't understand why everyone likes him except for one guy, Murph. Can Tino manage to convince Murph to like him so that he doesn't feel disliked or is Murph just too indifferent to care?
  • Vengeance
    Episode 14
    Carver is constantly getting tricked into embarrassing himself by Christie until he sends her a fake note saying she has won a contest and gets to go out with Lonnie, from a boy band, wearing a scuba outfit!
  • Tickets
    Episode 13
    Tino wins two tickets to the sold out Chum Bukkit concert and must pick one of his three friends to go with him.
  • To Tish
    To Tish
    Episode 12
    The others make up the word "Tishing" to describe when Tish acts smart. It's not long before their lingo catches on throughout the city and Tish isn't so fund of everyone using her name to describe things that are artsy and intellectual. Tish doesn't like what is occurring, but will her friends be able to convince her that they meant for the word to be a good thing?moreless
  • Taking Sides
    Taking Sides
    Episode 11
    Tino gets fed up with Carver always trying to be cool and impress people and Carver decides Tino is holding him back, so the two split up and try to get Lor and Tish on their sides. Lor takes Tino's side and Tish takes Carvers side, but will they realize that friendship is something that shouldn't end over such a pointless argument?moreless
  • Dixon (2)
    Dixon (2)
    Episode 10
    The night before the re-opening Tino finds out his mom's date with Dixon didn't go so well. Tino isn't happy about this and wants them to keep going out, but will he be capable of convincing them to give the romance one more shot?
  • Dixon (1)
    Dixon (1)
    Episode 9
    The episode starts out the guys trying to get tickets to the re-opening of their favorite amusement park. They can't seem to come up with a good plan and resort to doing volunteer work in order to win some tickets. Things get even harder on Tino when he finds out his mom has started dating again. Will the gang be able to get tickets to get into the amusement park and what will Tino think about his mom's new boyfriend?moreless
  • Crevasse of Dreams
    Crevasse of Dreams
    Episode 8
    After Tino finds a cool spot to hangout and he takes his friends all the way up there, they find the place packed with people. The others give him a hard time about his "secret mountain" and when he mentions the gang's cool old hangout "The Crevasse", it turns out that he is the only one who can actually remember it. Will Tino be capable of helping them find The Crevasse or is it just a figment of Tino's imagination?moreless
  • Super Kids
    Super Kids
    Episode 7
    Carver's parents decide he isn't goal orientated, so they force him to attend 12-year-old super-achiever Tripp Nickerson's motivational seminar and the others decide to tag along to get the free donuts. Tripp's seminar gets the kids thinking that maybe they don't achieve enough, so they each work on their own separate goals, but will they be happy with their endeavors or will they realize there is more to life than achieving things?moreless
  • Real Fake
    Real Fake
    Episode 6
    The gang is excited about appearing in a film-makers documentary about children until they realize that they're lives aren't exactly the most interesting ones in the world. The film maker mentions the show "Teen Canyon" while speaking to the gang, so they decide they should copy the characters from the show so they'll appear more interesting, but will their thesis prove correct?moreless
  • Diary
    Episode 5
    While helping Tish clean her room Carver purposefully drops open Tish's diary and reads a page that says her and her family and moving back to the old country. Carver goes and tells Tino and Lor what he read, but is Tish really moving back to the old country?
  • The Invited
    The Invited
    Episode 4
    Tino and Tish get invited to a Costume Party and they don't want to tell Lor and Carver that they were note invited. However, Carver and Lor were invited to that same party, though they try not to tell Tino and Tish that they weren't invited. As the day of the party goes near, will the friends be able to resolve their conflict?moreless
  • Each To His Own
    Each To His Own
    Episode 3
    Since the friends missed their previous weekend plans due to external circumstances, they decide to find ways to spend the weekend this time. However, they all come up with different things that would be cool. To remedy the problem, they all agree to go to everyone's event to make it fair, but will they be able to enjoy the weekend through doing such?moreless
  • The Tradition
    The Tradition
    Episode 2
    Tish does all the studying she can to prepare for her upcoming Momatuche.
  • Radio Drama
    Radio Drama
    Episode 1
    Tish signs Tino, Lor and Carver up to do a Radio Play, against their wishes.
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