The Weekenders

Season 4 Episode 18

Tino's Dad (2)

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Feb 29, 2004 on ABC



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    • Coach Colson: Hello.
      Tino's Dad: Hey, Ned, are you ready -
      Coach Colson: (badly acting) I am sorry. I cannot attend our whale-watching expedition because that I have a cold. A-choo.
      Tino's Dad: Oh, right. Must be the new bug that's going around. The, uh, "totally stupid lame-o fake excuse" flu?

    • Carver's Dad: Hope Todd and Quinney don't give you any trouble.
      Carver's Mom: But just in case, I put 911 on speed dial. If there's an emergency, just hit 4-2-6-7-#. Buh-bye!

    • Tino: I always knew your cooking would bring people together.
      Tino's mom: Why thank you.
      Tino: I just thought it would be in an emergency room.
      Tino's mom: Laugh it up Blondie, I'm the one who pays your allowance.

    • Tino's Dad: You know, these poles are a breeding ground for bacteria.

    • Tino's Dad: So, Dixon, you're my ex-wife's new boyfriend.
      Dixon: (Slight Pause) Yep.
      Tino: Is it just me, or is this as awkward as a two legged horse?

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