The Weird Al Show

Season 1 Episode 13

Al Gets Robbed

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Dec 06, 1997 on CBS



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    • Al: (Reading a letter) "Dear Al, a lot of the kids at school make fun of me because I have an imaginary friend. What do you think?" Well, Marty, I think you have a very healthy and active imagination. That's good. If you learn to develop that, you can do anything. And by the way, there's absolutely nothing wrong with having an imaginary friend. In fact, I still have an imaginary friend. (Gilbert Gottfried appears right beside Al) I call him Gilbert.
      Gilbert: That's my name. That's my name. Why wouldn't you call me Gilbert? That's my name. My name's Gilbert.
      Al: And even though Gilbert is imaginary, He's always there if I need someone to talk to or a shoulder to cry on.
      Gilbert: I told you a thousand times, I'm not imaginary! I'm real! You see me? I'm real! (He takes out his wallet) Look, you want identification? Here! Here! Anything you want! You want a driver's license? You want ID? You want a birth certificate?
      Al: Hey, maybe we can say "hello" to Gilbert right now. Oh Gilbert?
      Gilbert: I'm here! I'm right here! I'm right in front of you!
      Al: If you can only hear what he is saying to me right now. He's such a joker.
      Gilbert: Okay, that's it. I'm outta here, because you're a nut case.

    • Fatman: Come on, pal! We've got to stop a madman from making a really boring omelette!

    • Al: How can I do a really great show when I don't have any of my stuff? This is awful! I feel worse than I did when somebody stuck a crazed weasel down my pants.

  • Notes

    • End Credits: a clip of the Weird Al Yankovic music video, "money for Nothing/Beverly Hillbillies".

    • During Al's Mailbag, Marty Lick sends Al a letter. Al is referring to a real person: Marty Lick, who made the website with You Don't Know Al.

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